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Torrenting & P2P File Sharing

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, mateys.

Learn how to safely use torrents and P2P file sharing networks with a VPN.

Even if you’ve never done it yourself, we’ve all heard of software piracy. There are plenty of sites on the web that offer you the ability to download copyrighted material such as books, games, movies and everything else through a process called torrenting or peer-to-peer sharing. Though P2P isn’t necessarily illegal, most of this kind of traffic is, which is why law enforcement around the globe is going after it.

However, if you use’s guides and tutorials, you should be able to stay a step ahead of the copyright authorities. Though buying should be preferable to pirating (really, let artists make a few bucks, guys), the witch hunt against copyright infringement is getting a bit silly. So open up our guides and put on your funny looking hat, we’re going onto the high seas.

Torrenting Without VPN Protection
Best Torrent Sites
How to Automatically Download Torrents

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