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alternative torrent sites

The Best Alternative Torrent Sites in 2024

If you're looking to find alternatives to Kickass Torrents and The Pirate Bay, look no further than this handy list.

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Here at we’ve talked about torrenting before and in that article we recommended either using The Pirate Bay or Kickass Torrents. However, many countries have blocks in place that prevent users accessing either of those sites. In this article, we’re going to take a look at alternatives to Kickass and Pirate Bay that you should be able to access wherever you are.

However, before we do that, a word of warning: unless you’re using a VPN, your connection is not secure and you can be tracked by, well, anyone. With the massive spy programs the NSA has put in place as well as spying by American ISPs, there is no guarantee that you don’t attract unwelcome attention except by using any of our best VPN providers.

On top of that general list, we also have a top five of the best VPNs for torrenting. If, however, setting up a VPN is not your style, there is one last option, namely cloud torrenting. Each of the three services reviewed in that article will let you not only torrent anonymously, but all are also a lot faster than conventional torrents. Though the free plans with each impose some serious restrictions, a few dollars a month will let you share files to your heart’s content.

Alternative Torrent Sites

Below you’ll find a quick list of alternatives to Kickass Torrents as well as The Pirate Bay. None of the below are guaranteed to work from your location (different countries have different filters in place), but a bit of messing around with proxies and VPNs show that most of them work, most of the time (see our guide for how to unblock torrent sites).


This site offers a smaller selection than most, but the quality of the files here is pretty decent. Fans of quality over quantity will be pretty happy with this site, especially if they like to watch older as well as newer films and TV shows. It’s not great for games, though.

2. Isohunt

This is one of the oldest torrent sites out there, though thanks to regular UI upgrades you wouldn’t think so. The site offers a little bit of everything, though the limited comment section makes it a little tricky to figure out which uploads can be trusted and which cannot.

3. LimeTorrents

Another smallish site, LimeTorrents is nice because it lets you know whether you’re connected to a VPN or not, while also giving you a nice overview if the swarm you’re connected to is healthy. As the UI is a bit tricky to navigate, experienced torrenters will likely reap the most benefits, while beginners may have to power through a bit at times.

4. 1337X

The name of this site should give you an idea of how old it is and its specialty, too, is older movies, shows and games. It doesn’t just cater to those geriatric enough to remember 1337-speek, however, and even the younger crowd will be able to use this site just fine.


This site is dedicated to uploader YIFY, so if you’re a fan of him (well, it’s mostly likely a “them”), you’ll love this site. Though not everyone may be a fan of this group of movie crackers, if you want to find a truly huge library of movies, you know where to go. Generally speaking, the quality of the movies is great, though the tastes of the group may be a little too eclectic for some.


What yts is to movies, EZTV is to TV shows: though the quality may not always be up to Netflix status, the selection is truly massive. You may spend as much time deciding what to watch as actually watching it.

7. Seedpeer

If simplicity is your thing, then make sure to check out Seedpeer. Though navigating the site can be confusing exactly because there are so very few buttons, it does give you a handy little overview of all recent uploads, which makes searching for fresh torrents a breeze.

Torrent Search Engines

If you’re looking for a specific file, or just something obscure, it can be pretty tricky to find. Besides the few we’ve listed above, there are also plenty of tiny torrent sites out there that nobody except a few die-hard fans have heard of. In that case, it helps to use a torrent search engine; we’ve selected three below.


Indexing 55 million torrents, Toorgle is the heavy hitter of the three. Its interface is, however, a bit clunky as it’s basically a modified Google search result that doesn’t filter out duplicates or junk torrents. If you need to find something weird, though, it’s your best bet.

Torrent Project

Not only does Torrent Project have over 10 million torrents indexed, it’s interface allows you to download the torrent file or magnet link directly from its own site. This means that you’ll have fewer pop-up ads to annoy you while you search, a big bonus in our book.


And there you have it: several alternative torrent sites that should be working at time of writing. As these things are generally in flux, we’ll make sure to keep this list updated as the months pass. 

If you decide to go with Pirate Bay, be sure to check our Pirate Bay VPN guide for a secure service. We also have best VPN for BitTorrent and best VPN for uTorrent guides, in case these are your go-to torrenting sites. If you’re new to torrenting, we also have a guide on how to download torrents safely.

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If illegally downloading movies and TV shows isn’t your thing, you could always opt for getting a Netflix account. If your country’s selection is a bit disappointing, you can always use any of our best VPN for Netflix picks and watch Netflix U.S. If gaming is your thing, you can also check out our top five cloud services for gamers.

Thank you for reading; let us know in the comments below if you have any suggestions regarding good torrent sites. Remember that downloading copyrighted material isn’t exactly legal, so make sure to stay safe out there.

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