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What do you say when the inevitable happens? If only I had backed up my computer, If only I had backed up my HDD If only I had found your website before I had a terrible virus that ate up all my files.

Data loss happens every minute.

The problem in life is we start noticing that something is wrong only when it’s already too late (like marriage or a coffee order gone bad). So if you are one of the lucky people who read this article before the inevitable happens, you may want  to act as soon as possible.

The Inevitable 5: Why Online Backup Is Worth It

Here are what I call the inevitable five:

  • Hard Drive FailureHard drives will fail. The average hard-drive life span is 2-4 years, if you’re lucky. When I bought my new iMac, it refused start it up after just a couple of weeks.

  • Viruses, Trojan Horses: So many bad people on the internet want to either steal your data or destroy it—sometimes both, as what happened to me when I was still using Windows as my main OS. 

  • Domestic Incidents: I don’t want to be alarmist, but bad things happen—there might be a fire at your house or a water leakage, Godzilla might attack, etc. You can be sure that these will take all your beautiful hardware with them (and most of the city block if it’s Godzilla).

  • Forgetfulness: Some people tend to lose things; others don’t. Unfortunately, I belong to the former. I can’t help it. So I need something to store my data in,which cannot ever be forgotten. 

  • Yourself: Some people might not believe this, but most of the time, you are your files’ worst enemy. Ever deleted a file accidentally? Well, some people accidentally erase entire bloody HDDs.


All these incidents are painful experiences because either you can’t control them or you’re responsible for losing data on your machine. That’s why I highly recommend using a strategy to back up your files to an off-site location.

This can be an online backup service, or you can store your files on an external hard drive and place it somewhere other than your home. Personally, I prefer the former. 

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Here, we recommend Backblaze for users who are just getting started with their first online backup, because Backblaze is really easy to use. Of course, you should compare providers and their features to find the best online file-backup solution for your needs. 

But the important part is to act now, and then tell us which service you chose and why. No seriously, we really care and want to know.

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