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How to Sync Game Saves Between Computers

How to Sync Game Saves Between Computers: Steam Cloud, Epic Games & Cloud Storage in 2024

Most games don’t require a local save file. For the ones that do, you can use cloud storage to access those files when away from home. Read on to learn how to sync game saves between computers in a few easy steps.

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Key Takeaways: How to Sync Games Between Devices
  1. Most game saves are located in your “documents” folder.
  2. You can use cloud storage to access files saved on other devices. On desktop, you can use the command-line interface to create a symbolic link between the game save folder and your sync folder.
  3. Games with local game saves are not as common as they once were.

Facts & Expert Analysis: Mobile Game Data Syncing:

  • One account to rule them all: Having a local save file is becoming a thing of the past. Most games require an account and store your saved data on the game publisher or developer’s remote servers.
  • On the outside: Though a bit outside the scope of this article, you can follow the same process outlined here to sync your saved game files using an external hard drive. You’d just have to take the hard drive with you.
  • Symbolic Links: If your cloud storage provider is limited to a single sync folder, you can set up a symbolic link to automatically sync your game saves with the local cloud storage folder.

Before the internet and cloud gaming, having a local save file for your video game was standard practice. Some games still save a file with your game data, but that file is not connected to the cloud. If you want to access your saved files while on the go, we will show you how to sync game saves between computers.

In today’s gaming world, most saved game data resides on a publisher’s or developer’s servers, minimizing the need to keep saved files on your devices. However, a few games still create a local save file. Read on to learn how to access your game saves no matter where you are.

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    This article was rewritten to include updated processes on how to sync game saves between computers and other devices.

How to Sync Games Between Devices

There are several options to sync saved game files between devices depending on the platform. Typically, when you play on the device on which you downloaded the game, you don’t have to worry about your saved game files syncing. If you are traveling or find yourself away from home and want to play, you can use cloud storage to access your save files.

How to Sync Game Saves Between Computers (PC)

The best way to sync saved files between different devices is to use a cloud storage service. The simplest way is to create a copy of the save files in your cloud storage account. Doing so gives you access to them when you are away from home.

Before following the steps below, make sure you have a cloud storage account and that you’ve downloaded the accompanying desktop app. If you are unsure which one to choose, you can select one from our list of the best cloud storage services.

  1. Make a Folder

    In your cloud storage sync folder, make a folder for your game saves. If you want to do this with multiple games, you can make subfolders for each one.

    save folder
  2. Locate and Copy the Save File(s)

    Locate your save files in the game publisher’s folder, which is usually found in the “documents” folder. You will usually see a folder titled something like “saved data.” Make a copy of the files you want.

    saved files
  3. Paste to Cloud Storage

    Paste the saved game file into your cloud storage account. You can do this with the sync folder on your device.

    copied files
  4. Open the Command Prompt

    To sync between your computer and the cloud storage saved game folder, open the command prompt by clicking “run as administrator.”

    command prompt
How to Restore Game Progress From Game Center (iOS)

Until 2016, Apple’s Game Center was an app for Mac and iOS devices that had more features and functionality than it does now. Game Center can be found in the “settings” section of Apple devices and is mainly used to manage profiles.

Some games in the App Store still support Game Center for tracking challenges or playing games with others. If you notice an issue with your game and it has Game Center support, you can try the following to sync your data.

  1. Verify Game Center

    If a game in the App Store has Game Center support, the “information” section of the game will indicate this.

    game center support
  2. Uninstall the Game

    One way to re-sync your data is to uninstall the game from your device.

    ios uninstall
  3. Reinstall the Game

    Head back to the App Store and re-download the game. Doing so should help sync your saved data.

    ios install

Where Are Your Saved Game Files Located?

Your saved game files may be located in different folders, depending on your device and how the game was installed. We will use two of the more popular storefronts in Steam and Epic to show you how to determine the location of downloaded game files and the accompanying saved games folder.

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How to Find Your Steam Game Save File Path

You can find your local download and save files by locating the Steam games in your account.

  1. Open the Library

    Find the game you have downloaded in your Steam library and click on the gear icon. Hover over “manage” and then click on “browse local files.” This will open the location of your downloaded files.

    steam files
Where to Find Your Epic Games Store Save Files

Finding your Epic Games Store data is similar to the process for Steam.

  1. Open the Library

    Find the game you want to see in your library and click on the three dots menu. Click on “manage,” then hover over the folder icon next to “installation” and click on it. This will open the location of your downloaded files.

    epic files

Final Thoughts

It’s not often you need to worry about local save files. However, if you play a game that has them, you can use cloud storage to gain access to your saved files no matter which device you use to play the game.

Do you play games with local save files? Do you often wish you could access your saved files no matter where you play? Let us know in the comments section below. Thanks for reading.

FAQ: Sync Game Saves Between Multiple Devices

  • If you are having issues with syncing saved game data, achievements or challenges through Game Center, you can uninstall and reinstall the game to see if the data syncs.

  • The quickest way to sync and restore your ‘Solitaire’ data is to uninstall the game and reinstall it to see if it forces the data to sync.

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