1. IdentityForce Review

    A thorough service with a long tradition.

    IdentityForce is a powerful, old-school identity theft protection service that has been around for a long time and still stands the test of time. Though it's not entirely without flaws, there is a lot to like here, as you can read in our full IdentityForce review.

    By Jacob Roach10 Oct'192021-11-19 13:04:47

    www.identityforce.comVisit IdentityForce IdentityForce Review
    Starts from $ 17.95 per month (All Plans)

  1. Identity Guard Review

    An oldie but goodie.

    Despite a recent takeover, Identity Guard seems to have hung on to its former identity and is providing a powerful identity theft protection service. Check out our full Identity Guard review for all the details.

    By Jacob Roach10 Oct'192021-01-19 08:43:28

    www.identityguard.comVisit Identity GuardIdentity Guard Review
    Starts from $ 7.50 per month (All Plans)
  2. ADT Identity Theft Protection Review

    Affordable identity theft protection.

    Though you probably know ADT best from all the signs in people's yards, this long-standing security company also offers digital services. ADT Identity Theft Protection is the cheapest offering on the market right now, yet remains comprehensive, as you can read in this review.

    By Jacob Roach14 Oct'192021-01-19 09:02:59

    www.adt.comVisit ADT Identity Theft Protection ADT Identity Theft Protection Review
    $ 9.99 per month
  3. ID Watchdog Review

    Bit hard to use, but the price is right.

    Though not the easiest to use, ID Watchdog is a powerful, well-priced alternative to several leading identity theft protection providers. Read why we like it in this full ID Watchdog review.

    By Jacob Roach10 Oct'192021-01-19 09:05:48

    www.idwatchdog.comVisit ID WatchdogID Watchdog Review
    Starts from $ 14.95 per month (All Plans)

  1. EverSafe Review

    Easy to use, but may be a bit too niche.

    Though its more about monitoring service than protection, EverSafe may be the perfect fit for the specific groups it's aimed at: seniors and families. Check out our full EverSafe review to find out more about this interesting identity theft protection service.

    By Jacob Roach30 Oct'192021-11-19 12:17:49

    www.eversafe.comVisit EverSafe EverSafe Review
    Starts from $ 7.49 (All Plans)
  2. LifeLock Review

    A popular and easy-to-use service.

    LifeLock is probably the best known identity theft protection services, and for good reason. It does a great job of keeping your data safe in case your identity is stolen, though its pricing scheme may give you pause, as you can read in our full LifeLock review.

    By Jacob Roach10 Oct'192021-01-19 08:59:16

    www.lifelock.comVisit LifeLockLifeLock Review
    Starts from $ 9.99 per month (All Plans)
  3. myFICO Review

    Great for tracking credit, but not much else.

    myFICO sets itself apart with a unique spin on identity theft production, but leaves some critical features on the table in the process. That said, if you're looking to monitor your credit, it could be the right service for you.

    By Jacob Roach03 Nov'192021-01-19 09:06:53

    www.myfico.comVisit myFICO myFICO Review
    Starts from $ 19.95 per month (All Plans)