If you buy an electronic device, chances are it can connect to the internet. It’s not an ability limited to computers and phones anymore. Everything from your TV to your refrigerator wants in on the action. Ensuring a safe and secure connection is tough, but a virtual private network can help. We’ve taken a look at the services available to find the best VPN for multiple devices.

The wisest among you will already be using a virtual private network to take advantage of the many benefits they offer. Those with large families will want to keep everyone in the household safe, but that can be a challenge if they all connect with their own device. A VPN that offers as many connections as possible will offer the best value for your money.

If you run a small business you may be extra security-conscious. Getting everyone’s laptop running over a VPN can give you an extra layer of protection. Again, more connections mean more dollars saved for small business owners.

Best VPNs for Multiple Devices 2019

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What Makes a VPN the Best for Multiple Devices

The most important feature for using multiple devices is obvious: how many devices the service allows you to connect at once.

There is more to it than that, though. A wide range of client applications is also a plus, as you will want dedicated apps for your devices. In the absence of that, we’re looking for instructions explaining how to setup other devices manually.

Strong customer support is also a boon because you won’t necessarily be an expert on all your devices. Being able to get a quick response when you have a problem will ensure your peace of mind.

Ease of use is also important if you have several family members or friends wanting to connect their various devices to your network. If you regularly host small gatherings, too, you will want everyone to get connected with minimum fuss.

Services that don’t offer many connections often allow you to purchase more. It is worth looking through all the available packages each provider offers to make sure you pick the one that’s right for you.

All the options we’ve selected have something to offer, but it is worth remembering not all services are this good. If you think all VPNs are the same, have a look at our PureVPN review for an example of a service that doesn’t meet our standards.

Our winner, GooseVPN, gives you as many connections as you want. The other services we’ve listed have different strengths, so you may find that one of those suits you better if it allows you to connect the number of devices you need.

Starts from $ 299 per month

Best VPN for Multiple Devices: GooseVPN

With unlimited connections, you can’t do much better than GooseVPN for getting all your devices online. Everything you have can connect at once. GooseVPN doesn’t throttle you, either, so you’ll be able to split all the available bandwidth between your devices.

In addition to the standard Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS clients, GooseVPN support Kodi, Chrome, Android TV and router based installations.

Its server coverage lags behind the competition’s, but it is expanding and allows you to vote on where you want to see servers added. Many servers are also P2P-enabled, which makes them ideal for torrenting. Take a look at our GooseVPN review for more details.

Its high speeds are good for gaming and streaming. The high pings are a minor concern for gamers looking to get the first shot off, but streamers may find they can’t connect to every service. We could access Netflix, but not BBC iPlayer.

Other Reasons We Like GooseVPN

If you have lots of devices to connect, chances are you’ll run into an issue with one of them at some point. Fortunately, GooseVPN has outstanding customer service and, if its excellent live chat support can’t solve your problem right away, it typically responds to email requests in under an hour.

Its quality support helped it make our best VPN for Mac list, too. GooseVPN is a no-logging service, but it is compliant with the law. It will cooperate with police, but not corporate lawyers. It offers several protocols, though we recommend using OpenVPN for the best security. The 256-bit encryption will also help keep your information safe.

The standard annual package with unlimited connections costs $59.88 per year. GooseVPN  offers a free 30-day trial, but you need to enter your payment details to sign up. Overall, GooseVPN is the clear winner with its unlimited connections, great customer service and good all-around performance.


  • Unlimited connections
  • Fast
  • Good for torrenting


  • Lacks servers in many places
  • Doesn’t get in to all streaming services
Starts from $ 299 per month


Another great option for people using multiple devices is CyberGhost, which allows seven device installations on its standard plan. That should be enough to keep the whole family happy.

Unusually, CyberGhost limits the number of devices you can install it on, rather than the number of simultaneous connections. You aren’t able to set it up on 10 devices and have five of them connected on a rotating basis, for example.

It switches itself on when connecting to wireless networks, which is handy if you or a relative are forgetful when it comes to online safety. There is an always-on killswitch to close your internet connection if your VPN fails, too.

One downside is that it doesn’t have custom apps for anything other than Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, with manual setup required for other devices. There are guides for manual setup on its website, though.

Fortunately, it has strong customer service with 24/7 live chat that can handle simple issues immediately and good email response times for more difficult problems. The knowledgebase and FAQ are detailed and will help you help yourself if you prefer.

On devices that don’t require manual setup, it is easy to get up and running. Once you do that, you’ll find that the tile-based interface is a good fit for smaller screens.

Boasting over 2,700 servers in 94 countries, CyberGhost’s coverage is excellent. That shows with its blazing speeds in Europe and decent speeds everywhere else. It connected to all streaming services we tested, though not always the first time we tried. Read more about it in our CyberGhost review.

Other Reasons We Like CyberGhost

CyberGhost has great security. It uses AES 256-bit encryption and offers the OpenVPN protocol, which makes breaking your connection close to impossible. For the extra cautious user, it has specialized secure servers. It passed all our security tests with flying colors.

With its annual offering coming in at $59.88 and its three-year plan offering even bigger savings at $99.99, CyberGhost is reasonably priced for such a top-notch service and we highly recommend it at


  • Seven connections
  • Good value
  • Strong customer service


  • Limited device support
Starts from $ 275 per month
Save 79 %


NordVPN offers six simultaneous connections and sits one below CyberGhost on our list. It has apps for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, as well as extensions for Chrome and Firefox. Linux users are again left out in the cold and will need to set things up manually if they want to use the service. On the bright side NordVPN does run well on the devices it supports.

In our NordVPN review, we found it easy to use with an intuitive user interface that left us with no doubt how to do what we wanted. Its website and apps are both clear, which is a big plus when you need to set it up on multiple devices.

The service is excellent. NordVPN’s network is arguably the best around with almost 5,000 servers in 62 countries. Picking a server is easy and you are likely to find one in your country.

Those in larger countries may find it annoying that they can’t see where servers are located in the country. In the U.S., for example, you are much better off connecting to a west coast server if that’s where you live.

We got impressive speed results with NordVPN when connecting to nearby servers, but saw dips when venturing further afield. Ping results were low enough to include NordVPN in our best VPN for gaming list.

It also connected to all the streaming services we tried, giving you another way to take advantage of its speed.

Other Reasons We Like NordVPN

Customer support includes a capable live chat system backed by email support and a comprehensive knowledgebase. We found email response times slow, but, since the live chat and knowledgebase are excellent, that wasn’t much of a concern.

It has a powerful killswitch that prevents access to the internet unless the NordVPN app is engaged. It also has double-hop servers, which make your connection extra hard to break into, plus AES 256-bit encryption and the OpenVPN protocol to keep you even more secure.

There is a lot to like about NordVPN and little to complain about. At $83.88 annually, it isn’t the cheapest service out there, but you get six connections to a fast, quality service, which sounds like a good deal to us.


  • Six connections
  • Good network
  • Fast


  • Limited info on servers in large countries
Starts from $ 349 per month
Save 71 %


With six simultaneous connections on offer, PrivateVPN finds itself at fourth place in our list. It has a few issues, though, as mentioned in our PrivateVPN review.

Using it is simple, with its app displaying a list of servers and a connect button. There isn’t much more than that, so, while it is easy to use, it is short on features compared to its rivals.

It supports Windows, Mac, Android and IOS. There isn’t a Linux app and, to rub salt in the wound, a “Private VPN works on” section on its website links to an empty webpage if you click on the penguin.

Speeds are not the greatest and, with only 80 or so servers, PrivateVPN has a small network compared to its competitors. The servers are distributed well, though, and the service is a good option if you are in Africa or South America.

We found four out of the seven U.S. servers were able to access Netflix during our testing, so you should be able to get in if you’re willing to swap servers.

Customer service is disappointing, with live support often offline, leaving an email contact form as the only way of getting in touch. When we used it to contact support, it took about 24 hours to respond.

We also found problems with security. The service failed our DNS leak test, but it passed both the IPv4 and IPv6 tests. Only the Windows client has a killswitch, so the other platforms will potentially leave you vulnerable. Check out our VPN security article for more on why that matters.

It claims to keep no logs, but there is mention of information use in its privacy policy, which didn’t look ideal to us.

Other Reasons We Like PrivateVPN

Its apps are clear and straightforward. If you want a bare-bones service without too many options to worry about, it might be your cup of tea.

Its annual package costs a wallet-friendly $50.40 and currently offers a free month, giving you 13 months for the price of 12. There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee.

PrivateVPN is affordable, offers six connections and has good server coverage in some parts of the world. It has weaknesses, though, and is not the best choice for those who want the fastest speeds, strong security or fast customer service.


  • Six connections
  • Good coverage in South America & Africa
  • Affordable


  • Customer service
  • Security & privacy issues
  • No killswitch, except on Windows
Starts from $ 414 per month
Save 52 %

Private Internet Access

Rounding out our list with five connections available, Private Internet Access is a good service for users who value security and privacy over features and support.

PIA is simple to install and use. There is no real UI, it just sits in the background as a tray icon. Should you need to change anything, all you have to do is right-click on its icon and choose the option you need.

As you’d expect from its name, PIA is privacy-focused. It keeps no logs and allows you to sign up without giving it personal information. You can even pay with Bitcoin if you really want to stay off the grid.

PIA has over 3,000 servers in 33 countries. It is fast, especially on its default 128-bit encryption mode, and its low pings led to its inclusion on our best VPN for gaming list.

Despite the fast speeds, we had trouble accessing streaming accounts in our testing. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video worked, but Hulu and BBC iPlayer blocked us.

Other Reasons We Like PIA

Its security features include a killswitch and the OpenVPN protocol. If security is your main concern, though, we recommend switching to AES 256-bit encryption mode, which will cost you some speed.

There is also MACE, its built in anti-malware tool which should give you insurance against that friend who asks to borrow your device and ends up going somewhere they shouldn’t.

It has apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS, as well as browser extensions. The minimal UI suits mobile well, as we noted in our PIA review. At $39.95 per year, PIA is the cheapest service on our list. It lacks extras, but has a rock-solid core and is a quality option if five devices are enough for you.


  • Cheap
  • Strong security & privacy
  • Fast
  • Low pings


  • Streaming issues
  • No live chat
Starts from $ 333 per month
Save 52 %

Honorable Mentions

Services that didn’t quite make our list include VyprVPN and TorGuard, which tied with PIA at five connections, but weren’t as good overall.

VyprVPN is generally pretty good but could be faster and its network and customer support could improve. TorGuard didn’t take of advantage of its speeds by getting into streaming services and had other minor problems, as described in our TorGuard review. 

Our overall best VPN service, ExpressVPN, only allows three devices at once, so it didn’t make the list, either. While VPN Unlimited allows up to 15 devices, it charges extra for doing so and, as you can read in our VPN Unlimited review, it has iffy security, at best.

Starts from $ 500 per month
Save 50 %

Final Thoughts

The more devices you have to connect, the more important ease of use and customer support become. GooseVPN is the undoubted winner here as you can hook up as many devices as you’d like, though CyberGhost isn’t too shabby with seven connections, either.

All our picks have strong security and privacy to keep you safe, no matter how you access the web.

There are many services and devices out there, so if you have stories to tell regarding the ones we’ve selected or those that didn’t make the list, let us know about them in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

Starts from $ 275 per month
Save 79 %
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