Bitdefender Review

A good service once you figure out which plan to use.

Bitdefender Antivirus gets a lot right, though making sense of its product range can be a headache. Take a few tylenol, however, and you'll quickly see that you get a good suite of protection software for a decent price. Check out our full Bitdefender Antivirus review for the details.

By Jacob Roach01 Aug'182018-10-01 09:36:39

Starts from$ 292monthly
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Avira Review

A great antivirus with poor support.

Avira is one of the best antivirus solutions out there, with great lab results, a fantastic interface and good pricing. In fact, it would give Bitdefender a run for its money for the top spot were it not for its poor support.

By Jacob Roach22 Oct'182018-10-23 09:59:42

Starts from$ 375monthly
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AVG Review

A great free service, not-so-great paid one.

Probably one of the most popular free plans on the antivirus market, AVG also has a perfectly affordable three-year plan. However, some security and usability concerns keep it from running with the top dogs, check out our AVG review to find out exactly what these are.

By Jacob Roach20 Aug'182018-10-28 06:43:55

Starts from$ 583monthly
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Webroot Review

Fast and secure, you can't go wrong with this one.

Webroot SecureAnywhere is a fast and efficient antivirus solution that boasts some of the most effective security measures we've seen. Though it's not perfect, it's pricing scheme could use some tweaking, it's a strong contender for most people's attentions. Read our full review for the details.

By Jacob Roach30 Jul'182018-12-17 02:16:18

Starts from$ 250monthly
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Trend Micro Antivirus+ Review

A cheap but good antivirus solution.

Trend Micro Antivirus+ is a cheap, tough alternative to other antivirus solutions. Though in testing it does occasionally drop the ball, regular users will probably appreciate it for its many strengths. Check our full Trend Micro Antivirus review for the details.

By Jacob Roach13 Aug'182018-09-19 06:09:37

Starts from$ 250monthly
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F-Secure Antivirus Review

A very secure but expensive service.

F-Secure is an excellent antivirus solution that could take the market by storm if it weren't for its high pricing and lack of alluring features. If, however, you have money to burn and care more for security than bells and whistles, check out our F-Secure Antivirus review.

By Jacob Roach06 Aug'182018-09-19 06:11:46

Starts from$ 333monthly
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Kaspersky Anti-Virus Review

A big rep, but disappointing results.

Kaspersky is one of the biggest names in online security, yet didn't quite deliver during our tests. This is a shame because Kaspersky Anti-virus is otherwise one of the best services on offer. Whether you should pick it is p to you, but we recommend you read our full review before making up your mi

By Jacob Roach03 Aug'182018-09-21 01:12:11

Starts from$ 250monthly
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Norton Security Review

A good service with an annoying toolbar.

Maybe the biggest name in antivirus and protection software, Norton Security gets a lot right, though for some reason just has to install an annoying toolbar and browser extension. Check out our full Norton Security 2018 review to know more about its pros and cons.

By Jacob Roach31 Jul'182018-09-19 06:17:41

Starts from$ 333monthly
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ESET NOD32 Review

A solid experience overall, but not for newbies.

Though it's not the most rousing of names, ESET NOD32 is a powerful antivirus tool. Originally aimed at businesses, it has only recently entered the consumer market and thus seems most suitable for people that want a workmanlike experience. Read our full NOD32 review for more.

By Jacob Roach20 Aug'182018-10-10 01:41:52

Starts from$ 333monthly
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Avast Pro Review

A solid service with reasonable plans.

Though far from perfect, Avast Pro is an antivirus solution that will suit well those who don't mind paying to keep themselves safe, but don't want to break the bank either just because of a malware threat. Overall this service scores well, as you can read in our Avast Pro review.

By Jacob Roach05 Aug'182018-11-20 03:18:53

Starts from$ 500monthly
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McAfee Total Protection Review

A good solution with a few issues.

McAfee is one of the oldest names in antivirus, and for good reason. The latest iteration of its Total Protection package may be its best yet, with almost 100 percent guaranteed protection against viruses. Check out our full McAfee Total Protection review to see that not all that glitters is gold, t

By Jacob Roach30 Jul'182018-10-10 01:50:44

Starts from$ 208monthly
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Sophos Home Review

Cheap, but we have our doubts regarding protection.

Sophos Home looks like a good deal at first, but rigorous testing sheds some doubts about its efficacy as a antivirus solution. Check our full Sophos Home review to see how it did when we took it through its paces.

By Jacob Roach09 Aug'182018-10-10 01:46:24

Starts from$ 417monthly
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Panda Security Review

A good free plan, but not worth paying for.

The Panda Security Suite is a well-known free antivirus tool. In this Panda review, we'll be talking a look at this Panda Dome and deciding whether its any good. We'll spoil our results a little and tell you that while the free plan is good, we wouldn't recommend you pay for it.

By Jacob Roach13 Aug'182018-09-21 00:30:32

Starts from$ 294monthly
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