Best VPN for the Philippines

The Philippines is made up of more than 7,000 islands, making it one of the largest archipelagos in the world. Its beautiful nature, amazing coral reefs and spectacular scenery also make it a popular tourist destination. 

Still, while you’re busy posting snaps of yourself on a pristine beach, you should make sure you’re protected with one of our best VPN for the Philippines picks. A virtual private network will not only keep you safe from online dangers, it will also help you get past restrictions, such as geoblocks

For example, certain streaming services and websites are only available in a particular country. A VPN will get you access to them by spoofing your location, making it look like you’re physically in the country. That said, there can be other blocks in place. 

Some countries impose strict censorship on online content. China’s internet is one of the most restricted in the world, keeping anything that the Chinese government doesn’t want its citizens to see at bay with its Great Firewall. If you plan on going there, you’ll need one of our best VPN for China selections to stay under the radar.

Best VPN for the Philippines 2020

cloudwards rating
$ per month
top features
  1. 1
  2. /month
    • PayPal, Credit card, Bitcoin
    • 5 Simultaneous connections
    • Unlimited bandwidth
    • Can access Netflix US
    • Allows torrenting
    • No-logging policy
  3. Visit ExpressVPNExpressVPN Review
  1. 2
  2. /month
    • Credit card
    • 6 Simultaneous connections
    • Unlimited bandwidth
    • Can access Netflix US
    • Allows torrenting
    • No-logging policy
  3. Visit NordVPNNordVPN Review
  1. 3
  2. /month
    • PayPal, Credit card
    • 7 Simultaneous connections
    • Unlimited bandwidth
    • Can access Netflix US
    • Allows torrenting
    • No-logging policy
  3. Visit CyberghostCyberghost Review
  1. 4
  2. /month
    • PayPal, Credit card, UnionPay
    • 5 Simultaneous connections
    • Unlimited bandwidth
    • Can access Netflix US
    • Allows torrenting
    • No-logging policy
  3. Visit VyprVPNVyprVPN Review
  1. 5
  2. /month
    • PayPal, Credit card, bitcoin
    • Unlimited Simultaneous connections
    • Unlimited bandwidth
    • Can access Netflix US
    • Certain locations Allows torrenting
    • No-logging policy
  3. Visit Windscribe Windscribe Review


Online Censorship in the Philippines

Filipinos enjoy a mostly unrestricted internet, free to use social media and communication apps. The only thing that is restricted is pornographic content, which the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) orders internet service providers (ISPs) to block (read our best VPN for South Africa piece for similar censorship). 

The NTC also approved a request brought by the Philippine National Police (PNP) to shut down mobile services during major events. It would mean that phone calls, messaging and access to mobile data would be impossible. Critics argued that it would restrict people’s right to communicate and called for a clearer policy.

If you like to torrent, then you may also find that your favorite torrent sites are blocked. ISPs have to block websites that infringe on copyrights. You should also know that the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 prohibits piracy. If caught, you could receive a fine or a prison sentence.

Net Neutrality in the Philippines

Net neutrality is the principle that ISPs should treat all services and websites equally. Some countries fully support it and some have official legislation, but others don’t have any intent to promote it, let alone protect it with any legislation. 

For now, the Philippines is one of the latter countries. Access to the internet and services is generally neutral, but there is no current law to protect it. Because of that, ISPs are able to favor websites and services by making others slower to load or restricting access to them. 

ISPs can also make you pay extra to access blocked services and websites, as well as to  load low-priority sites faster. It is mostly a problem on mobile in the Philippines, though. By using a VPN, you’ll be able to unblock sites and services that aren’t included in your plan, but you’ll still use bandwidth. 

WiFi users need not worry, and there may be some light at the end of the tunnel for mobile users, too. A new bill, called the Open Access in Data Transmission Act, was filed in July 2019, which would require mobile data providers to treat all traffic equally, without discrimination, restriction or interference. For now, though, it’s still pending.

Online Surveillance in the Philippines

Concerns over surveillance have grown over the past few years in the Philippines due to past cases coming to light, as well as newer reports of surveillance.

For example, in 2017, President Duterte admitted to wiretapping politicians that were allegedly involved in drug trade. Plus, he implied that he still possessed those capabilities in 2018, after stating that he knew in advance that he was going to be investigated over allegations of crimes against humanity. 

Also in 2018, reports emerged that the UK sold spyware technology worth 150,000 British pounds ($185,000) to the Philippines. It included equipment that could be used to eavesdrop on telephone conversations, as well as tools for monitoring internet activity. Read our best VPN for the UK to learn about its active surveillance programs. 

Under the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012, ISPs are required to collect and retain data for up to six months, if requested by the government. Other laws, such as the Anti-Child Pornography Act, require ISPs to comply with preserving evidence of violations. 

The Human Security Act requires law enforcement officials to obtain a court order before intercepting communications or conducting surveillance, but that only covers individuals or organizations suspected of terrorist activity.

Freedom of Speech in the Philippines

The Constitution of the Philippines provides for freedom of speech, and the Magna Carta for Philippine Internet Freedom emulates a bill of civil rights for internet users. However, certain types of speech are restricted by other laws. 

For example, online libel is a criminal offence under Article 358 of the Penal Code, meaning those found guilty could wind up behind bars.

There have been a growing number of libel cases filed against online journalists since Duterte took power in 2016 because of their critical reporting. Even President Duterte said during his first press conference that corrupt journalists should be assassinated.

For those reasons, many online journalists practice self-censorship and are cautious when writing about certain events. Plus, many journalists are subjected to violence and some have been killed in relation to their work. Read about another example of that in our best VPN for UAE piece.

There are reports that other people are paid to manipulate online information. It’s said that commenters can earn at least 500 Philippine pesos ($10) per day to operate fake accounts that support President Duterte. Plus, some bloggers who supported Duterte during his campaign were hired within the government.

Cybercrime in the Philippines

The Philippines is a top target for cyberattacks. It’s one of the most attacked countries in Southeast Asia and the 10th highest in the world. Malware plays a large part in that, but using a VPN will help keep you protected from any cybercrime. Plus, installing a decent antivirus is a good idea, too, especially if you plan on using public WiFi.

What Makes a VPN the Best for the Philippines

Although you could pick a random provider, you should first make sure it’s suitable for the Philippines. You’ll want one that has great security to shield you from any possible surveillance or online threats. 

Plus, a kill switch would be beneficial, as it will disconnect you from the internet if the VPN fails. It’s also a necessity if you plan on torrenting, as is unlimited bandwidth and good speeds

Privacy is important, too, and you should check that the provider has a solid no-logs policy. That means there will be no record of your online shenanigans, so even if the authorities were to ask for your logs, there would be none to hand over.

To get around any blocks you encounter, you need to select a VPN with a good network of servers. The more servers available in different countries, the easier it will be. Let’s say you want to access content restricted to the Philippines. To do so, you’ll need to connect to a server located within the country to get a Filipino IP address

The same goes for if you want to watch Netflix U.S.; You’ll need a server in the United States. That said, you’ll also need to pick a VPN that is capable of getting past Netflix’s VPN detection system (see our piece on the Netflix proxy error). Not many VPNs are able to, but we’ve rounded up the best ones for the task in our best VPN for Netflix guide.

Although not as important as the features mentioned above, there are other elements you may want to consider, such as what devices the VPN can be used on and how user-friendly it is. Having reliable customer support is a good thing, especially if you’re a beginner. Plus, costs vary, which may also influence your decision.

The Best VPN for the Philippines: ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN often takes the winning trophy here at, but that’s because we consider it to be the best VPN on the market. It has ticked all the boxes for the Philippines, too. It has excellent security, for starters, and includes a kill switch, so you can be sure it’ll protect you. Plus, there’s a solid no-logs policy to honor your privacy.

There are more than 3,000 servers in 94 countries, giving you plenty of choices for circumventing blocks. That includes some in the Philippines, too, for content restricted to there. It’s the fastest VPN we’ve tested, and it comes with unlimited bandwidth. 

It’s suitable for torrenting, and it is a great choice if you want to stream because it can get into pretty much any streaming platform available, including Netflix. That, along with its ultra-fast speeds, is why it’s our best VPN for streaming. Read our ExpressVPN review for more details.

Other Reasons We Like ExpressVPN

You can install it on Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. There are also browser extensions available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. You can simultaneously connect up to five devices, too. It’s great for beginners due to its simple interface, but those in the know can tweak it a little, too. 

There’s a knowledgebase available, in case you need help. There’s also live chat and email support ready 24/7 to lend a hand. The staff are helpful whichever route you take, but you’ll get a more in-depth answer through email.

ExpressVPN’s price is a let down, though. It’s more expensive than other VPNs, but the quality of service makes up for it. There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee, too, so you’ve got nothing to lose.


  • Secure
  • Ultra fast
  • Gets into all streaming services


  • Expensive
Starts from $ 666 per month
Save 49 %


NordVPN is another top contender that’s comparable to ExpressVPN in many ways, only just missing out from the top spot (read our ExpressVPN vs. NordVPN piece). Its security is among the best available, which is strengthened with its double-hop servers, if you choose to use them. It includes a kill switch, and a strict no-logs policy is in place.

It has more than 5,000 servers scattered over 60 countries, giving you a great chance of bypassing any blocks. That said, there are no servers in the Philippines, so you won’t be able to access content from there. Its speeds are fast, but they slow down when connected to a server far away. There are no bandwidth restrictions.

NordVPN will shield you while torrenting, and its special P2P servers helped it earn the best VPN for torrenting title. It’ll also get you into streaming platforms, such as Netflix. Read our NordVPN review for more on the service.

Other Reasons We Like NordVPN

NordVPN has full clients for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS, as well as browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. It’s easy to use and to switch servers, plus, you can connect up to six devices at the same time.

NordVPN provides a good value for your money, especially if you choose a long-term plan, as it works out cheaper in the long run. There’s a 30-day refund window, so you can test it before subscribing.


  • Double-hop servers
  • Large server network
  • Inexpensive multi-year plans


  • Can be slow
  • No servers in the Philippines
Starts from $ 349 per month
Save 71 %


CyberGhost is another good choice for the Philippines. It has good security to keep you safe, and there’s a built-in kill switch. The difference with CyberGhost’s kill switch, though, is that it’s permanently enabled. That’s good if you’re likely to forget to turn it on, but having no control over it whatsoever can be annoying. There’s a no-logs policy in place, as well.

Its server count is just shy of 5,000, which cover 58 countries, giving you plenty to choose from. There are 24 in the Philippines, too, in case you want to access content from there. CyberGhost is similar to NordVPN in that its speeds are fast, but they can become slow over long distances. There are no bandwidth caps.

If you plan to torrent, CyberGhost has a torrenting profile that, if you choose it, will connect you to the nearest P2P-enabled server. It can also get into most streaming services, too. Check out our CyberGhost review for a better look at the provider.

Other Reasons We Like CyberGhost

You can connect up to seven devices with CyberGhost in one go, which helped it secure a place in our best VPN for multiple devices list. That said, while most VPNs allow you to install it on as many devices as you like, CyberGhost’s seven-device connections limit is also its installation limit.

It’s an inexpensive service, so long as you don’t opt for the monthly plan. There’s a seven-day trial for Android and iOS. Plus, there’s a money-back guarantee that covers all platforms, giving you 14 days with the monthly plan and 45 days with longer ones. Either way, you should have enough time to test it.


  • Automatic kill switch
  • 7 simultaneous connections
  • Inexpensive


  • Slow on certain servers
  • No kill switch controls
Starts from $ 275 per month
Save 79 %


VyprVPN has made our list for a couple of reasons. It has excellent security that can be customized, and it also includes its very own Chameleon protocol. Not only does that add more security to the VPN tunnel, but it also makes it look like you’re not even using a VPN. A kill switch is included with the service, and a no-logs policy is in place for your protection.

VyprVPN’s server network is not as large as its competitors, with more than 700 available. That said, it covers 64 countries, including the Philippines, so you’ll be able to access content from there. Its speeds aren’t great, but it should be fine for most activities, and there’s no limit to how much bandwidth you can use.

You’ll be covered if you want to torrent, plus you’ll be able to get into most streaming platforms. Read our VyprVPN review for more information.

Other Reasons We Like VyprVPN

Clients are available for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. Its interface is a little dated, but it’s still easy to use. You can connect up to three devices with the base plan, but if you need more, the premium plan offers up to five.

Its price depends on which plan you choose and its duration. The standard plan is the cheapest option, but the premium plan will get you two extra connections and the use of its Chameleon protocol. Two subscription terms are available — monthly or yearly — but the yearly plan works out better in the long run. There’s a 30-day refund period for peace of mind.


  • Chameleon protocol
  • Configurable security
  • Inexpensive


  • Slow
  • Small server network
  • Dated interface
Starts from $ 250 per month
Save 81 %


Our last VPN selection for the Philippines is Windscribe. Although it may not be the best VPN, it does have some cool features that make it a good choice. It’s the best free VPN service, for one, so it’s a good choice if you’re short on funds.

Its security is good, and you can customize it. There’s a kill switch included, but Windscribe has confusingly named it a “firewall.”

One thing to note is that it does log some information, such as how much bandwidth you used and your activity timestamps. It is kept to a minimum, though, and nothing can be tied back to you. You can read more about that in our Windscribe review.

There are more than 600 servers in 55 countries, and that includes some in the Philippines, for Filipino content. However, not all locations are available for the free version, and servers in the Philippines are only available to Pro members. You can add locations for $1 per month, though. 

While its speeds are slower than other providers, its fine for most activities, including streaming. That’s one of the reasons we have included it, too. It is able to get into most streaming services, and paying customers get access to its Windflix servers. They’re built for streaming and are available for services in the U.S., Canada, the UK and Japan. 

You’ll also be covered if you decide to torrent, and Pro users get unlimited bandwidth. The bandwidth for free users varies; you get 2GB of data per month when you sign up, but if you enter your email, you get 10GB. Plus, there are other ways that you can increase your limit.

For example, adding locations will get you a further 10GB per month.

Other Reasons We Like Windscribe

It’s compatible with Windows, macOS, Android and iOS, plus there are browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Opera. The interface is simple, which is great for beginners, but you can tinker with the settings, too. Another plus for Windscribe is that you get unlimited connections, even on the free plan.

As we said before, Windscribe offers a free plan, but if you’d like access to all of its features, such as the Windflix servers, you’re going to need to pay. If that is the case, we don’t recommend the monthly plan. It’s expensive and longer plans work out cheaper in the end. 

There’s no free trial because of the free plan, and there’s no official refund policy, either. However, if you ask within three days, they will issue a refund.


  • Windflix servers
  • Unlimited connections
  • Generous free plan


  • Logs some information
  • Expensive
  • Small server network
Starts from $ 100 per month

Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve found our information for the Philippines helpful and now understand why you should use a VPN while there. With the threat of possible surveillance and ongoing cyber attacks, you need to pick one that has great security, as well as a no-logs policy for privacy.

To get around blocks, your VPN needs to have a good server network, and you’ll need servers within the Philippines if you want to access Filipino content. Fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth are also beneficial. 

ExpressVPN fulfills all your needs for the Philippines, and we strongly recommend it. Why not give it a go with its 30-day money-back guarantee?

Starts from $ 666 per month
Save 49 %
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