Wondering what kind of broadband you’ll need for online backup? The good news is, none. Any sort of connection that’s over 100 kbps will do just fine. The only time an online backup service will truly require a lot of bandwidth is during the initial uploading of files that need to be backed up. 

That initial backup can take more or less time depending on your Internet connection.

So if you don’t have broadband be prepared to wait for several weeks until all of your files are transferred. This happens in the background so you can work on other projects while your data is backed up.

How Online Backup Works

After that, a minuscule amount is used to update and back up files as they change. You see, the software provided by online backup companies keep an eye on the folders and files that were backed up, and simply updates the files with any minor changes made to them.

In short, the changes made to files are being constantly backed up, not the entire file. Which means, as long as there are no new large files added and the computer is busy doing normal things like listening to music, watching online videos, etc. There should be no noticeable drop in Internet speeds.

Online Backup Review
How Online Backup Works

This process is called incremental updating. Here’s an example of how it works.

Let’s say you upload 500GB of music from your music folder, this process will take time and a good chunk of your bandwidth’s speed. However, when you add a 6.5MB file to the music folder, only that 6.5MB song will be updated to the backed up music folder, not the entire 500GB all over again.

This does mean, that if any large files are added to a backed up folder, then yes, they will take a bit more than the usual amount of bandwidth.


Thankfully, most online backup companies provide the ability to control upload speeds, bandwidth limits and more advanced options when it comes to uploading folders.

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So users are free to select how much of their Internet they want used up for backing up their files.

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