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How to Get a New Zealand IP Address in 2022: Free VPN & Proxy

Whether you want to enjoy some local New Zealand content, or you’re a resident who just wants a bit of added privacy, a VPN is the way to go about getting a New Zealand IP address. Pro tip: avoid using proxies.

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By Sandra Pattison (Editor) & Andrej Hadji-Vasilev (Writer)
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There are various reasons why you’d want to get a New Zealand IP address. Maybe you want to access content or websites that have a geographical restriction — like streaming your favorite TV shows on New Zealand Netflix — or you’re already in NZ, but want to add a bit of privacy to your online activity. We won’t get into your why; instead, we’ll give you the how.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can use both a proxy and a VPN to get a New Zealand IP address, but VPN is a better solution because it offers improved security, and route tracing can’t get your real IP address.
  • Fast servers and its ease-of-use make ExpressVPN the best VPN to get an IP address in New Zealand.
  • The next best VPNs for NZ IPs are NordVPN and CyberGhost, which are both more affordable than ExpressVPN.

If you’re thinking that a proxy is the way to go, technically they can get the job done, but proxies aren’t the most secure solution when you want to surf the web anonymously. All they do is act as an intermediary between your internet connection and the website you’re accessing, but your connection isn’t encrypted and it’s child’s play to discover your true location. The answer? Use a VPN service.

  • You can get a new IP address using a VPN service or a proxy, but a VPN is more secure and gives you more privacy. Just make sure to connect to a NZ server location.

  • You need to find a VPN provider that has servers in New Zealand, such as one of the three we suggested. Download the client, and then connect to the available servers.

  • You can access local content with geographical restrictions, as well as browse with added online privacy and security.

How to Get a New Zealand IP Address: Use a VPN

A virtual private network (VPN) should be your go-to solution to get a New Zealand IP address, because it does more than just fool a website into thinking that you’re in New Zealand. It also adds a layer of protection to your connection, provides DNS leak protection and it’s surprisingly simple to use. 

Here’s how to change your IP address to New Zealand, step by step, with ExpressVPN as an example.

  1. Download and Install a VPN

    You can download ExpressVPN (or another VPN of choice) from its official website. There are apps available for most popular platforms and devices, so all you have to do is pick the one for your device and install it once you’ve downloaded the setup. The install wizard will guide you through the initial setup.

    Get ExpressVPN in New Zealand
  2. Choose a New Zealand Server

    Once you’ve set things up, launch the ExpressVPN. Right below the “on” button is a location picker with a three-dots icon — click on it. Use the search bar to find New Zealand.

    ExpressVPN connect button
  3. Connect to the VPN

    When you click the New Zealand server, press the “on” button and give it a few seconds, and you should be connected. That’s it.

    ExpressVPN connect button

The Best VPNs for a New Zealand IP Address

There are a lot of VPN providers, but if you’re trying to connect to NZ, you want one that offers New Zealand IP addresses, and gets you high speeds and security. We’ve got three options that let you browse with a New Zealand IP address.

  1. ExpressVPN – Extremely fast with great device support
  2. NordVPN – Double VPN option with 20-plus NZ servers
  3. CyberGhost – Affordable with 13 servers in NZ

Now that we’ve introduced you to the best options, let’s take a closer look at each of them.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN server list and desktop app
ExpressVPN’s list of servers is easy to navigate, and you can use the speed test to find the fastest NZ server.

More details about ExpressVPN:

  • Pricing: $6.67 per month, plus three months free on the yearly plan
  • Provider website: 


  • Extremely fast
  • Very secure with advanced features
  • Up to 5 devices can be connected simultaneously
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Expensive

ExpressVPN is the fastest option if you’re trying to get a NZ IP, and it checks all the security and device compatibility boxes, too — plus unlimited bandwidth. Its New Zealand servers come with support for all of its protocols, including a preview of its own Lightway protocol that promises faster speeds than the alternatives.

Our favorite thing about it is the consistent speeds, which you can read all about in our ExpressVPN review. Pair that with the unlimited bandwidth and capability to unblock all major streaming services, and it’s also a great choice for media streaming.

It is definitely not cheap, but you can get a better deal with a one-year plan. If you’re hesitant about a yearly commitment, ExpressVPN’s 30-day money-back guarantee has you covered.

2. NordVPN

NordVPN desktop user interface
NordVPN comes with an interactive map of servers, and a search option to help you find the server you need faster.

More details about NordVPN:


  • Fast speeds & security with NordLynx protocol
  • Included CyberSec ad blocker & kill switch
  • Over 20 New Zealand servers
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Has suffered a data center breach in the past

NordVPN is a very versatile option with a data center in Auckland housing over 20 New Zealand VPN servers. It also comes with its double VPN feature, which adds a second VPN layer for increased security.

Speeds are good, thanks to its proprietary NordLynx protocol, and you get a built-in CyberSec ad blocker, as well as unlimited bandwidth that makes it perfect for use with streaming services on your Android TV.

To make the most of it, you’ll need to make a two-year commitment, but as you can see in our NordVPN review, its advanced features are very much worth it. If you’ve got commitment issues, the 30-day money-back guarantee has your back.

3. CyberGhost

CyberGhost list of servers on desktop app
CyberGhost’s desktop app allows you to find the servers in many countries, including NZ.

More details about CyberGhost:

  • Pricing: $2.25 per month, plus three months free on the three-year plan
  • Provider website:


  • Great compatibility for various devices
  • 7 simultaneous connections
  • Some servers optimized for torrenting
  • 45-day money-back guarantee


  • No option for local networking
  • New Zealand servers aren’t optimized for torrenting & P2P
  • Struggles with streaming services: BBC iPlayer, Hulu & Amazon Prime Video

CyberGhost is the most affordable of the bunch, and its three-year plan with unlimited bandwidth costs less than a cup of coffee per month. There are 13 VPN servers in its Auckland location, but they aren’t among CyberGhost’s torrenting-optimized ones, which is why the service comes last on our list.

Device compatibility is excellent, and while it does require a three-year commitment, you get a 45-day money-back guarantee on its longer plans. You can find out more details in our CyberGhost review.

The Wrong Way to Get a NZ IP Address: Proxy Servers

Yes, proxies are a simple solution, but regardless of whether you go for a free one or a premium one, they’re a bad idea. Don’t get us wrong — technically, they do the job, and will get you IP addresses you can use.

However, proxies offer no advanced encryption or DNS leak protection, and third parties who can access your data stream (such as your internet provider, or ISP) can see your internet data, like which websites you visit.

To make matters worse, tracing your original IP address is incredibly simple – any basic route tracing service (or hackers) can find it. If you want to stay safe and stay private, go for a VPN.

Final Thoughts

The answer to how to get a New Zealand IP address is really simple – just use one of the best VPNs in this list. You have three great options above that can land you in NZ or many other countries – which one is your favorite?

Do you go for ExpressVPN’s blazing fast speeds, or do you save a bit of money and opt for a CyberGhost subscription instead? Or, is your pick NordVPN’s versatility? Let us know, and thank you for reading.