If Egypt is on your list for travel destinations and you plan on using the internet while you’re there, you should consider using a VPN. Though not as bad as some countries, there are a couple of reasons for this, which we’ll talk about below. To help you get the best service, we’ve compiled a list of the best VPNs for Egypt.

One reason to use a virtual private network is that there are many restrictions on online content there. While nowhere near as controlled as China’s Great Firewall, Egypt’s censorship is harsh, blocking numerous websites, including content such as news, human rights organizations, political talk and social media.

Telecommunications networks such as WhatsApp, Viber, Skype and others have also been shut down. Websites seen as promoting terrorism and extremism are not welcome and media sites are often viewed as spreading fake news and lies.

The Egyptian government’s reasoning for all these blocks and restrictions is to maintain security throughout the country. With the many terrorist attacks that have occured, Egypt has imposed a state of emergency.

This emergency law gives authorities the power to monitor and shut down online media without any judicial oversight. It allows them to censor and monitor all online communication. They can also conduct searches of persons, places and correspondence without a warrant or being restricted by the provisions of the Criminal Procedure Code.

This state of emergency has been in force for quite some time and it keeps getting extended. They feel these measures are the best way to protect the country and try to confront terrorism and its funding.

There are other reasons for using a VPN, too. Authorities are strict on people who poke fun at the government, with fines and prison sentences being commonplace. Even former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi was sentenced to three years in prison and fined 2 million Egyptian pounds on charges of insulting the judiciary.

Protection of your personal data is also important. Egypt is among the most vulnerable to cyberattacks in the African region. The last thing you want is someone getting hold of your online credentials and using them for their benefit.

Lastly, you may want to access content that has geoblocks in place. For example, you might want your daily dose of Netflix U.S. (read our best VPN for Netflix article), but find that you can’t access the shows you’re used to because they’re not available in that country. A VPN will help you get around those blocks.

Best VPN for Egypt 2019

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What Makes a VPN Best for Egypt

To make sure you have the best service while in Egypt there are some top features to keep in mind. Most important is security. You want to make sure you pick a provider that has very good security as this is what will keep you safe from prying eyes. Part of a good security package is a killswitch.

This will cut your connection to the internet should anything happen to the VPN.

While you may think it is the same as security, privacy is another factor you should consider. A VPN with a no-logs policy is important. That means it doesn’t keep any information about you or what you have been doing online. Even if a warrant is issued to the company, it can’t hand over what it doesn’t have.

If circumventing geoblocks tops your list, then you’ll want to pick a provider that offers a good server network. That way, you’ll be sure to find a suitable connection to view the content you want. Having a fast service is beneficial, as well.

There are other things you may want to consider when choosing the provider. Ease of use and platform compatibility may make some VPNs more suitable than others. Prices vary, so which one you pick may depend on your budget and the quality of customer support might be something you are particular about.

Now that you know what features you’ll need, lets have a look at our best VPN for Egypt.

The Best VPN for Egypt: ExpressVPN

Here at Cloudwards, ExpressVPN often gets the top spot due to its great all-around service. It ranks number one in both our fastest VPN and best VPN articles. Read more about all the features that come with the service in our ExpressVPN review.


It is one of the best for security, with 256-bit AES encryption that you can increase, if you want. A killswitch is also provided, so you don’t have to worry if the connection fails. Privacy is not overlooked, either, as ExpressVPN keeps no logs.

It has a huge server network, so you should have no problem finding one to suit your needs, and it’s our top pick for getting into Netflix, if that’s something you’re after. Speed is not an issue with this provider, either.

Other Reasons We Like ExpressVPN

You don’t need to worry about what device you’re using, ExpressVPN has clients for both Windows and Mac, plus mobile apps for Android and iOS. You can also download the browser extension, if you wish, for Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

This service can be used pretty much out of the box. It’s user-friendly and probably the best one to choose if you have no idea about VPNs. It’s easy to choose your server location, too, so you don’t need to worry about that.

Customer service is available 24/7, but it’s not the fastest around. The staff are helpful and try to get you back on track ASAP. For the quickest response, contact them via live chat. There is also email support available, if you prefer.

One of ExpressVPN’s letdowns is price. Its expensive compared to other services available. However, for the quality of the service, it’s worth the investment. If you’re not too sure you want to commit to it just yet, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it first.


  • Great security
  • No logs
  • Fast
  • 148 locations


  • Pricey
  • Slow switch time
Starts from $ 666 per month
Save 49 %


Much like ExpressVPN, NordVPN offers excellent security, plus the added benefit of double-hop encryption, which is, basically, extra protection for the VPN tunnel. A killswitch is included in the service so you can be sure of a safe connection. No logs are kept, so you don’t need to worry about a record of what you’ve done.

NordVPN has a wide range of servers available, so you’re sure to find one, but the speed is slow over long distances and that’s why it doesn’t come in first place. It is still a great service, though, and it’s faster than some others available.

Other Reasons Why We Like NordVPN

Clients are available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS and the setup is smooth. It has a simple layout and you can select the servers you want with ease. For a more detailed look at the service, read our NordVPN review.

If you run into any problems you can access the large knowledgebase online, which should help you resolve most common issues. If you need some extra help, then you can contact its helpful support team through live chat or email. For the fastest reply, we suggest using the live chat.

NordVPN offers great value for money and this may be the one you prefer, if your budget won’t stretch to ExpressVPN’s price range. However, to make it worth your while, you would need to subscribe to a more lengthy plan than the monthly one. It offers a 30-day refund, in case you don’t like it.


  • Secure
  • Fast
  • Double-hop encryption


  • Can be slow
  • Lack of detail on server location
Starts from $ 299 per month
Save 75 %


VyprVPN is another provider that offers great security. It also has its own Chameleon protocol for added protection. It has a no-logs policy, so there’s no risk to your privacy, and a killswitch is available for extra peace of mind.

Servers are available in multiple countries so you shouldn’t have a problem getting around any restrictions in place, but it doesn’t have as many as our top two choices. Speed is slower than the first two, but it isn’t bad.

Other Reasons Why We Like VyprVPN

Desktop clients for Windows and Mac are available, along with mobile apps for Android and iOS. However, the desktop layouts could be better. Setup is easy and you can connect quickly. Read more in our VyprVPN review.

It has customer service in the form of an FAQ section online to help you fix the issue yourself. Failing that, you can contact a member of support through live chat or email. Even though the live chat will get you the fastest response, if you have a more technical problem, you’d be better off going the email route. You’ll get a more thorough answer.

VyprVPN offers an affordable price plan, with even more savings if you opt for a longer plan. One thing it doesn’t offer is a refund policy. Don’t let that put you off, though, as you can take advantage of the three-day trial. That should be enough time to work out if you like it.


  • Secure
  • Chameleon protocol
  • Killswitch


  • Slow
  • No refund policy
Starts from $ 500 per month


TorGuard is one of the most customizable services out there. It has very good security and different protocols to choose from. It might be a better choice, if you are someone who likes to tinker around with settings and such. Plus, it has a built-in killswitch and you don’t need to worry about your privacy, as it keeps no logs.

It has good server coverage, though not as extensive as the others, but you should still be able to find a server that suits your needs. One thing to note is that, to get around some geo-restrictions in streaming, you might need to get a dedicated IP for the location, which is an extra cost. A benefit of that is that it’s guaranteed to work.

Speeds can vary and, although not bad, it’s not as fast as our top choices. All that built-in security is part of the reason it’s slow, much like NordVPN. Read more in our TorGuard review.

Other Reasons Why We Like TorGuard

TorGuard’s desktop clients are easy to use and available for Windows and Mac. Mobile versions for Android and iOS are also available, but they can be annoying to setup.

Support is available online, including guides and a forum you can use to try to sort out the most common issues yourself. Live chat is also provided, but it isn’t always manned, so you may find yourself leaving a message, which they will respond to through email.

Its monthly price isn’t great, but, like many others, if you don’t mind signing up for a longer plan, you can save a significant amount. A seven-day money-back guarantee is available, so you can decide if you want to commit to it in that time.


  • Good security
  • Killswitch
  • No logs


  • Speed vary
Starts from $ 391 per month


Our last pick is AirVPN. This provider takes security seriously and has high encryption protocols. A killswitch is also included, so you can browse without worry. AirVPN is a customizable service, too, for people in the know. Privacy is a high priority, as well, and it keeps no logs.

While it does have a good range of servers to choose from, it doesn’t have as many as our other choices offer, which is the reason it comes in last. You should still find one that is adequate and you’ll be pleased to know that it’s a fast service, too.

Other Reasons We Like AirVPN

Clients are available for many devices, including Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. AirVPN is aimed at more experienced users, so it’s not great for newbies. If you want something that’s ready out of the box, this may not be the best choice.

If you need help, the customer service is knowledgeable, but it doesn’t offer live chat. In our AirVPN review, it took about an hour to get a response from the ticket-style system they have in place. You may wait longer, as they seem to run on European office hours. There’s also a forum available, which may help you resolve some issues.

Prices are affordable, but, as with many other providers, more savings can be had if you sign up for a longer period. One downside with AirVPN is that it doesn’t offer a refund, though a trial is available upon request. You can choose the three-day option for one euro to see if you like it.


  • Great security
  • No logs
  • Fast


  • No free trial
  • Limited support
  • Not great for newbies
Starts from $ 116 per month

Final Thoughts

With censorship of web content being commonplace in Egypt, plus other risks to you such as cyberattacks and government surveillance, it’s clear to see why you should use a VPN. Choosing a service that has top security and privacy is a must.

You also want one with a good amount of servers available to make sure you can get around any restrictions and view any country-specific content. Making sure the service has decent speeds is a good idea, too, so keep that in mind while browsing our other VPN reviews.

Our top choice for Egypt is ExpressVPN, as it features exactly what you need with great security and privacy. Plus, it has one of the biggest range of servers available and is one of the fastest around. It is a high-quality provider that is well worth the money. With it’s 30-day, money-back guarantee, you can’t go wrong.

Have you used a VPN in Egypt before? If you have, we’d love to hear about your experience. Let us know in the comments below. Thank you for reading.

Starts from $ 666 per month
Save 49 %
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