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If you’ve ever used an online backup solution, you probably have a go-to online backup provider. I do – and it’s SugarSync. It wasn’t always this way. In the past, I tried a number of backup service providers, including Backblaze and Syncplicity. While they worked, there are a few reasons why SugarSync is now my preferred option.

It’s Automatic

This is my number one requirement for an online backup solution – and SugarSync certainly delivers. If you want to, you can just use the default options. I like a little bit more control, so I’ve done some tweaking to make sure that only the sub-folders that are important to me get backed up. Either way, once you have selected the folders the desktop app works in the background.

The initial sync may take some time but after that, it’s totally automatic and you can relax, knowing that your stuff is always up to date. Since I do a lot of writing – a heck of a lot – I don’t want to have to keep track of backup manually. SugarSync solves that problem with the set-it-and-forget-it functionality I like.

Web Access

Ever needed to access your files from someone else’s computer? If you have, then you know what a pain it can be if you don’t happen to have the files with you on a memory stick.

With SugarSync, I can simply login to the web interface and access and download a file, then I can upload it again when I’m done so that the updated version syncs back to my PC. It works seamlessly, which is just what you want from an online backup solution.

Access Anywhere

You might think that having web access is enough, but there’s more. SugarSync has apps for every major phone platform, and since the latest interface upgrade, they look just like the web version – no new navigation to learn.

Access Anywhere

The combination of desktop and mobile apps means I need never lose access to my stuff even if I’m on the move. And the phone app also lets me back up photos, videos and more to the cloud, adding that into my overall storage quota.

Online Editing

Another good feature of the web client is that you can edit files online, though you will need to enable Java to do this.

I haven’t needed this functionality recently, but I know in the past I’ve struggled with editing a file when accessing it from a computer without the right software. This SugarSync feature could solve that problem.

Version Tracking

As a writer, my documents are always changing. I don’t want to have to keep track of changed documents manually, but I do want access to an older version if something goes wrong with the current one.

Luckily, SugarSync keeps track of the last five versions of each file, so you can go back and restore an older one if you need to.


I don’t know about you, but I like the idea of being able to move files among different cloud storage providers. SugarSync lets you do this with apps, integrating with JoliDrive, Otixo, PrimaDesk and many others.

And there are apps for other useful functions too, like file encryption, PDF editing and more. I’m still exploring these, but they have added a new dimension to what I already think is a great product.

The Price is Right

SugarSync has a number of price points, from an initial free version to enterprise class pricing. It’s one of two online backup services I pay for (the other is Dropbox). While their 100GB plans are a similar price, I don’t need that much storage for a bunch of Word files, so I was pleased to be able to score a special deal some time back for a 10GB plan.

SugarSync's Latest Pricing Schemes

For now, that’s all I need, and at $24.99 a year, it’s a good price and much cheaper than the upgrade from free with my previous online backup provider, Syncplicity.


All of these benefits add up to peace of mind with my online backup solution. Every so often I check the web version to make sure the latest files are stored in the cloud, and I can use SugarSync’s built in activity feed as an additional check.

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Simply speaking, as long as the app is running (and it starts automatically), I never have to worry about whether my files are backed up and if I will have access – I always do. Now that’s what I call a great online backup solution.

Starts from $ 625 per month for 100 GB
Free plan available Save 17 %
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