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How to Get a Japanese IP Address in 2024: Stream Japanese Content With a VPN

Love watching Japanese channels like TV Tokyo or NHK online from outside Japan, but don’t know how to get a Japanese IP address? We’ve got your back. In this guide, we tell you how to get a Japanese IP address and the best VPNs for it.

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Key Takeaways: How to Get a Japanese IP Address
  1. Download and Install a VPN — we recommend ExpressVPN
  2. Connect to a Server in Japan
  3. Access Geo-Restricted Content

Facts and Expert Analysis – Get a Japanese IP Address

  • If you want unrestricted access to Japanese content and websites, you need a VPN with server locations in Japan.
  • The best VPN for a Japanese IP address is ExpressVPN, but NordVPN is a more affordable alternative. 
  • There are free VPNs out there, but they’re usually unreliable and put your security and online privacy at risk.
  • Japan’s military has monitored its citizens’ online activities in the past. So when you use a VPN, make sure you use one with top-notch security and a no-logs policy. 

Best VPN for Getting a Japanese IP

The easiest way to get a Japanese IP address is using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN helps bypass geoblocks and access foreign content libraries on websites like Netflix. For instance, you can use a VPN — we recommend ExpressVPN — to access the Japanese library on Netflix. You’ll also need a Japanese IP address if you want to access Japanese TV channels geoblocked outside Japan. 

Japanese IP addresses can be assigned to you by a VPN server that’s located in Japan. When you connect to a Japanese VPN server, the VPN encrypts your traffic and routes it through one of the Japanese VPN servers. The traffic is then routed to your ISP, which means the websites you access will only see the IP address assigned to you by the Japanese server you’re connected to using the VPN.

  • 11/22/2021

     Cloudwards updated the article to reflect changes in the VPN services.

Quick Guide: How to Get a Japanese IP Address With a VPN

VPNs are fairly simple to use. If you don’t have any experience with VPNs, we’ll walk you through three simple steps that will help you get set up with a VPN and get a Japan IP.

What is the Best Way to Get a Japanese IP Address?

To access geoblocked Japanese content, you either need to be in Japan or use a Japanese IP address. Getting a Japanese IP is easy with a VPN, but not all VPNs have a server in Japan.

Online Security

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You should look at more than just a VPN’s ability to unblock Japanese services, though. We’ll go into more detail below, but strong security and privacy is a must for staying safe. Fast speeds and the capability to unlock streaming services are beneficial too.

Security & Privacy

When you’re online, you’ll need to keep your internet traffic secure, especially if you’re transmitting sensitive information while banking online. A VPN with a no-logs policy and security features like DNS leak protection and AES-256 encryption combined with secure protocols (like OpenVPN, IKEv2 or WireGuard) and a kill switch.


VPNs route your traffic through an intermediary server, which takes longer to travel, resulting in reduced speeds. However, using a good VPN minimizes this speed reduction. In fact, you might notice an improvement if your ISP was throttling your bandwidth. ExpressVPN is the fastest VPN around, but using the Nordlynx protocol on NordVPN gives similar speeds too.

Streaming Services

ExpressVPN claims the top spot as our best VPN for streaming because it unblocks all major streaming platforms and offers lightning-fast connection speeds. Poor speeds translate to a poor streaming experience with a lot of buffering. NordVPN offers great speeds too. Surfshark is capable of delivering good speeds, though you may need to switch between a few servers.

Can I Use a Free Proxy to Get a Japan IP Address?

While free proxies do exist, using them comes with a set of risks. Most free proxies aren’t very reliable when it comes to online security or protecting your personal data. It is much better to use a VPN as they also encrypt your data. There are a few reliable free Japan VPNs like Windscribe, Tunnelbear, and ProtonVPN. Of these, only TunnelBear and ProtonVPN have servers in Japan.

What Are the Dangers of Changing Your IP to Japan?

Japan’s internet is fairly free, and unlike China, it doesn’t have any bans on social media or VPNs. Censorship laws in Japan are limited in scope to copyrighted material and obscene content, like child pornography. However, the military has illegally monitored citizens in the past, and there’s no reason it can’t happen again.

When you use Japanese IPs, you’re vulnerable to the same monitoring as someone located in Japan. But using one of the VPNs mentioned in this guide will ensure privacy. You should also use a VPN if you plan on going to Japan. In that case, be sure to equip yourself with one of our best VPNs for Japan to keep your online activity private.

Final Thoughts

You need a VPN to get a Japanese IP, but you should consider which one best fits the bill for your intended purpose since you have a few options. We recommend ExpressVPN. It offers airtight security, so your data will remain secure and online activity private regardless of which one you choose.

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Have you used a VPN to get a Japanese IP? Which one did you use? Did you experience reduced speeds? Let us know in the comments below, and as always, thanks for reading!


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