Restoring files can be a difficult undertaking if you don’t have a backup. Hard drive recovery can be very expensive, usually in the hundreds if not thousands of dollars. So you need a backup of your files in order to be prepared for disaster recovery.

Restoring a Deleted File

Usually, when you sign up for an online backup service your files are mirrored from your hard drive to the servers of that provider. That can be an exact copy of your system of just individual files. I system backup or bare metal backup is usually more expensive because it is more difficult to manage. 

That means if you delete a file from your computer – be it accidentally or willingly – it will be deleted from your backup service as well. Most online backup service have a retention period. That means even if you delete a file from your computer you can recover that file from their servers within the retention period – usually that’s about 7 to 30 days. Some services even offer unlimited storage of your files which can come in handy at times. 

So, generally, for certain Homer Simpson like “d’oh moments” where you delete an important file it’s really not a problem at all to recover that file from your backup stack an hour later.

What is dangerous though, is when you dabble in the web interface of the backup service and permanently delete a file. Then it might be difficult to restore that one. This action is accompanied by a series of warnings on your screen though. However, we advise against deleting files from the web admin of a backup service. 


Make sure to secure your computer with the best online backup service possible to avoid disaster.

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2 thoughts on “How to Restore a Deleted Backup File”

  1. Mistakenly the chat History with my GF & a Friend got deleted accidentally & unintentionally..It happens almost 5/6 months ago.

    Those were very precious chats i had in my WhatsApp.. I had been regularly backing up ,n tjose chats were backed up in WhatsApp..

    How can i restore them?..

    The duration of a single chat is almost 2 years..

    1. - Chief Editor

      If it’s deleted without being backed up first, I’m afraid you’re out of luck…

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