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All our content is written fully by humans; we do not publish AI writing. Learn more here. — formerly known as “dapulse” — is one of the best project management tools around. It sits at the top of our list of best project management software, and the integrations are also top-notch. Check out our review for more details on its virtues.

Integrating external management tools into your project can make your workflow faster and more efficient. For example, you may want to update a Google calendar with the due dates of your project or send a Slack message when tasks are completed.

Learning how to take advantage of integrations for your teams will get you to the next level of this great project management tool. We’ll go over how to add an app to your project and which ones to look out for. If you need more guidance, check out our beginner’s guide.

At a Glance:

  • For CRM — Copper, Pipedrive
  • For Email — Outlook, Gmail, Mailchimp
  • For Team Management — Microsoft Teams, Jira
  • For Communication — Slack, Zoom, Twilio
  • Use Zapier to Expand Available Integrations — Google Drive, Salesforce, QuickBooks, Wrike

How to Add Integrations to makes it easy to work other tools into your teams and projects. With just a few clicks, your project management workflow can include your file storage, your CRM platform or anything else to help you manage your projects, tasks and teams.

To add an integration to, the first step is to click the button that looks like a plug at the top of your dashboard. This will open the “integrations center,” where you can add and modify your integrations.

From the integrations center you can browse by category or by organization, and you can also search by organization or function. When you find the integration you’d like to use with your teams, click it to customize the bolded words in the description.

If you have not already linked an account on the integrated service, you must do so now. You can then change the details of your integration so it’s useful to your team. Once you’ve adjusted it to how you’d like, click “add to board.”

Now your integration is live. You can disable, edit or delete it at any time. Every time you trigger your new integration with a task creation or update, you use one “action” toward your monthly limit.

You are limited to a finite number of actions per month, depending on which plan you’re using. You can see how many actions you’ve used in the integrations center. For more information on the different plans, check out our overview of pricing. Integrations to Improve Your Workflow

We went through all of the services that integrates with and broke them down by category. By using these integrations effectively, your teams can become more efficient and effective while using this project management tool.

If you want to improve communication among your teams, integrates with your messaging systems. Outside of its wide variety of built-in integrations, you can even check out Zapier for a host of other options.

Each of these can be used to enhance your projects in a different way. Some of the services allow you to synchronize across multiple platforms. Others improve the channels of communication among your team.

CRM Integrations

Although you can manage your customer relationships directly on, it also offers a few ways to link your projects with your favorite CRM systems. Updates on your project can automatically create and synchronize your CRM records so all your teams can work across different systems.

The two apps that integrate with are Copper and Pipedrive. Both of these operate in a similar way: if something is updated in your CRM software, your integration will copy it to and synchronize any changes automatically.

Email Integrations

Email is one of the fastest ways to communicate within teams. Although a project management tool such as is a great way to keep your teams organized, an instant notification of a change in your work is a great way to ensure your team is up to date.

The two most popular email integration options for are Outlook and Gmail, although it also supports alternatives such as Mailchimp. This is a popular integration choice because people check their inbox more often than other platforms.

When new tasks are added, you can have emails sent to your teams, either on a regular schedule or when an item’s column is changed. On the other side, you can also send emails to a custom address and change items or columns on your board.

Team Management

Team management is a great way to make sure that your projects are on track and get finished in a timely manner. understands the complexities of managing teams and has created a host of app integrations that support your work.

One of the biggest names in team management is Microsoft Teams, which is an integration used to manage your project and receive notifications about its progress. Jira is another option for your project — see our guide on how to integrate Jira and — as well as communication tools, such as Slack.

These services give you the ability to notify everyone when something changes, as well as synchronize your tasks with any items in your ticket-tracking system. You can even set up a summary of your progress on a regular schedule.

Communication Integrations

Emails are great tools, but offers a whole host of other communication tools for your team. offers Slack, Zoom, Twilio and a few other options to manage your tasks on the go.

Slack is a popular integration choice. You can notify your teams of any updates, such as when tasks are created or changed. Slack notifications are a great way to manage your tasks on and improve your workflow.


Zapier is an automation tool that expands the apps you can integrate with and how you interact with them. doesn’t integrate natively with every app, but you can use Zapier to set up almost any tool to help with your project management and teams.

For example, you can use Google Drive with Zapier. This can be helpful because the file storage on is a bit limited and you can use up all your space quickly. If you’re interested in another file storage option for your teams, take a look at our best cloud storage roundup.

With thousands of other options, you can integrate with any app, such as Salesforce, QuickBooks, and even other project management tools, such as Wrike (see our overview of vs Wrike).

Final Thoughts

No matter why you’re using, your teams will benefit from using integrations to improve their workflow. Linking your project to your instant messaging service, your CRM platform or even other project management tools can ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

One of the benefits of a comprehensive system like is that its integrations allow you to oversee activity coming from multiple sources. This improves your flexibility and gives your colleagues the option to update your board in multiple ways.

Do you use integrations for your teams? Which one can’t you live without? Let us know in the comments, and thanks for reading.

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