As with many things in the digital world it is important to organize your data. Backup sets help you to do just that.

It is best to explain what they are with the help of an example: let’s say you are a hobby photographer and every month you add a couple of pictures to your image collection.

The Safety of Backup Sets

Professionally, you earn your living as a writer and almost write a thousand words every day. You could create two backup sets – one for your photos and another one for your documents.

Why would you do that? Well, if you have a slow Internet connection or an older computer your backup software could focus on the most important files (your documents) first.

You can set a lower interval (more frequent backups) to your documents because they are crucial to your business.  Not losing your photos is also important, but you’re just adding a couple of photos every now and then. So maybe once per week or even once per month is sufficient. 

Backup sets can also be compressed separately and thus save disk space and bandwidth. However, data backup sets are becoming less important with increasing bandwidth and computer speed. Nevertheless they can help keeping your files organized and properly backed up at your own schedule.


For most people an unlimited online backup service will be enough to be fully covered. If you like more control you need to choose a service which allows you to create backup sets. 

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Thanks for reading all the way through, if you’ve got any tips or advice to share with us about backing up data, feel free to use the comments section below.

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