Dashlane Review

Our favorite password manager by far for many reasons.

Dashlane stands out among its excellent competition thanks to its many features, great interface and friendly pricing. Though nothing is perfect, Dashlane comes pretty damn close. Check out our full review to see why we rank it number one.

By Jacob Roach21 Jun'182018-10-23 06:29:56

Starts from$ 499monthly
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Sticky Password Review

An inexpensive password manager with a lot of features.

Sticky Password is an inexpensive password manager that has enough options to make techies go crazy. The lack of a multi-user plan puts on a damper for businesses and families, but individual users will find one of the best options on the market. Read our full Sticky Password review to learn more.

By Jacob Roach13 Jul'182018-10-23 09:40:36

Starts from$ 250monthly
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Keeper Review

Not the prettiest, but among the best.

Keeper proves that it's what's on the inside that counts: though its interface could use a facelift (or reconstructive surgery), Keeper is easy to use, very secure and pretty cheap, to boot. Read our full Keeper review for all the details on why we like this password manager.

By Jacob Roach02 Jul'182018-10-23 09:42:35

Starts from$ 250monthly
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Zoho Vault Review

A good solution for business with some design issues.

Zoho Vault is a great password manager for business, but misses the mark when it comes to catering to individuals. While we feel fairly confident in recommending it, if you're easily annoyed by puzzling interface design check out a few competitors instead.

By Jacob Roach07 Nov'182018-11-08 12:44:56

Starts from$ 090monthly
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1Password Review

A great option for families and businesses

1Password is one of the better password managers out there thanks to its ease of use and excellent security. Its pricing plans, however, make it a better fit for families and small businesses rather than individual users. Read the details in our full 1Password review.

By Jacob Roach21 Jun'182019-01-08 11:41:34

Starts from$ 299monthly
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Blur Review

A simple password manager without many features.

Blur is an easy to use password manager that rewards those with a set-it-and-forget it mentality. Its bare-bones design functions in the background, but doesn't offer much flexibility otherwise. You can read more about it in our full Blur review.

By Jacob Roach25 Jun'182018-10-23 09:43:57

Starts from$ 220monthly
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RoboForm Review

An inexpensive password manager with too many options

RoboForm is an inexpensive password manager that presents a ton of options to people who want to tweak them. Those that'd rather set and forget their password manager may need to consider another option, though. Read our full RoboForm review for details.

By Jacob Roach13 Jul'182018-11-14 23:22:55

Starts from$ 199monthly
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LastPass Review

Probably the best free password manager out there.

Probably the password manager with the best free plan, LastPass offers a decent experience overall. However, for those wanting to get the most out of their password manager, the LastPass paid plan disappoints when compared to others. Read our full LastPass review for the details.

By Jacob Roach24 Jun'182019-01-08 11:40:29

Starts from$ 200monthly
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Kaspersky Password Manager Review

Feature-packed, easy to use and pretty cheap, to boot.

Kaspersky is an established name in the DIY security scene, and Kaspersky Password Manager lives up to the company's reputation. It's easy to use, has plenty of features and is pretty cheap, too. There are some questions surrounding its Russian links, however, which you can read all about in our ful

By Jacob Roach21 Jun'182018-07-16 07:56:17

Starts from$ 125monthly
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McAfee True Key Review

The best solution for multiple users.

A highly user-friendly and secure password manager, we hesitate to truly recommend McAfee True Key to anybody except large businesses. While it has the best multi-factor authentication functionality out there, it's weak on features and a bad fit for individual users.

By Jacob Roach14 Nov'182018-11-14 01:25:30

Starts from$ 167monthly
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RememBear Review

A decent service that's far too light on features.

RememBear, a product of the same team behind TunnelBear VPN, is a decent password manager that fails to offer an alternative to its higher-ranked competitors due to a lack of features. However, as its devs are working hard to remedy this, expect a higher ranking soon.

By Jacob Roach24 Oct'182018-11-08 12:41:56

Starts from$ 300monthly
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F-Secure Review

A good password manager that has a few issues in ease of use

F-Secure Key is a password manager that covers all the bases with an attractive desktop UI and industry-standard security. However, support and ease of use could use some work. Read more about Key in our full Key review.

By Jacob Roach26 Jun'182018-12-10 06:52:57

Starts from$ 275monthly
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LogMeOnce Review

A feature-packed, yet disappointing password manager.

LogMeOnce is a feature-packed service that, despite its promise, falls short of the demands we place on the best password managers. The main offender is the painful interface, read about the others in our full LogMeOnce review.

By Jacob Roach14 Nov'182018-11-24 06:53:38

Starts from$ 100monthly
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Password Depot Review

A service that proves you can have too many options.

Though Password Depot isn't a bad password manager as such, it suffers from some of the worst feature creep we've seen in this section of the market so far. The bells and whistles predominate to such an extent that using it qualifies as work, as you can read in our Password Depot review.

By Jacob Roach05 Jul'182018-07-16 07:57:52

Starts from$ 4680Lifetime
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Steganos Password Manager Review

A solid, but old-fashioned program.

Steganos has been in the game a long time, but sorrowfully the password manager has some issues greener competitors have overcome. It doesn't make use of the cloud and the interface is confusing at best. That said, its pricing and multi-user functionality is bound to get it a few fans.

By Jacob Roach14 Nov'182018-11-14 23:32:33

$ 208monthly
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