1. Vivaldi Review

    As a spin-off of Opera, Vivaldi takes the best of its parent browser and pushes customizability to the limit. It’s loaded with features you’d normally download an extension for and it doesn’t collect much user data, so this is a great browser if you’re a power user. Check out more details in this full Vivaldi review.

    Vivaldi comes from the same team that developed Opera back in the day, and it shows. It's easy to use and fast, but has some of the nifty features that you're used to from Chrome as well. Add to that a great privacy policy, and you've got a winner. Check out our Vivaldi review for the details.

    By Max Pitchkites12 Dec'212022-12-20 09:38:40

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  2. Tenta Browser Review

    A secure browser with built-in VPN. Although Tenta was acquired by Avast in 2019 and turned into Avast Safe Browser, you can still read our full Tenta review.

    Tenta is a relatively new browser that focuses heavily on security. Though it is highly secure, speed suffers and advanced features are locked until you pay. That said, for the right person it's a great browser, as you can read in our full Tenta review.

    By Aleksander Hougen05 Aug'192022-12-20 09:56:12

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  1. Firefox Review

    Many web browsers from 20 years ago have disappeared as modern ones have taken their place, but Firefox is still going strong. Its add-ons library isn't quite as large as Chrome's and it suffers from high RAM usage, but Firefox has some noteworthy tricks up its sleeve.

    Firefox is one of the fastest browsers around, while also offering great security and privacy. Though the interface isn't everybody's cup of tea, it's still a great option for most people and worth trying out. Read more about it in our full Firefox review.

    By Max Pitchkites28 Nov'212022-12-20 09:48:55

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  2. Brave Review

    The Brave browser appeared in 2016 as a privacy-focused alternative to Google Chrome. Brave is based on the Chromium source code but strips out all of the privacy-violating Google code. The result is a browser that looks and feels just like Chrome, but with greater online privacy features.

    The Brave browser is a relatively new entry to the market, and we have to say it's just great. It's secure, fast and even has a novel way of rewarding you for using it. There are some downsides, but nothing major, as you can read in our full Brave review.

    By Max Pitchkites25 Dec'212022-12-20 09:31:10

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  3. Microsoft Edge Review

    Microsoft managed to stay in the browser market by giving its Edge browser a Chromium upgrade, even though it’s far from the most popular browser. It’s also not the best for privacy, but we think Edge’s new features and fast speed deserve a closer look.

    Microsoft Edge is the standard browser for Windows machines these days, and this comfortable position has made it far less competitive than others. While its security is good, it's slow and has bad privacy. Read our full Edge review for the details.

    By Max Pitchkites06 Dec'212022-12-20 09:44:09

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  1. Opera Review

    Opera was launched in 1995 and remains in the game to this day, making it one of the oldest web browsers still under development. Opera built up its loyal user base for integrating a wide spectrum of features that would otherwise be left to extensions and separate programs.

    Opera has been around a long time and has built a small, but loyal, fan base over the years. A few years it made headlines for being the first browser to have a built-in VPN, but a recent change in ownership has cast its security and privacy in a new light. Read our full Opera review for the details

    By Max Pitchkites25 Dec'212022-12-20 09:33:58

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  2. Google Chrome Review

    Google Chrome launched in 2008 and has become the industry standard. It’s changed a lot since, adding upgrades and features, as well as privacy concerns, which we’ll examine in detail.

    Google Chrome is a fantastic browser that was a real revolution when it came out. However, there are some serious privacy issues with it, and it eats RAM for breakfast. Read our full Google Chrome review for the details.

    By Max Pitchkites27 Nov'212022-12-20 09:51:26

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  3. Safari Review

    Safari is Apple's native browser for Mac and iOS. The browser marketplace has become pretty competitive, and there are a host of other browser options you could use instead of Safari. But the question is, should you? Read our Safari review to find out.

    Safari is Apple's built-in browser for both Mac and iOS and, well, it does about as well as any standard browser. We recommend using it mostly to download a better alternative, as you can read in this full Safari review.

    By Hannah Pisani20 Mar'212022-12-20 09:55:10

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  4. Tor Review

    In 2002, the Tor Project launched a browser designed to browse the web entirely through Tor. The browser contains built-in features for accessing .onion websites and services through the anonymous Tor network. Read on to learn more about accessing the deep and dark web with Tor.

    The Tor Browser is almost infamous as a way to access the dark net, but what happens when you judge it as just a regular browser? You get a review that shows it has great security, but has some serious usability issues, as you can read in our full Tor review.

    By Max Pitchkites16 Jan'222022-12-20 09:20:05

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  1. Puffin Review

    CloudMosa’s Puffin browser loads websites on the server side rather than on the user’s device. This novel security structure gives Puffin a leg up on most browsers when it comes to security, but it lacks other features, despite the fact that it requires a subscription. Keep reading for our full Puffin review.

    The Puffin browser is an interesting fowl in that it renders server-side, making it more secure, but it's a bit slow at times. It also costs money, making it a rara avis, indeed. Read our full opinion in this Puffin browser review.

    By Max Pitchkites16 Jan'222022-12-20 09:23:38

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  2. Chromium Review

    Chromium makes up the core of Google Chrome and most modern web browsers. Google Chrome didn't just become the most popular browser after its launch in 2008, but it also set the standard for modern web design. Most of Chrome's competitors have their basis in Chromium open source code.

    Google's open development platform, Chromium, is what built the behemoth known as Google Chrome today. In this Chromium review, we're going to go back to basics and see how good the core browser really is.

    By Max Pitchkites08 Jan'222022-12-20 09:28:45

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  3. Opera Neon Review

    Opera is known for its flagship Opera browser, but it has a wide range of other browsers in its portfolio. Among its several variants is Opera Neon, something the company describes as a "concept browser," or a browser intended for experimentation rather than for general use.

    Interested in browsing the web in ways you'd never have imagined? Then try out Neon, Opera's proof of concept browser with some very weird ideas. That said, there are some cool features, too, as you can read in our full Opera Neon review.

    By Max Pitchkites08 Jan'222022-12-20 09:26:05

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  4. Internet Explorer Review

    A browser that has had its time.

    In case you didn't know, Internet Explorer is still around and serves mostly as a testament to how far we've come since the 90s. It's a pain to use, a mess to look at and can't access many sites, as you can read in this Internet Explorer review.

    By Aleksander Hougen07 Aug'192022-06-15 09:14:15

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