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Microsoft Edge Review

Microsoft Edge recently underwent a complete overhaul, and we have to say we like what we see. It has better functionality than before, while remaining just as fast. Privacy issues remain, though. Read our full Microsoft Edge review for the details.

Max Pitchkites
By Max Pitchkites (Writer)
— Last Updated: 2022-05-09T14:27:04+00:00 Facts checked by Elisabeth Ivey
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Microsoft once dominated the web browser market with Internet Explorer, which led the way in web browsing until Google Chrome dethroned it; it is now scheduled for permanent retirement in 2022. While Internet Explorer is going away, Microsoft has passed the torch on to its successor browser, Microsoft Edge, which we’ll examine in detail in our Microsoft Edge review.

Key Takeaways:

  • Microsoft Edge is the Chromium-based successor to Internet Explorer. It is the default browser on Windows 10 computers.
  • Edge contains more options for interacting with text media than most other browsers we’ve seen.
  • Users can control their privacy with three levels of tracking prevention, but Microsoft will still collect some amount of your personal data.
  • Edge has its own library of extensions and works with most Chrome extensions.

Google Chrome had already set the standard for modern web browsing by the time Edge was launched in 2015 to a lukewarm reception, so Microsoft had to redesign its Edge browser in order to keep up with the competition.

Microsoft redesigned Edge in 2020 by replacing its own browser engine with Google’s open-source Chromium framework. It looks and behaves a lot like Chrome and can be augmented with extensions from Chrome’s web store, so you won’t be limited by Microsoft’s comparatively smaller extensions library.

Even in the modern era, Microsoft still struggles to compete with other browsers. Edge is far from anyone’s favorite web browser, despite its free availability on all Windows machines, but that doesn’t mean Edge has nothing to offer. Let’s take a careful look at all of Microsoft Edge’s new features before we jump to conclusions.

  • 12/02/2021 Facts checked

    Completed a fresh review of Microsoft Edge. Added more info about the Chromium update, context menu, privacy, security; added tab management, kids mode, private mode, PDF reader; updated performance and software update frequency.

  • Speed is one of Microsoft Edge’s most significant advantages, and it’s plentiful in features, too. It’s a good browser as far as its functionality is concerned, but Microsoft’s privacy practices does not make it a good browser for privacy.

  • Privacy is its biggest disadvantage. Microsoft collects a lot of data on its users through the browser itself, Bing, and through Windows hardware. Edge allows users to opt out of some data collection, but not all. We suggest taking a look at our list of the most secure browsers for better alternatives.

  • Microsoft Edge matches Chrome in speed and even slightly surpassed it during some of our speed tests. Edge is even a little bit better at blocking suspicious websites than Chrome. Its library of extensions isn’t nearly as comprehensive as Chrome’s, and we can’t say it isn’t any better than Chrome about collecting personal user data.

Microsoft Edge Review: Alternatives

Microsoft Edge: Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Fast
  • Lots of features
  • Compatible with most Chrome extensions


  • Not the most private browser


90 % – Excellent

The abundance of features on Edge is one of the browser’s biggest assets. Without any extensions added, Edge on its own already includes a robust range of features that should cover the basic needs of most users. Microsoft runs its own library of extensions for Edge if you need to expand what your browser can do, and Edge even works with extensions in the Chrome Web Store.

Chrome Web Store Extensions

The new Microsoft Edge became compatible with Chrome’s library of web browser extensions as soon as it was recreated with Chromium. In this day and age, compatibility with Chromium is needed for web browsers to attract users because Chrome has the largest library of extensions by far. Microsoft runs its own collection called Edge add-ons, but it doesn’t come close to the Chrome web store.

With that said, Edge’s collection of extensions isn’t lacking in useful features. There are plenty of widely used privacy and security tools available in Microsoft’s extensions library including ad blockers, password managers, malware prevention apps and much more.

Since these are among the most commonly used browser extensions, Edge users should be able to expand their browser’s capabilities without a problem.

Device Sync

You can synchronize your browser data across your other devices by clicking on “settings” and clicking on the heading entitled “phone and other devices.” This page contains a set of instructions for downloading the app onto your phone (or other internet-connected device) and synchronizing your bookmarks, settings, passwords and other data across multiple devices.

edge sync devices
Own a lot of devices? Enabling sync in your Microsoft account will unify your browser data across all of your internet-connected devices.

You’ll need to sign in to your Microsoft account on each of your devices to turn on sync. First, sign in to Edge on your desktop to turn on sync, then download the Edge app to your phone and do the same there. As long as sync remains turned on, all of your devices will have access to the same settings, bookmarks and other saved data at once.

Context Menu

The context menu in Edge is one of the more feature-rich context menus we’ve encountered. Right-clicking on various web page elements reveals a multitude of different tools and functions outnumbering those in Chrome and other Chromium browsers.

edge context menu
Edge’s context menu is loaded with more features than most browsers.

Aside from the usual navigation controls and basic text actions, Edge’s menu includes additional text actions such as an immersive reader, a read aloud feature, a translator and a dictionary. The context menu also includes an option to create a QR code for the web page you’re on.

The immersive reader is Edge’s reading mode. This mode will simplify a web page to only the text and the images and place the text in a narrower format for easier reading. You can right-click to add individual web elements to your collections folder.

Collections & Web Capture

“Collections” is similar to bookmarking, except you can save an individual screenshot, piece of text or other web element directly to your browser instead of saving a link to the web page.

By using the web capture function, you can draw a box around an area on the web page and save that selection as a screenshot under today’s date in collections. You can further modify the screenshot by using a pen tool to draw on top of it. 

The “web select” function is similar to web capture, except it can only take screenshots (selection or full page) that you will have to manually paste into an image editor.

When multiple devices are synchronized with your Microsoft account, you can use the context menu to cast an image, video or other multimedia element to another device with “cast media to device.” Beneath this option is the similar “send page to devices,” which opens up a menu of all devices connected to your account.

PDF Reader

edge markup
Edge helps students and researchers highlight, draw, modify and take notes directly on text media.

PDF files will open within the browser’s built-in PDF reader. Unlike most other browsers we’ve seen, Edge includes several tools for modifying the page.

These include a highlighting function, a drawing tool, a translator, a dictionary, a read aloud feature and the option to add your own text on top of the document (although you can’t edit the PDF file itself). These tools will come in handy for students and anyone who needs to take notes on their research.

Dark Mode

edge appearance
Mix and match your favorite themes and colors under the “appearance” tab.

Microsoft Edge divides the browser’s appearance into two categories under Settings > Appearance. You can choose between a light or a dark appearance under “overall appearance” that affects the aesthetic of the whole window, and then customize the window bar’s color beneath “theme.”

The options underneath these two headings can be mixed and matched with one another. For example, you can have a green heading paired with either a light or a dark theme, or some other combination of colors.

Multiple Users

edge multiple users
Multiple user profiles can be created under a single email address in Edge.

Like most modern browsers, a single Edge installation supports multiple user profiles. Sign in to the browser with your email address to create a profile with your own settings, browsing history, bookmarks and other personalized data.

A single email address can be divided up into multiple, separate profiles that retain their respective settings. This can be useful for dividing up your personal and work data, and solves the problem of keeping your data private while sharing a device with others.

edge kids mode
Edge’s kids mode offers a simplified, child-friendly browser for safe internet browsing.

Edge includes a kid-friendly browser called “browse in kids mode” under the profile icon. This leads to a simplified version of Microsoft Edge that is both easy for children to use and has safe search set to “strict” by default. You won’t be able to leave kids mode or open a separate window without entering your Windows PIN.

Ease of Use

90 % – Excellent

Edge is available for Windows 7 through 11, Windows Server, Android, iOS and Linux devices. Its basis in Chromium makes all versions of the browser simple in appearance and easy to use. Edge can be used with or without signing in to your Microsoft account, but using your account is necessary for device synchronization.

The New Edge Browser Based on Google Chrome

Edge Legacy had a short life span between its launch in 2015 and its Chromium makeover in 2020. Originally based on Microsoft’s own EdgeHTML rendering subsystem, Microsoft decided to upgrade to Chromium to avoid compatibility issues that emerge in an internet where most websites are tailored to Chrome’s functionality more than any other browser.

This would free up Microsoft’s development team to contribute to further browser development rather than spending its time and resources on endlessly trying to keep up with Chrome. Thus, the new version of Edge is a more modern and feature-filled browser that continues to evolve. In other words, if you can’t beat them, join them.

The Chromium-based Edge was officially released in the stable channel on January 15, 2020. The old Edge was still supported at the time and was finally removed in the April cumulative update for Windows 10 on April 13, 2021. Users who downloaded that update lost access to the old Edge as Microsoft brought in the new version of Edge.


Microsoft Edge has the same minimalist user interface you’ll find in any other Chromium browser. The address bar and tabs run across the top of the window without taking up much space. A handful of buttons are located off to the right of the address bar, including buttons for extensions, favorites, your Microsoft account and a button that opens up the settings menu.

edge desktop
Bing is Edge’s default search engine, but it supports other search engines such as Google, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo.

The Bing search engine is naturally the default search engine in Edge. Google, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo are the alternatives Edge offers by default, but you can manually add the URL of any search engine to make it your default service.

Aside from the scroll bar, the rest of the window is occupied by the web page itself. The Chromium design emphasizes simplicity and easy access rather than overwhelming the user with too many visual elements.

The default new tab page features a photograph in the background with the Bing search bar at the page’s center, a row of buttons leading to recently visited websites and a news feed at the bottom. At the top left is a menu for Microsoft 365 apps and a weather app, and at the top right are buttons for Microsoft Rewards, notifications and page layout options.

In the browser’s settings under “start, home and new tabs,” you can change the default new tab page to any web page you prefer, or pick up where you left off the last time you used Edge.


edge mobile
The mobile version of Edge is available on Android and iOS.

The mobile version of Edge is simple and straightforward. Most of the screen is taken up by the web page and the controls are very minimal.

The address bar runs across the top and the navigation controls are at the bottom. There’s a button for signing in to your profile in the top-left corner of the screen. At the bottom, the navigation controls are on the left, tabs and sharing are on the right and, somewhat unconventionally, the “settings” button is placed in the middle.

If you have multiple tabs open at once, they will appear in a separate menu when you tap the tab icon at the bottom. The tab icon will display the number of all open tabs.

Tab Management

edge vertical tabs
The vertical tab panel displays tabs more clearly than the horizontal view if you have a large number of open tabs.

Tab management is straightforward, but it lacks some basic features. A single Edge window can hold a large number of tabs at once before they run off the screen. Each tab narrows in size until all text is gone and only the favicon remains.

edge tabs
Edge can display approximately 100 tabs at once before each new tab runs off the screen.

Once you’ve exceeded the browser’s capacity to display any more tabs, each new tab simply goes off-screen without producing scroll buttons or the “search tabs” option that most browsers default to. This means that Edge leaves you in the dark when navigating through your off-screen tabs.

Most web browsers display tabs across the top of the page, but Edge is one of the few to include a “vertical tabs” function. All open tabs will be displayed in a panel on the left side of the screen while the top of the browser window simply displays the title and favicon of the current page.

A scroll bar will appear once the number of open tabs exceeds the tab panel. Navigating through your open tabs is much easier with the vertical tab display if you have several tabs open at once.


100 % – Excellent

Edge’s most substantial improvement over its pre-Chromium iteration is its performance. For years, Internet Explorer and the early version of Edge were criticized for their glacial speeds, but recreating the browser with Chromium improved the browser’s speed by a long shot.

We ran Edge through three benchmark speed tests and it stood up well to its competitors — namely Chrome, Brave, Vivaldi, Firefox and Opera. In fact, it achieved the same speeds as Chrome while solidly outperforming the rest. It was slightly faster than Chrome in one test and slightly slower in another test, averaging out to approximately the same speed.

Benchmark Test:Speedometer
BrowserRuns per Minute
Mozilla Firefox95.5
Microsoft Edge131
Benchmark Test:Jetstream
Mozilla Firefox80.131
Microsoft Edge134
Benchmark Test:Motion Mark
Mozilla Firefox145.93
Microsoft Edge517

Chromium-based browsers are typically fast performers in general, but they do have a problem with consuming high amounts of RAM (particularly Chrome, at least until a 2021 update). We observed Chrome’s and Microsoft Edge’s memory usage while performing the same tasks and noticed that Edge was less resource-hungry than its rival (read our Microsoft Edge vs Chrome comparison).

For more detailed info on browser speed, check out our full article on the fastest web browsers.


90 % – Excellent

Edge features a solid array of security features including malware protection, phishing protection and detection of insecure websites. It’s even better at blocking malicious websites than Google’s safe browsing, according to this data.

Microsoft uses its own software to defend its users from malicious threats online. Edge users are protected with Microsoft SmartScreen by default, a cloud-based security feature that prevents phishing and malware downloads.


Microsoft Defender SmartScreen verifies each website you visit against a regularly updated list of known malicious websites and sends you to a warning page if it detects suspicious files or web pages. From there you have the option of proceeding to the malicious website if you still want to access that website.

SmartScreen checks files against a list of known malicious software, and will warn you before you download a suspicious file. It also checks a list of trusted software for widely used applications and issues a warning if the seemingly trustworthy file you’re downloading isn’t on that list.

edge insecure connection
Edge’s security protections will warn you about suspicious web pages before you visit them.

A padlock will appear to the left of the URL when you are connecting to a website over HTTPS. The browser will display the caption “not secured” while connected to a web page over HTTP. If you click on this notification, a dropdown menu will appear with a warning not to enter personal information on the website, as the data could be intercepted by attackers.

This menu also includes a button that leads to information about the permissions the site has, how many cookies the site is using and if tracking protection is enabled. You can manually disable tracking by clicking a switch beside this item, as some legitimate websites rely on pop-ups and other functions that are often blocked in order to work.

Update Frequency

Microsoft issued security updates every six weeks in the early days of Edge. After Edge was recreated with Chromium, Microsoft followed Chrome’s lead once again by adopting Google’s four-week update cycle so that users wouldn’t be exposed to security threats for as long.

This update came alongside the optional eight-week extension for Enterprise customers. The eight-week update cycle primarily benefits businesses whose computing infrastructure requires more time to fully adapt to these changes, and machines that are infrequently connected to the internet.

We encourage everyone to use a secure and private browser while using the internet, but it isn’t obvious which ones are the best. That’s why we did our research and compiled a list of the most secure web browsers.


50 % – Poor

Microsoft collects data about its users like any other tech company — and that includes Windows computers as well as the Edge browser itself. This is a particularly important fact to keep in mind if you’re a Windows user, because even if you tighten up the browser’s privacy settings, Microsoft may still be collecting your personal data by other means.

Microsoft explains in its privacy policy that it collects data through your interactions with each of its products. Collecting this data is necessary for diagnostic and advertising purposes, Microsoft says, in addition to personalizing your web experience.

It is possible to block trackers in order to opt out of some data collection, but not all. Some amount of data collection is necessary to use certain products and services by Microsoft, like with any online service, so the opt-out options have their limitations.

edge privacy
Strict privacy controls sometimes come at the expense of site functionality, so Edge gives you three levels of tracking prevention to choose from.

As far as external privacy threats are concerned, Edge has some useful built-in tools for enhancing your privacy. Edge’s tracking prevention comes in three levels: basic, balanced and strict.

The trade-off for each setting is between the amount of security versus the amount of functionality you want out of each website you visit, as less tracking can break the functionality of some websites. The “balanced” setting in Edge’s tracking prevention is enabled by default.

Password Manager

edge passwords
Microsoft’s password monitor will notify you if any of your saved passwords are discovered in a data breach.

Signing into Edge with your Microsoft account will give you access to the browser’s password manager. You can store every password you use directly in the browser and let the browser automatically fill in your passwords each time you log in to one of your favorite sites.

Each of your passwords can be protected with an optional master password, which would be the password or PIN for your Windows device.

Thousands of usernames and passwords are exposed in data breaches every day. Microsoft includes a noteworthy privacy feature in Edge called password monitor, which will notify you in the event that one of your saved passwords was discovered in a data breach.

Password monitor will check your passwords against a database of known credentials that have been leaked onto the internet and immediately let you know if any of your passwords have been compromised. It’s always a good idea to change your affected passwords as soon as you get the notification, before attackers abuse your account to gain access to your other accounts.

Private Mode

edge inprivate window
Data collection will be reduced during an InPrivate browsing session.

Edge features a private browsing mode called “InPrivate browsing.” Opening an InPrivate tab produces a window that won’t save your browsing or download history, passwords or cookies, but it will save your collections, favorites and downloads.

The InPrivate new tab page contains information about the user data Microsoft collects while you browse in private mode. The information on this page states that the browser will only collect data that the user has given permission to collect.

Data collected during an InPrivate session will not be used for product improvement and will not be associated with your Microsoft account, Microsoft continues. 

Bing will likewise refrain from matching your search queries with your identity, but your IP address will still be used to deliver local content in your search results. Your browsing and search history will not be used to personalize Bing search results.

Private Browsing vs VPNs

Private browsing modes serve many purposes, but it is a common misconception that they hide your identity while you’re using the internet. However, private browsing isn’t truly private because your location and activities are still monitored by your internet service provider and websites will still collect data on you, including Microsoft in the case of Edge.

VPNs perform the privacy-preserving tasks many falsely attribute to private browsing modes, such as hiding your IP address and internet activities from your ISP. A good VPN will protect your privacy at minimum, but a great VPN will have even more features for improving your privacy and security.

We advocate strengthening your online privacy as much as possible, so check out our anonymous browsing guide for some tips on good privacy practices and our list of the top VPN providers. If you want to cut to the chase, ExpressVPN is our favorite VPN provider of all, which you can read about in our full ExpressVPN review.

The Verdict

Microsoft is adapting to the modern internet with its Chromium-based successor to Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge — albeit with modest success. It’s an impressively fast browser that managed to meet Chrome’s speeds in our browser tests. Its context menu contains more features than most other browsers, and it has plenty more up its sleeve under the “settings” tab.

Overall, Edge is a slick browser that isn’t lacking much in the way of features, accessibility or speed, but Microsoft’s data collection practices keep us from recommending it as a browser for the privacy-conscious. At any rate, there’s still a lot to like about Edge — but will it ever catch up to its competitors’ popularity? Will it instead share the same fate as Internet Explorer?

If you want to jump ship and try a different browser, we recommend disabling or uninstalling Microsoft Edge.

What do you think of our Microsoft Edge Review? Is it a browser worthy of everyday use, or does it still fall short of Google Chrome? Do you think Microsoft does a better job at respecting user privacy than Google? Let us know in the comment section below, and as always, thanks for reading.

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  1. How bad can it be? I mean.. it is Microsoft, it should be at least good enough.. yet it is not safe, and the Bing search is terrible

    1. I wish it were possible to give it a negative rating. I believe the security is overrated as is its functionality ( vertical tabs ) and the privacy is a joke.

  2. not very good… always slow and closes out when i want to open a new tab every other time.

  3. I haven’t found it difficult to use or a bad browser – if you use Windows then the amount of data Microsoft collects on you or at least has access to is large. I haven’t reduced the security settings down much and find the browser comparable (in routine use) to Firefox and Chrome. I like that it’s pretty well integrated with Windows and look forward to the Chromium based update as well.

  4. Edge has got to be the worst browser I have ever encountered, and matched with Bing a real lesson in patience Oh look chrome goodbye edge

  5. The all-new-from-the-ground-up version of Edge was released 2020/01/15 so **any reviews before then are meaningless now**. The new version is based on Chromium, the same open-source browser engine that powers Google Chrome. This new version of Edge is absolutely as good as Chrome, and is almost identical to it. If you like the experience of Chrome but for some reason (privacy? monopoly? Microsoft integration? etc) don’t want to use Google’s browser, then start using Microsoft Edge. Firefox is good too.

  6. Cannot drag and drop a short cut from the url field like you can on every other browser – this is a deal breaker for me

      1. Actually its also a deal breaker for me as i use that lot. So what is minor depends on what you want it to do… so stfu yourself please.

        1. this thread is so funny to me. but yes, minor details are subjective, dont be a dick

  7. Just a Chrome rip off but not as good. No new features. I don’t understand how Microsoft has gazillions of dollars but can’t think of any innovations without stealing from other developers. Maybe hire more millennials

  8. My concern will be about security updates. How soon can Microsoft crank out updates to Edge chromium vs Google’s Chrome. Many clone’s tend to lag behind Chrome in updating. Even days can leave a user vulnerable. I find new Edge plenty capable of being a good browser. It has a very mature rendering engine that is very compliant. But is it enough to get users to switch?

  9. runs much more efficiently in the background than most other browsers i have used. it may not be the most feature rich, but it is definitely a step forward in the right direction of improving edge.

  10. I was making edits to a pdf I have with it and it wasn’t saving all the edits. It seemed to just skip over some and keep others. I thought it might be a error with the normal save function so I tried save as instead. Nope it was even worse and I lost almost all of my edits since it decided to close and open the new save fire. Then I tried to print it to a pdf and it didn’t keep a single edit.

  11. So I see Edge Chromium as a browser Microsoft decided was going to save them development costs and that appears to be the main goal. Besides offering a browser tied to there ecosystem. Not a game changer just a alternative for the Microsoft centered user base. Microsoft clearly wanted to save development cost for a browser and Chromium is probably the only choice. What is concerning is most browsers now use Chromium as a engine. That could be a security problem down the road.

  12. I think Microsoft Edge is a fantastic browser and ever since the Chromium update the speed has taken off. 4K Netflix is just a benefit I asol believe it is just as fast (if not faster) than Google Chrome but not as resource-hungry as Google Chrome so it is all around a fantastic browser.

  13. The new Microsoft Edge update does not have the annotation feature. I can no longer draw or take notes on anything on any page in this app. This was the only thing that made it such a great app, and now its gone. Without it it has made my life harder, and pdf files open into windows, I can write on them, but I can only use normal draw, and in only one color, an awful blue. I cannot highlight or do anything else at all. Until the annotation ability is put back in, and until this is fixed I am no longer using Microsoft Edge at all, and am finding a new way to access and annotate and use my pdf files. Microsoft has made a big mistake. The only thing that has made the browser unique and amazing, is gone. I hope the apps rating drops bc of this, and I hope they fix this very fast.

  14. Excellent browser. Better than Chrome in terms of UI and compatibility with each of the websites I use.

  15. I tried Windows Edge Developer and Windows Edge; I found BOTH inferior for my personal needs than Internet Explorer. I’d have gladly stuck with I.E. and I hate Windows 10, it’s a step down and back for personal users like me.

  16. I installed it and stared getting 10 times the amount of spam I had been getting.

  17. Security and privacy. Security and privacy. Security and privacy. Is anybody listening???? Another data collection tool. No thank you.

  18. Not an easy way to download file to the folder you want. It goes where ever it wants to.

  19. If there is one think that annoys me it’s insistent marketing, I don’t want to be reminded by my laptop about how good Microsoft edge is once a day.

  20. Bloody useless Nothing works I seem to have lost control and all my photo’s have disappeared. Windows 10 took some getting used to but this is ridiculous

  21. Why has my comment not been moderated yet is it a bit to harsh, maybe not the rating that you wanted, tell me the four and five star ratings you received do they may be work for you.

    1. We didn’t moderate your comment because it’s the weekend and the editorial team has their days off then. No conspiracy, just time off for hard-working people 🙂

  22. The mailbox is stupid !!! I like outlook box better every thig is rite their to the left for you. I’ll be sticking with Explorer.

  23. Microsoft Edge looks to have undisclosed vulnerabilities. Certain websites are able to store cookies and prevent from being deleted, no matter the settings in Edge.

    1. Which websites? Could you let us know, please?

  24. It’s the worst, i cant find anything and i will always be send back to ‘bing’ i truly hate microsoft edge its the worst thing that they have invented. You cannot easy download anything and i dont like the way it works.

  25. I find it bullshit with latest update that i can set new tab to open on my homepage fix the FUCK THING and you will have a 5 star review

  26. Where do I begin. Microsoft Edge has absolutely no redeeming qualities. It forces itself upon Windows users like a technological rapist. It is Stockholm syndrome in web browser form. It is going to force itself upon you over and over until you accept the abuse and learn to like it. It is a violation and has left me feeling dirty and broken. The best part? You had to purchase the abuse.

    Any product or browser that takes away the user’s choice should be used with extreme caution. The amount of data and info it collects with no ability to opt out is shocking. Even disabling every single mention of it on your computer results in it just turning itself back on and doing whatever it wants.

    Anyone that chooses to use the product in its current state should do so at your own risk or educate yourself.

    Microsoft has decided “mother knows best” and that is frightening…..

  27. I only give Edge 3 Stars. The layout is great, speed is great. I like it and wanted it to work for me. Unfortunately, it fails on two major areas, at least for me. #1 I cannot get my printer to work with Edge, no matter what I do. I have done the research and decided I shouldn’t be the one to jump through hoops with changing the registry, etc. to be able to print. That should be handled by Microsoft, right? And #2, the ads, omg, the ads. More ads than a magazine. I haven’t tried an ad blocker yet so that is what I would do if I was going to make this my default browser, which I won’t because of the previously mentioned printer issue.

    It’s a good try, Microsoft, but fix the printer issue, please!!

  28. Edge will benefit from a couple things. One it is the default browser for Windows. Two Microsoft has finally developed a browser that works on most OS platforms. But I doubt it will return to its dominating days like with Internet Explorer when Chrome seems to have so many loyal users who already are entrenched within the Google ecosystem. But at least if you stick with Edge you can expect a good experience.

  29. I just got a new Dell Computer tower and tried the microsoft edge and all it does is respond slowly and in fits and starts. Its a pain in the ass. I’m back to Chrome.

  30. I have had nothing but trouble out of Microsoft Edge, When it took over my laptop, Key words there are *Took Over* I sure did not click the download for it!! I lost all my photos passwords, sites any and everything I had on it, LOST!! Gone!! And since then It rarely will sign in to my account, So that means I have to key in any and all emails ,passwords , sites, saving it does NO good at all, Cause it does not save it!! I can not begin to say how pissed I am with it!! And How Dissatisfied I am with it , The lost of all my photos was really painful And trying to get back into my email and all , Was a Royal Pain to say the least!! Just like tonight, It would not sign in to sync my favorites , SO once again I had to type it all in each and every time !! I tried 3 times to sign in, It does say tonight They know about the problem, Now Lets see fit they FIX THE PROBLEM!!! I honestly don’t have a lot of hope…they will… If I could reach in to this laptop!!!!!!!!

  31. this browser is shit and i hate that i have to put in just the time to change my default browser to google. I really hate the chat chat bot always popping up. THERE ARE SO MANY POP UPS I HATE IT. im so so mad that i took the time to write is review. This godawful browser makes me want to switch operating systems as well!!

  32. now is as memory hogging as chrome 🙁
    Was so much better and sleek 4-5 months ago but now seem to open a half dozen processes for every tab (as Chrome does). Probably to hide how much memory is using

  33. Edge is for me because they pay me to browse (see Microsoft Rewards). Yeah, they sell my info, but I am at least getting a cut, unlike Chrome.

  34. I use Microsoft Edge every day for work, and I like very much, however; I am sick and tired of the endless political marketing right on your face every single second.

  35. Popup, slide in ads everywhere. Every time I change to a new page, a full page ad pops in first. Need to get out of that to see the page I want. Once on the page I want ads randomly slide in, annoying files converter tab covers test on the right side of page, every time my curser gets close to the left edge, the tabs file opens over the page. Tabs were better at top of page. The pop up blocker is on, but doesn’t stop any of these intrusive ads from popping up everywhere. Terrible and this is called an improvement?

  36. I play a certain game that I like playing from Mozilla but since the update of Microsoft Edge that has as I will say stolen all my other internet search engines and is totally useless search engine for me, Microsoft just like Bill Gates is a criminal and Facebook mark Zuckerburg & Twitter Jack Dorsey all criminals

  37. A really poor browser, lots of confusing content and news feed. Unreliable as well. A poor effort and still miles behind google, who will be laughing their asses off.

  38. I just installed Edge after Chrome’s password autofill suddenly stopped working. I spent an entire day trying to find out what happened, even uninstalling and reinstalling, clearing caches, etc., to no avail. So I just switched to Microsoft Edge today and so far I’m really liking it! There’s a lot I can do that I was unable to do in Chrome, and it feels noticeably faster (I was also getting some memory crashes in Chrome). I have to assume that the tons of 1-star reviews are more about people who dislike Microsoft as a company in general, than the browser itself, although many of the reviews are from before Edge was revamped in 2020 to use Chromium, making it almost exactly like Chrome now. I’m not getting popups as some people mentioned, since I installed AdBlock, which should be done in any browser (Chrome had popups too until I did that). Yes, there are A LOT of settings, maybe a bit more than Chrome, but I happen to like that, because I want to personalize the browser for my needs. There’s even an extension that allowed me to switch the “new” tab pages to Google Search instead of Bing! So unless anything changes over the next few days, weeks or months, so far Microsoft Edge gets 5 stars from me!

  39. How do I get Edge OFF my PC? I navigated to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application. went to sub-folder of current version of installed Edge browser, and under it, Installer folder, to setup.exe file. typed cmd.exe in address bar hit Enter key to open command prompt and entered: setup.exe –uninstall –system-level –verbose-logging –force-uninstall.
    This should have uninstalled it but There is a page that always pops up “Welcome to Microsoft Edge, the best performing browser on Windows” and I have to have all edge stuff closed before uninstall will work! Do I have to install it to uninstall it? How do I get rid of this pop up? Get rid of Edge?

  40. At first, I was impressed with Edge Chromium, now I feel Microsoft has gone overboard with adding features, and it has become too bloated to recommend. It’s become an annoyance to have to turn off every new feature that Microsoft feels everyone needs and wants.

  41. Still junk. Fails to remember my tabs upon closing / reopening and I find Win10 needs reboots twice weekly or it slows to a crawl. Huge fail. Sadly I can’t find a good replacement.

  42. when adding emails it instantly syncs data for popularity and money but its shares all my info to other people

  43. the privacy is beyond a joke i signed into another account and now people have seen months of my data including stored data and search history just because i did “add account to this device” it automatically decided to sync, i hate it so much for just trying to steal my data and give it to whoever it pleases

    1. I am so frustrated with this program. It doesn’t give you a choice to choose!! Is it possible 2 remove Microsoft Edge and choose something else? I have a Dell laptop and not sure if it’s Dell or………?

  44. Please advise me how to get rid of microsoft edge from my pc once and for ever. This browser is useless for me. Every time I get uninstalled windows will update and screw up my PC. all is send to the cloud even my personal files I want to keep on my computer

  45. The feed is complete click bait designed by a quantum computer. I thought that was illegal. It literally makes me nauseous.

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