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  • Highly customizable with custom scripts
  • Inexpensive
  • Can access Netflix

TorGuard Review

TorGuard VPN offers solid security and customizability options that appeal to experts. However, its apps are buggy and difficult to use, as you’ll find out in this TorGuard review. In addition, it can’t access most streaming platforms, and its speeds are slow. Read on for the nitty-gritty details.

Samson Kiarie
By Samson Kiarie (Writer)
— Last Updated: 2024-06-18T11:50:37+00:00 Facts checked by Simona Ivanovski
Key Takeaways: What Is TorGuard & Is It Good to Use?
  • Although TorGuard lacks advanced security features, it’s still ideal for casual users looking to surf the web, send emails and bypass censorship securely. 
  • TorGuard’s poorly designed and buggy VPN apps increase the learning curve and hinder the user experience. 
  • TorGuard unblocks Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and Max, but it can’t get around geoblocks on BBC iPlayer, Disney Plus and Netflix. 

Facts & Expert Analysis About TorGuard VPN:

  • Complexity over necessity: TorGuard’s advanced features, like custom scripts, may appeal to experts but are of no use to regular users. The provider should have traded these complex tools for more useful tools, like double VPN.
  • TorGuard controversy: In 2022, TorGuard CEO Ben Van Pelt allegedly attempted fraudulent transactions through TorGuard’s VPN service. The CEO was acquitted of all charges in 2023, but echoes of this case continue to reverberate around the web, hurting TorGuard’s brand image.1
  • TorGuard privacy lawsuit: Filmmakers in the U.S. sued TorGuard for failing to take action against users who were pirating movies in 2022. The VPN service settled the lawsuit and agreed to block BitTorrent traffic in the United States. 2

TorGuard has been making bold moves to improve usability and incorporate new features. The provider spruced up the desktop and mobile apps, and dropped the less secure protocols from its platforms. In this comprehensive TorGuard review, we’ll examine whether the latest upgrades have improved TorGuard’s user experience and performance on different fronts.

As is our norm, we’ll put TorGuard through the wringer. We’ll test its features, speed, security, user-friendliness, streaming and other vital aspects. We’ll also highlight TorGuard’s performance on these fronts and add pricing to the equation to help you make an informed decision. 

Read on to find out whether TorGuard VPN ticks the right boxes for you. We’ll also tell you how TorGuard stacks up against the best VPN services, like ExpressVPN and NordVPN. 

  • 06/18/2024 Facts checked

    We retested TorGuard and updated the guide to reflect the provider’s most recent performance. We also added details about TorGuard’s new features and upgrades. 

What Is TorGuard & Who Is It For?

TorGuard is a virtual private network (VPN) with a strong focus on advanced customization options. The VPN is geared towards torrenting fans and seasoned users looking to control their VPN connections. TorGuard also offers private email, VPN routers and cloud services. The company is owned by VPNetworks LLC, a subsidiary of Data Protection Services LLC.

The Cloudwards Expert Opinion

Samson Kiarie is a writer for Cloudwards. His writing and research focus on VPN comparisons and reviews.

TorGuard prides itself on being a VPN for advanced users and torrenters, but it doesn’t live up to the hype. It offers basic VPN protection without any helpful advanced security or privacy tools. Connection speeds are inconsistent and slow, and its unblocking ability isn’t dependable. Add the clunky and buggy apps to the list of negatives, and you have many reasons to sidestep TorGuard. 

TorGuard Pros & Cons


  • Dedicated IP addresses
  • Android split tunneling
  • App & network kill switches
  • Advanced customization options


  • No free trial
  • Difficult to use
  • 7-day money-back guarantee

TorGuard VPN Alternatives

  1. 1
    • : PayPal, Credit card, Bitcoin, PaymentWall
    • :
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  2. 2
    • : PayPal, Credit card, Google Pay, AmazonPay, ACH Transfer, Cash
    • : 10
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    • : 7
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  4. 4
    • : PayPal, Credit card, Amazon, Paygarden, Apple Pay, Google Pay
    • : Unlimited
    • :
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  5. 5
    • : Credit card
    • : Unlimited
    • :
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    $3.33 / month(save 66%)(All Plans)

Features: What Can TorGuard VPN Do?

75 % – Good

TorGuard has commonplace features such as a kill switch, auto-connect, protocols, encryption and split tunneling. However, some basic VPN features aren’t available on all platforms. 

When it comes to advanced options, TorGuard trades necessity for complexity. The VPN provider overlooks the advanced options we’ve come to expect from reputable VPN providers, such as double VPN and a malware blocker. The few advanced features that it does offer are either irrelevant or too difficult to use for regular users. 

Here are some of the features you get with TorGuard:

Network & App Kill Switch
TorGuard kill switch
TorGuard’s network kill switch disables the
internet when the VPN disconnects.

TorGuard offers an app and a network kill switch. The app kill switch disconnects selected apps from the internet when the VPN connection drops. It prevents accidental traffic and data leaks, which can reveal your identity and allow hackers to access your device. 

On the other hand, the network kill switch blocks internet access on your device when the VPN connection drops. It provides always-on VPN protection that helps you keep cyber threats at bay when using unsecured networks.  

Split Tunneling
TorGuard split tunneling
TorGuard’s “split tunneling” feature is available on the Android VPN app. 

TorGuard supports app-based split tunneling on Android. Split tunneling is a useful tool if you want some apps on your device to use the VPN tunnel, while others access the internet directly. For example, you can make your torrent clients use VPN protection while letting banking apps use the internet unprotected. 

Dedicated IP Address

TorGuard only offers dedicated IP addresses in the U.S. A dedicated IP is exclusively yours, meaning you don’t share it with other users. This helps sidestep the “bad neighbor” effect, where online services block users on a shared IP for the misdeeds of others. 

Missing Features

While TorGuard covers the basics well, it misses some vital features you’d expect to find in a modern VPN provider. Some of these tools are as follows:

  • Malware and ad blockers: These thwart malicious and ad-laden domains, letting you surf the web free from threats and interruptions. TorGuard advertises a malware blocker on its pricing page, but it’s unavailable on the apps. We contacted TorGuard to ask if the malware blocker is built in, but we still hadn’t heard from them at the time of writing.  
  • Double VPN: This feature sends traffic through two servers, adding an extra layer of protection. It’s a critical tool for journalists, human rights defenders and political activists looking to share sensitive information online without jeopardy.

TorGuard Features Overview

$2.50 / month(All Plans) 7-days money-back guarantee
Payment methodsPayPal, Credit card
Accepts cryptocurrency
Simultaneous connections 8
Supports split tunneling
Unlimited bandwidth
Free trial available
Refund period
Worldwide server amount3000+ Servers in 50+ Countries
Desktop OSesWindows, MacOS, Linux
Mobile OSesAndroid, iOS
Browser extensionsChrome, Firefox
Can be installed on routers
Can access Netflix US
Can access BBC iPlayer
Can access Hulu
Can access Amazon Prime Video
Encryption types256-AES
VPN protocols availableOpenVPN, OpenConnect, Stunnel, WireGuard
Enabled at device startup
Allows torrenting
No-logging policy
Passed DNS leak test
Killswitch available
Malware/ad blocker included
Live Chatoffice hours
Email support24/7
Phone support
User forum

TorGuard User-Friendliness & Hands-On Testing

65 % – Decent

TorGuard’s recent upgrade has made its learning curve steeper. While the home user interface (UI) is now intuitive, the design of the other tabs hasn’t improved and can be confusing for new users to navigate.

TorGuard tweaked the app design, but never updated most of the guides on its resource pages. As a result, many guides are misleading or featuring images from the old TorGuard design, which may confuse users. 

How to Install TorGuard VPN

Installing TorGuard is an easy process. Whether you’re a first-time or seasoned user, you won’t struggle to install TorGuard on Windows, Mac, Android or iOS. If you hit a snag when installing and setting up the app, here’s a quick guide to help you out:

  1. Get a TorGuard Subscription

    Go to TorGuard’s pricing page, pick your preferred plan and complete the billing process. To access the pricing page, click “get started” or “activate TorGuard now” on the official website’s homepage.

    Get TorGuard subscription
  2. Download the Desktop App

    Go to TorGuard’s download page and download the app for your device. TorGuard offers desktop apps for Windows, macOS and Linux.

    TorGuard VPN apps
  3. Install the TorGuard App

    Locate and double-click the installation file to start the installation. Follow along with the installation wizard to get TorGuard up and running on your desktop device. If you’re a mobile user, install the app from the Google Play store or Apple app store.

    TorGuard installation
  4. Configure TorGuard’s Settings

    Launch the app and log in using the credentials you created during the billing process. You can use TorGuard’s default settings, but if you need more control over your connection, then change the protocol, activate the kill switches and set up the stealth proxy. Click “save” to implement the changes.

    Configure TorGuard
TorGuard on Desktop: macOS & Windows Apps

TorGuard moved away from the old-fashioned design and developed an appealing, clutter-free home UI for Windows and Mac devices. The desktop user interface looks much better now, but that hasn’t improved its usability.

TorGuard Windows app
TorGuard VPN works on Windows and macOS devices.

The home UI now features a large “connect” button in the middle, which turns green when a connection is established. The “connection” tab at the bottom displays the server you selected and the connection status — either connected or disconnected.  

The settings page is disorganized, which can be confusing for first-time users. Features you’d expect to be on the same tab, like the app and network kill switches, are tucked away in different places. 

The VPN protocols aren’t on the settings page, which is weird. They have their menu on the top left of the UI. While the protocols aren’t difficult to find, it would be better if everything was organized on one settings page. 

Some features have brief descriptions of how they work, while others don’t. For example, while TorGuard explains how the network kill switch works, it doesn’t explain the firewall settings tool. 

Even though TorGuard doesn’t offer a server search function on Windows, finding an optimal server is easy thanks to the “sort” and “filter” options. For example, you can sort servers by proximity to see the closest one to your location, or you can filter them by content or type. TorGuard also lets you create a list of your favorite servers. 

TorGuard VPN servers filter
TorGuard allows you to filter servers by continent or type.

Buggy Windows VPN Client

Beyond the app’s design issues, we encountered other problems that ruined the user experience. Here are some examples: 

  • The app took too long to disconnect or connect.
  • It displayed the “not responding” error when we hit the “connect” button. 
  • The app failed to connect, citing HTTP, network or driver errors. In one instance, we had to reinstall the app to make it work. 
  • It blocked our internet connection while connected to the VPN. We deactivated both kill switches, but the issue persisted.
TorGuard on Mobile: Android & iOS Apps

The “home” window designs are identical for the desktop and mobile apps. For this review, we mainly used TorGuard on an Android smartphone, but most of this info also applies to the iOS app as the two are very similar. 

TorGuard Android app
The TorGuard Android app has a clean UI. 

The Android app features a large “connect” button in the middle and displays the selected server location at the bottom. The home UI has a modern look and feel, but the windows underneath don’t offer similar designs to match.

Unlike the desktop app, the mobile app’s settings are well organized, but the protocols aren’t on the settings page. All features have descriptions of how they work, making it easier for mobile users to configure the VPN settings.

TorGuard Device Compatibility & Simultaneous Connections

TorGuard offers native apps for Windows, macOS and various Linux distros. The Android and iOS apps are also available on the Google Play store and the Apple app store, respectively. Beyond the desktop and mobile apps, TorGuard also offers browser extensions for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. 

However, TorGuard doesn’t offer a “smart DNS” feature, so you can’t set it up on smart TVs and other devices that don’t natively support VPN services. Thankfully, you can configure TorGuard on Tomato, DD-WRT, Merlin and OpenWRT routers to protect such devices. You can also buy TorGuard VPN routers, which are preconfigured with VPN software. 

Users on the Anonymous VPN plan get eight simultaneous connections, whereas those on the Anonymous VPN Pro plan get 12. The device connection limit is enough for most families, but it looks abysmal compared to the unlimited simultaneous connections offered by Surfshark and Private Internet Access (PIA). 

TorGuard VPN Pricing: How Much Does TorGuard Cost?

60 % – Fair

Complexity is the overriding trait of the TorGuard pricing model. The pricing structure gets more complex by the day, and it can be confusing for users to decide which plan suits their needs. 

There are eight broad product categories, each catering to different user needs. Its products include a consumer VPN, business VPN, private email, and cloud and proxy services. Each product category offers various pricing plans, which are further broken down into different billing cycles.   

TorGuard products
Besides VPN services, TorGuard also offers a private cloud and email. 

TorGuard’s billing cycles cover the whole spectrum, from short-term to medium-term and long-term options. To be precise, you can choose a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual, biennial or triennial cycle. 

Pricing Plan Breakdown

In this section, we’ll only discuss the VPN products. You can visit TorGuard’s pricing page for details about other product pricing.  

Anonymous VPN

The Anonymous VPN Standard or Anonymous VPN Pro plans will suffice for users looking for VPN protection only. Both plans have a lot in common, but the latter offers 12 simultaneous connections and a free dedicated IP address. Here’s how their pricing differs across various billing cycles: 

Secure Business VPN

The Business VPN suits businesses that want to improve the online security of their employees. There are four pricing tiers that offer identical features like user seats, private email accounts, dedicated IPs and simultaneous connections. However, the provider imposes different limits for these features across the business VPN plans. 

Business VPN 10
  • 10 User package, 10 E-mail accounts, 3 Dedicated IP, HIPAA Compliant
  • Unlimited GB
  • 10
Business VPN 15
  • 15 User package. 15 E-mail accounts, 5 Dedicated IP, HIPAA Compliant
  • Unlimited GB
  • 15
Business VPN 20
  • 20 User package, 20 E-mail accounts, 10 Dedicated IP. HIPAA Compliant
  • Unlimited GB
  • 20
Business VPN 5
  • 5 User package, 5 E-mail accounts, 1 Dedicated IP, HIPAA Compliant
  • Unlimited GB
  • 5
  • Yes

Anonymous VPN + Streaming Bundle

The Anonymous VPN + Streaming Bundle is ideal for VPN users looking to stream their favorite shows and movies with TorGuard. The bundle offers streaming IPs for unblocking streaming services in the U.S., the U.K., Germany, France, Japan and Spain. 

TorGuard Free Plan & Money-Back Guarantee

TorGuard’s free trial isn’t easy to find for two reasons. First, the free trial isn’t displayed on the pricing page; you can only access it on the “fresh start” promo page. Second, the free trial is only meant for users who are transitioning from other VPN providers. 

You get a seven-day free trial when you email TorGuard the most recent bill from your current provider. Alternatively, you can cancel your current VPN subscription and email TorGuard the proof to get a 30-day free trial. 

Regarding the refund period, TorGuard doesn’t offer any guarantees. The refund policy states that it will gladly issue refunds if a request is made within seven days from the purchase date. However, the provider further claims that it may only offer refunds on a case-by-case basis, and for VPN and proxy service purchases only.

TorGuard Speed (50/100)

50 % – Poor

TorGuard’s regular servers used to be fast, but our recent results suggest that things are changing for the worse. The inconsistencies we noted in our previous review still linger, and the speed is deteriorating. 

TorGuard Speed Test Results

Nearest Server Speed Performance

Location:Download (Mbps)Upload (Mbps)Latency (ms)
🇰🇪 Thika, Kenya9.1610.343
🇿🇦 South Africa6.693.89510

Distant Servers Speed Performance

Location:Download (Mbps)Upload (Mbps)Latency (ms)
🇬🇧 UK7.251.12319
🇺🇸 USA3.166.81624
🇸🇬 Singapore7.055.3502
🇧🇷 Brazil7.96.42665
🇦🇺 Australia6.35.94715
Global Average6.3325.118565
Speed reached:69.12%49.69%13 Times

Notes From the Lab: Our Detailed Speed Analysis

Since TorGuard isn’t part of our automated speed tests, we did these speed tests manually on a 10-Mbps connection. We used the WireGuard protocol, which is the fastest, and chose seven server locations across many continents. We tested these locations by starting with the one that was closest to our test location in Kenya and then moving farther away. 

TorGuard’s near-distance speeds were poor. The fastest VPN providers lose between 1% and 10% of our unprotected speeds on near-distance locations. TorGuard lost 27% of our unprotected download speeds and an unforgivable 62% of our unprotected upload speeds. 

Interestingly, TorGuard was faster on long-distance connections. During our testing, the provider reached 69% and 49% of our unprotected download and upload speeds, respectively. 

Some locations like Brazil reached 86% of our unprotected download speeds despite being the second-farthest location. On the other hand, the U.S. server had the worst download speeds even though it’s the third-closest location. 

This performance indicates that TorGuard’s speeds aren’t affected by distance. Since the provider delivers faster speeds on longer distances, it’s ideal for users looking to access content and services abroad. 

Security: Is TorGuard Safe?

80 % – Good

Although TorGuard isn’t on our list of the most secure VPN providers, security is one of its strong points. Its array of advanced security features isn’t impressive, but all the essential tools are available, from secure protocols and encryption ciphers to kill switches. 

TorGuard Security Features

Besides the basics, TorGuard offers a security feature called stealth proxy. This feature is ideal for Windows users in countries with strict censorship, like China or Russia. The stealth proxy encapsulates your VPN traffic with an SSL layer to blend it with regular web traffic, making it difficult to detect VPN use.

This enables you to evade deep packet inspection (DPI) censors, so you can use a VPN in countries that frown upon virtual private networks and anonymizers. Stealth proxy allows you to circumvent censorship in China and other restrictive regimes without fear of retribution.  

TorGuard stealth proxy
TorGuard’s stealth proxy helps disguise VPN traffic to
make it look like regular web traffic.

In addition to the “stealth proxy” tool, TorGuard offers an anonymous premium proxy. The proxy has servers in over 22 countries and uses protocols like SSL, Shadowsocks and SOCKS5 to bypass censorship. 

TorGuard Detailed Security Analysis

Notes From the Lab: VPN & Encryption Protocols


OpenVPNAES 256-bit

OpenConnectAES 128-bit

Notes From the Lab: DNS Leak Test Results
TorGuard DNS leak test

The OpenVPN, WireGuard and OpenConnect protocols had no IP or DNS leaks. They hid our IP addresses and DNS requests regardless of what server we used. This means TorGuard won’t let its guard down as you go about your activities online. 

TorGuard webRTC leak test

TorGuard’s protocols also passed our WebRTC leak tests. If you use TorGuard to secure your video or audio communication on your browser, you can rest assured that your real IP address won’t be exposed. 

Privacy: Is TorGuard Private?

75 % – Good

TorGuard’s privacy policy is as brief as they come. It doesn’t have the “no-logs” statements you usually find plastered across multiple providers’ websites. Instead, it has a bolded line claiming: “TorGuard does not collect or log any data from its Virtual Private Network (VPN) or Proxy services.” 

Privacy Policy: Does TorGuard Keep Logs?

We combed through TorGuard’s privacy policy for details about the information that the provider collects. The truth is that TorGuard doesn’t collect, store or share user logs, browsing data or connection timestamps from the VPN or proxy services. 

However, TorGuard claims to collect Apache web server logs. The provider doesn’t clearly state whether these logs are collected when you use the VPN app or its website. Moreover, the policy doesn’t divulge details of how TorGuard uses the access logs, although it claims to purge them regularly. 

Independent Audits

TorGuard hasn’t undergone any third-party audits, which doesn’t bode well for potential users to trust the product. Independent audits are all the rage these days as they help authenticate the VPN companies’ claims, like the no-logs privacy statement. 

We’ve seen the same “no-logs” song and dance from multiple providers, only for them to be caught doing the exact thing they said they wouldn’t. By failing to stay up-to-date with the third-party audit trend, TorGuard leaves no proof that the company abides by its no-logs policy. 

TorGuard Streaming Performance & Unblocking Ability

50 % – Poor

TorGuard’s regular servers performed poorly during our streaming test, unblocking three of our six test platforms. The regular servers are probably unreliable by design. It could be the VPN company attempting to upsell users to the streaming bundle, for which it claims to deliver excellent streaming performance.  

Can TorGuard VPN Unblock Netflix?

No, TorGuard doesn’t unblock Netflix. Despite making multiple attempts and switching servers to unblock Netflix, we always got the “wrong password” error. This error has become synonymous with VPN providers that can’t unblock Netflix. If Netflix is your go-to streaming platform, check out our best VPN for Netflix guide.  

TorGuard for Netflix
TorGuard isn’t able to access Netflix.
Other Major Streaming Platforms
TorGuard for streaming
Although TorGuard’s download speeds aren’t the fastest, it delivers
streaming that’s free of lags and buffering.

TorGuard unblocked Amazon Prime Video and Max on the first attempt, but it needed multiple attempts to access Hulu. We watched full HD videos without lags or buffering, a surprising experience given TorGuard’s slow download speeds. Sadly, TorGuard couldn’t access Disney Plus and BBC iPlayer. 

Streaming App:Status

TorGuard VPN Server Locations

65 % – Decent

TorGuard has a decent server count and distribution. The provider offers more than 3,000 servers in 48 countries. Most of the countries have a single server location, except the U.S. (16 locations), Canada (3 locations), Brazil (2 locations), the U.K. (2 locations) and Israel (2 locations). In total, TorGuard has 68 server locations.  

Global Distribution of TorGuard VPN Servers

North America320
South America34
Middle East34

TorGuard has done a good job covering numerous regions worldwide. While most of TorGuard’s servers are in Europe and the U.S., a handful are available in regions that are generally underserved. For example, Africa has one server location, and the Middle East has four. 

TorGuard offers physical servers in many of these regions. In other words, these servers are physically located in the respective country. However, countries that aren’t VPN-friendly and those that present logistical problems are served via virtual servers. Read our physical vs virtual servers guide to learn the difference. 

TorGuard Customer Support

70 % – Decent

TorGuard offers self-service support options like a knowledgebase, FAQs and video walkthroughs. The knowledgebase content is nicely organized by category, product or operating system, making it easier to find relevant articles. It also features a search bar, which lets you quickly find relevant guides using keywords. 

Live Chat & Email Support Speed & Quality

For issues that require human intervention, you can contact TorGuard support agents via live chat or email. Alternatively, you can post the question on TorGuard’s community forum to find solutions from other users.

TorGuard’s customer support
TorGuard’s ticket system is only available when you log in to your account. 

Unlike other VPNs, you must log in to your account to access TorGuard’s live chat and ticket system. The live chat isn’t available 24/7, so it might take a while to get a response, especially when the customer support agents are offline. 

During our testing, we launched our issue and received a response in 29 minutes. This is a long response time by live chat standards. 

TorGuard’s ticket system is ideal for solving complex issues. The provider allows you to upload files to explain the problem better, and you can set the priority based on urgency. During our testing, we set the ticket priority to “high” and got a response in under 30 minutes. 

Is TorGuard Good for Torrenting?

Yes, TorGuard is suitable for torrenting. While it doesn’t offer torrenting-optimized servers, its regular servers provide top-notch security. That said, Torguard agreed to block torrent traffic on U.S. servers in a legal settlement, so use servers in a different country if you want to download torrents over TorGuard.

TorGuard vs Other VPN Services

Overall, TorGuard is a decent VPN provider. It offers solid security, decent speeds, a good server distribution and reasonable pricing. The VPN service ticks the right boxes for users looking to surf the web securely, bypass censorship and perform other casual tasks online. 

Sadly, the VPN falls short when it comes to advanced security features. It doesn’t stack up well against providers like NordVPN, which arguably has one of the best suites of advanced security features. Read our TorGuard vs NordVPN comparison to learn more. 

Another TorGuard pitfall is the inability to unblock streaming sites. The provider can access Hulu, Max and Amazon Prime Video. However, if you want to watch movies on other streaming sites, you’re better off using another service, like ExpressVPN — the best VPN for streaming

Community Feedback: TorGuard Reviews on Reddit & Social Media

We scoured the web for comments about the TorGuard service. Most of the reviews we found on mobile stores were positive. Many users were happy with the new designs, but there were a few complaints about the feature for sorting by proximity. Some users claimed the feature is unavailable, while others said it’s broken. 

On Reddit, there are contrasting reviews regarding TorGuard’s security. Some users are content with the provider’s security. However, one user detailed how TorGuard leaked the real IP address to their internet service provider (ISP) when torrenting. As a result, the ISP served the user with a copyright notice. 

The Verdict: Is TorGuard a Good VPN Service?

The best word to summarize TorGuard’s overall performance is “mediocre.” The provider doesn’t deliver a praiseworthy performance in any category. Its security is solid, speed is serviceable and server distribution is decent. 

TorGuard is a work in progress, which is regrettable because the provider has been in the industry for a long time. Its lack of advanced security features, poor unblocking ability, disorganized settings menu and buggy apps drag TorGuard behind. 

Until TorGuard solves these lingering issues, we recommend checking out more reliable VPN services, like ExpressVPN. This VPN provider delivers all-around performance, making it ideal for virtually any online activity. Other worthwhile alternatives include NordVPN and Surfshark.

Have you used TorGuard? What do you like about the VPN service? What do you think TorGuard should improve? We’d like to hear about it in the comments. As always, thanks for reading. 

FAQ: TorGuard Review

  • Yes, TorGuard is trustworthy. The provider offers solid security and privacy, and has never been in the bad news for tampering with user privacy.

  • Yes, TorGuard is reputable. The provider has maintained a clean track record of protecting user privacy.

  • The TorGuard controversy refers to the events that ensued when TorGuard CEO Ben Van Pelt was embroiled in a court case for fraudulent transactions.

  • TorGuard is owned by VPNetworks LLC, a subsidiary of Data Protection Services LLC.


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  2. Torguard Settles Piracy Lawsuit and Agrees to Block Torrent Traffic on U.S. Servers – TorrentFreak
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