How to Watch The Sopranos Online in 2021: Fuhgeddaboutit

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The Sopranos was a long-running American crime drama that cast James Gandolfini Junior as Tony Soprano, head of a dysfunctional family and boss of a major crime syndicate in New Jersey. Tony Soprano has to consult a psychiatrist, Jennifer Melfi, to help figure out his problems. Luckily, all we have to figure out is how to stream The Sopranos.

The TV series with six seasons and 86 episodes was one of the earliest big HBO dramas that pushed the quality level of TV upward, and it helped shift TV from being film’s shoddy cousin to the never-ending stream of high-quality goodness we have today. For a similar TV series, check out our guide to watching The Wire.

Gandolfini sadly died in 2013, but you can still enjoy his work. We’re going to explore some of the ways to do that here.

How to Stream The Sopranos Online

Paid streaming websites are falling over themselves to compete for your subscription, battling to sew up a piece of the market for themselves. We wouldn’t dream of suggesting that they resemble the mob in any way, but it’s great for you as a customer. The downside is that shows — or even certain seasons — come and go on different services.


You can enjoy all of The Sopranos on Hulu via an HBO Max subscription, though that add-on per month is pricey. If you’re based outside the U.S., these episodes will be hard to access but not impossible. Take a look at our best VPN for Hulu guide for help. Using a virtual private network has many benefits, which you can read more about in our what is a VPN article.

The Sopranos is also available on Amazon Prime Video. Availability will vary by region, so if you can’t access it, try our best VPN for Amazon Prime Video guide or how to watch Amazon Prime Video article.


You can also stream The Sopranos directly from HBO Now. Again, if you can’t access that where you are, take a look at our best VPN for HBO Now guide.

We didn’t find The Sopranos on Netflix, but aside from that, you have plenty of options when it comes to paid streaming.

How to Watch The Sopranos for Free

Fans of The Sopranos are no strangers to walking on the wild side, but they’ll also know you don’t last long on the streets without taking precautions. No, you don’t need to pack a piece, but if you’re visiting the murkier corners of the internet, you’ll need to protect yourself.

If nasties show up, you’ll want to whack ‘em with the best antivirus software. One of the best VPNs will help you stay safe, too.

Free streaming websites, such as Couchtuner and PutLocker, often carry popular shows, so you might be able to find The Sopranos there. You can track down a lot of them if you hunt for them on Google, but be careful visiting places you don’t know. If you’re getting out of your depth, read our online security guide.


In addition to problems with malware, quality can vary a lot with those websites. We recommend using a paid streaming service, but free streaming can work well as a last resort.

How to Watch The Sopranos on Kodi

Kodi is software that lets you watch TV episodes and movies from many sources on almost any device. It has a TV-friendly interface that’s great for watching on the big screen. If you want to bring a few friends over and stick some popcorn in the microwave, it’s an excellent way to watch your favorite shows.

Kodi is easy to use, but it can be confusing when first setting it up. Fortunately, we’ve put together a Kodi guide to help you get started. Relax, our generosity doesn’t come with strings attached.

With Kodi, you usually customize it yourself. Read our best Kodi add-ons and best Kodi builds guides to discover what’s available.

As with free streaming websites, there are several questionable add-ons mixed with the legitimate ones, so it’s worth making sure you’re up to date on security and using a VPN. Our best VPN for Kodi article shows you what works best on the platform. If you don’t have time to read it, check out the winner in our ExpressVPN review.

The Sopranos Torrents

Like the mob, any torrent website owner will tell you they’re doing business legitimately. However, look closer and you might discover that not all the files they carry are legal. Read our is torrenting illegal guide to dive into what the rules are, and remember, they vary according to where you live.

You’ll certainly be able to find The Sopranos on those websites, and if you own the DVD set, you may be able to use the files as backups. As ever, you need to be wary on those websites, though, and installing one of the best pop-up blockers is advised. Ad pop-ups can include malware. For extra protection, access those websites using one of the best VPNs for torrenting.

It’s worth making sure you’re using a secure browser when visiting torrent websites, so read our Google Chrome review or Mozilla Firefox review to see if they shape up.

If you’re downloading a lot of files, you’ll need plenty of space, so take a look at our best storage cloud picks. The best cloud storage for video will give you all the space you need.

Final Thoughts

There are all sorts of ways to keep up with your favorite shows, and fans of The Sopranos have many options for getting their Ameritalian mobster fix. The easiest way is to sign up for one of the streaming services that carry the show, such as Amazon Prime Video or Hulu using an HBO Max subscription. If you can’t access the content in your location, use one of the best VPNs for streaming.

However you watch The Sopranos, it pays to be wise online, and you should be aware of the dangers of surfing in the wrong place. Our article on cybercrime details a few of them.

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We hope we’ve helped you find somewhere to enjoy The Sopranos online. If you know any good ways to view the series, or have tried to watch an episode via the methods above, please let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading.