It’s the holiday season so everybody is in vacation mode. The pace of work is slowing down and you’re getting ready for the summer. That’s great! The last thing you want to think about is your data – and I completely understand.

But imagine all that data could be gone in an instant, probably while you’re packing for a trip to Mexico, or booking your flight to Europe. That’s why having an online backup this summer is crucial – and here’s why.

Why You Need Online Backup This Summer

The problem is this: we gotten so used to our machines working perfectly (until the day something happens) that we forget about things such as hard drive failures, water spills and freak accidents. It’s only until then we realize we should have done something to protect our computer files.

Some people have an external hard drive – that’s fine but not enough. You need something else to really be safe. Here at, we encourage people to have at least two backups solutions. One local backup (hard drive) and  another backup somewhere off site (cloud backup)

Cloud storage and backup providers offer cheap (often times unlimited) storage and bandwidth for your data files. Securing the data from accidents, spillage, acts of god and the zombie apocalypse.

Your Photos Could Be Gone!

After returning from your holiday, It’s prudent to backup the great times shared with family and loved ones. You need ensure all those memories are protected, because what happens if you lose the memory card or suffer a computer crash.

Online backup offers unlimited access to your files from anywhere, and you can even add more files on the fly. Also, sharing files automatically with friends at home becomes a breeze.

What Happens When You’re Away From Home?

I know this is a delicate topic, but it needs to be addressed here: there are lots of bad people out there that don’t care about your data. They just want your PC, HDD, smartphone, tablet or TV.

While all these are replaceable, your memories stored on them are not. Hacking is an unfortunate fact of life, in this case, photos might be the least of your troubles at first; but months later, you’ll deeply regret not having a backup copy that you could just download off the cloud.

Check Your Restores

I can’t stress it enough – it’s not about the backup, it’s about the restore. The best backup in the world can’t help if it doesn’t restore files properly.

So before you leave, do a test restore of your most important files and check if everything works fine. Then leave and get a tan!

Upgrade to Unlimited

If you already have a backup, consider upgrading to an unlimited online backup service or just upgrading your data plan.

Box unlimited storage

That way you’ll never run out of space — even photos can take up a lot of storage — so don’t underestimate the extra gigabytes that you’ll need.


Summer is all about getting away from the stress and worry of everyday life, so make sure all your data, before and after the summer, is both safe and backed up properly.

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We wouldn’t want stress to get in the way of that tan, now would we? Share your holiday backup and storage strategies with us in the comments section below and thanks for reading!

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