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Mindy Born


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Mindy is a writer for Her specialty is in VPNs and online privacy.

Background & Education

Mindy Born brings a unique blend of creative storytelling and technical understanding to her work at Cloudwards. With over nine years of experience in writing and editing across various genres, from graphic novels to tech and VPN writing, Mindy’s greatest strength lies in understanding complex subjects and translating them into easily digestible formats. Her foundation in visual storytelling, stemming from her background in the comics industry, makes her adept at creating content that resonates with both tech enthusiasts and the everyday reader. When she’s not writing about technology, Mindy channels her creativity into writing fiction, painting and illustrating.

Mindy pursued her passion for art history and philosophy at Massey University in Glenfield, New Zealand and furthered her academic journey at Charles University in Prague. To complement her writing prowess in the tech domain, she also holds a certificate in Python programming.

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