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Best Free VPN Trial Without Credit Card Information

The Best Free VPN Trial Without Credit Card Requirements in 2024

If you want to try out a VPN service without risking accidental payments, you’ll be disappointed to find that many VPN free trials ask for a payment method up front. In this article, we’ll introduce the best free VPN trial without credit card requirements.

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Key Takeaways: These are the Best VPN Free Trials
  1. CyberGhost — The best VPN trial without credit card
  2. Proton VPN — The best free VPN with unlimited dat
  3. Windscribe — A free VPN with 11 server locations
  4. TunnelBear — Freemium VPN with limited data
  5. PrivateVPN — A decent free trial option

Facts & Expert Analysis About VPN Free Trials (No Credit Card)

Best No Credit Card VPN Trial

It’s normal to test a VPN service out before committing to its paid subscriptions. Many VPNs require your credit card number or PayPal account, but some users prefer to not provide those details, even with free trial VPNs. Luckily, some of the best VPNs offer a free VPN trial without credit card requirements. 

A VPN free trial is designed to give you an idea of what the service offers, including features, locations and streaming performance. These trials have limits — usually one, three or seven days — that sometimes depend on your platform. For example, the ExpressVPN free trial is available only on mobile devices. As for free VPN plans, they’re yours to use forever, but have some restrictions. 

Note that you may have to register for the trial on a specific platform, but you can use the VPN’s free trial on other platforms later. 

What Makes the Best Free VPN Trial Without Credit Card (vs Free VPN Service)?

Naturally, a VPN free trial must not have any credit card requirements. You must be able to register for a trial and use it immediately, but the trials should also offer access to the whole standard feature set if possible. Being accessible across multiple platforms is a third must-have to stand out above the rest. 

It’s worth noting that — from our research and testing — CyberGhost and PrivateVPN are the best VPNs that offer free trials with no payment details. However, there are other options: using a free VPN that also doesn’t require credit card information. 

A VPN free trial should offer access to every feature, including standard functions like a kill switch, split tunneling and multiple protocols. Some VPN trials are limited on purpose to entice users to buy a subscription. The limits differ with freemium plans, and you may be convinced to spend on a paid plan. 

The lack of bandwidth and data limits make a free trial enjoyable to test, but some trials do have a data usage limit in place. This method is a common way to limit the plan without alienating the user. Data usage limits are problematic if you want to stream shows, but accessing websites or banking services isn’t a problem.

These two are the main criteria for making our list, though you should also consider extra functions like ad blockers and malware protection. These are nice to have, but we don’t consider them mandatory. 

The 5 Best Free VPN Trials Without Credit Cards 

Learn about the five best VPN trials that don’t need payment information below. We’ll focus on what each free trial offers and briefly mention the paid plans. 

1. CyberGhost

cyberghost dedicated IP
CyberGhost’s one-day VPN free trial on desktop may not seem like much,
but you can test all standard features worry-free.

More details about CyberGhost:

    • Pricing: $2.19 per month (two-year plan + two months)

    • Free plan: No


    • VPN automation

    • User-friendly interface

    • Specialized servers


    • Slower download speeds

Out of all the trustworthy VPN providers, CyberGhost is the best free trial VPN that you don’t need a payment method to use. However, the CyberGhost PC trial lasts for only one day. In contrast, the Android VPN free trial lasts for three days but requires credit card details, while the iOS trial lasts for seven days. Fortunately, the PC trial offers complete access to CyberGhost’s standard features. 

Even though you need to register on PC to avoid handing your card number over to CyberGhost VPN, the account can later be used on mobile devices or other platforms. Other features you can try on the trial in addition to the kill switch and split tunneling are the dedicated servers for streaming and torrenting, and the built-in ad blocker. 

Smart Rules

CyberGhost’s smart rules let users customize their VPN client’s behavior, such as automatically connecting when you open specific apps. For example, CyberGhost can connect when it sees you’re using a new WiFi network or a torrenting app, so you’re protected even if you forget to turn the VPN on. 

cyberghost simultaneous connections
CyberGhost’s 45-day refund period lets users test the VPN even more,
and you can get a subscription today. 

Besides the monthly plan with a 14-day money-back guarantee, CyberGhost has long-term subscriptions for six months and two years (plus three months free), which have a 45-day refund period. Our CyberGhost review covers the VPN in further detail if you want a better idea on its capabilities, or learn how to get the CyberGhost free trial.

CyberGhost Plans
  • *The $56.94 price under the 2-year plan is billed yearly after the first two years.
  • Unlimited GB
  • 7
  • Yes

2. Proton VPN

protonvpn connecting to a server in the united states
Proton VPN’s free plan has enough features to protect you
from online threats and preserve your privacy. 

More details about Proton VPN:

    • Pricing: Free, $4.49 per month (two-year plan)

    • Free plan: Yes


    • No data limits

    • Stealth VPN obfuscation

    • Unblocks all streaming apps


    • Only 3 countries on free plan

    • No Mac/iOS split tunneling

The generosity of the Proton VPN free plan means it’s one of the best VPN free trials: it offers unlimited data and bandwidth, and doesn’t require a credit card number. Plus, you have unlimited access to its base features, including the kill switch, multiple VPN protocols, split tunneling (Windows and Android only) and DNS leak protection, which is activated by default. 

You’re limited in some minor ways: you miss out on a few premium features, and you can access VPN servers in only three countries: the U.S., Japan and the Netherlands. The free servers have decent speeds, but paid users will get the best connections. We have a guide on how to use Proton VPN’s free trial as well. 

However, the Proton VPN free plan is good enough for streaming, unblocking sites and preserving your online privacy. Few VPN services offer a free account this generous, as they tend to limit how much data you can use. If you want to read more about this VPN app, check out our Proton VPN review.

Data Limits & Streaming

The problem with free trials and freemium subscriptions is that many impose data usage limits, which prevent you from watching your favorite series for extended periods. Proton VPN offers unlimited bandwidth and doesn’t limit how much data you can use. Additionally, you’ll have no problem trying to unblock Netflix, BBC iPlayer and other popular streaming sites with the free service.

protonvpn sign up
As the best free VPN right now, ProtonVPN is highly dependable
and has no data usage limits when you download it.

Besides Proton VPN’s free plan, the provider has paid subscriptions lasting one month, one year and two years, each with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The two-year deal is the best option; it does not offer a free trial on the premium plans.

  • Unlimited GB
  • 1
  • Yes
  • 1-year plan renews at $119.88; 2-year plan renews at $239.76
  • Unlimited GB
  • 10
  • Yes

3. Windscribe

windscribe vpn server locations
Activate Windscribe’s browser extension to access several extra functions. 

More details about Windscribe:

    • Pricing: Free, $5.75 per month (one-year plan)

    • Free plan: Yes


    • Many advanced features

    • Powerful security features

    • No speed limits


    • Refund period of 3 days

    • Crowded user interface

    • 15GB data cap

Windscribe is one of the best free VPNs, but you get only 15GB of data monthly. The Windscribe free plan lets you connect to servers in 11 countries, including fast 10 Gbps servers. Like Proton VPN, you don’t need to provide any credit card details when downloading the app. 

We like how the Windscribe free VPN plan comes with many of its security features, though its R.O.B.E.R.T. ad and malware blocker has fewer available configurations. Nevertheless, it offers as much protection as many premium VPN apps. Another standout feature is the unlimited simultaneous connections even on the “free trial” option. Our Windscribe guide shows you how the VPN works.

Unique Browser Extension

Windscribe’s browser extension is designed to work alongside the VPN app, including routing your connection through a second VPN server. It blocks ads, trackers and malware. It even blocks annoying pop-ups, like notification requests and cookie consent windows. Windscribe even prevents most forms of browser fingerprinting by generating fake device data and preventing script injections and WebRTC tracking.

windscribe homepage
If you don’t want to spend too much, Windscribe offers a customizable subscription option.

Windscribe has a monthly and yearly paid plan with a short three-day money-back guarantee, but you can also build your own plan. The flexible plan is the best, since you get what you pay for. Read our full Windscribe review for more information.

  • Up to 15 GB free with email confirmation and Tweet
  • 15GB
  • Unlimited

4. TunnelBear

tunnelbear user interface
TunnelBear is an excellent free VPN that has proven to be secure after our tests.

More details about TunnelBear:

    • Pricing: Free, $3.33 per month (three-year plan)

    • Free plan: Yes


    • Free plan has all features

    • All servers available for free

    • GhostBear obfuscation


    • Limited free monthly data

    • Can’t select specific servers within countries

TunnelBear is a freemium VPN provider that offers its full feature set at no cost. It functions as a premium free trial with unlimited access, though the 2GB data limit makes this service a poor choice for streaming online content. This amount is more than enough to access geo-restricted government websites or other services, but we’d love more data too.

The provider’s VPN free plan lets you use the kill switch, obfuscation feature and split tunneling (only on mobile). We like that TunnelBear doesn’t lock functions behind a paywall, but the low data limit prevents it from ranking higher on our list. Our TunnelBear review has more information if you’re interested.

Full Server Network

Some VPN free trials or freemium plans don’t let you connect to every available server location, but TunnelBear is different. The free plan grants access to all locations without bandwidth limitations. TunnelBear normally offers 48 server locations, but the ongoing conflict in Ukraine has prevented the VPN provider from maintaining servers there. 

Tunnelbear for security
TunnelBear is free to download and use, though you have a limited amount of data per month.

Other than the TunnelBear free plan, you can buy individual subscriptions that last for a month, a year, or three years, as well as one-year Teams subscriptions. None of these plans are protected by a concrete refund policy, but TunnelBear may grant refunds on a case-by-case basis. 

  • 2GB
  • 2GB
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited GB, unlimited devices, priority customer service *Price for the 1-year and 3-year plans are only billed for the first year.
  • Unlimited GB
  • Unlimited
  • Yes

5. PrivateVPN

privatevpn settings on mobile
PrivateVPN’s free trial length is seven days across every supported operating system.

More details about PrivateVPN:

    • Pricing: $2 per month (three-year plan)

    • Free plan: Yes


    • App guard support

    • Stealth VPN

    • Simple to navigate


    • No split tunneling

    • No WireGuard protocol

    • Not many extra features

PrivateVPN is a provider based in Sweden with a seven-day free trial. The service doesn’t particularly stand out and it doesn’t support split tunneling, but it does have some notable features like the availability of Stealth VPN, 10 simultaneous devices, IPv6 protection and dedicated IP addresses. More info can be found on our PrivateVPN review

Stealth VPN helps users connect to a VPN server in countries with internet censorship, and the availability of free dedicated IPs is rare among providers. However, despite these unique offerings, it still doesn’t compare with some of the best VPNs on the market. 

Application Guard

Though a kill switch is helpful, PrivateVPN also comes with a feature called “application guard,” that works in tandem with the kill switch. While the kill switch instantly cuts you off from the internet when the VPN connection fails, the application guard will kick in and terminate any apps you have designated. With application guard, the risk of data leaks decreases dramatically. 

PrivateVPN homepage 2023
PrivateVPN’s paid plans are all backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee,
and its customer service agents are quick to respond.

PrivateVPN is highly affordable, though we don’t recommend the one-month or three-month plans (the three-year subscription is a much better value). An industry-standard 30-day money-back guarantee backs all three plans, and the provider’s customer service is exemplary. 

VPN Free Trial and Free Plan Restrictions

Premium VPN free trials and freemium VPN subscriptions are always limited in one way or another, with time being a universal limit for free trials. Though you do get to test the features for a specific period, the ultimate goal is attracting users and convincing them to purchase a paid plan. 

The most common restriction other than time is data, and most VPNs will lock users out after they use a certain amount of data. Preventing access to features is also common, and the free trials above combine all of these to a certain extent. 

Freemium VPNs are different, as you can subscribe to them indefinitely. They may limit the number of locations and servers you can connect to, like Proton VPN and Windscribe. Others have a monthly or daily data usage limit, with TunnelBear as an example. 

Freemium plans are inferior if you need a fully featured short-term solution, but they’re ideal for anyone who wants long-term protection and doesn’t necessarily need all the bells and whistles.

Final Thoughts

Many of the top VPN free trials today require users to hand over their payment methods, which prevents users from testing the VPN free trial without the risk of accidental charges. However, our experts are aware that the factors most users consider when deciding whether to opt for a free trial are usefulness,
ease of use and potential risk of fraudulent charge. Therefore, we made sure the VPN free trials on our list can all do their job well, have a user-friendly interface, and can all be used without providing any credit card numbers or linking a PayPal account. You can test these VPNs entirely risk-free and forget about them after the trial is up. 

The best free trial VPN — no credit card required — is CyberGhost, but we also included Proton VPN, Windscribe and TunnelBear, since these VPN service providers offer their free plans essentially as trials that last forever. In last place is PrivateVPN, a virtual private network that offers a seven-day free trial without asking for payment info. 

What do you like most about VPN trials that don’t ask for credit card numbers? Did we miss any trials that could make the list? Let us know in the comments section below. Thank you for reading. 

FAQ: Get a VPN Trial Without a Credit Card

  • After installing the VPN, you must register using a valid email address and verify your trial subscription. You won’t be charged or asked for payment information during the process if you use any of the providers in this article.

  • VPNs like Proton VPN, TunnelBear and Windscribe have free plans and won’t ask you for credit card information when you register.

  • Proton VPN used to offer a seven-day free trial, but it no longer lets users test the premium plans without using the money-back guarantee. Thankfully, it has an unlimited free plan, though it lacks a few features and only allows access to servers in three countries.

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