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Fergus O'Sullivan

Fergus O'Sullivan

Writer, Former Chief Editor

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  • Knows very well about:project management, automation, BitTorrent, Internet privacy, virtual private network, cloud storage, cyberattack & cryptocurrency

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Fergus O’Sullivan is the former chief editor of Cloudwards. He currently writes about online security, cloud storage and project management tools.

Background & Education

Fergus O’Sullivan is the former chief editor of Cloudwards. After four years of helping build the site and team, Fergus wanted to refocus on writing reviews and conducting investigations. His expertise spans all content categories covered by Cloudwards — including online security, cloud storage and everything in between — but his focus is currently project management tools.

Fergus graduated from the University of Amsterdam with a bachelor’s in history in 2013. After leaving teaching, he began his career as an editor and writer for The China Post. 

As a writer and journalist, Fergus has written for several websites and publications, mostly in the tech and gaming niches. His interests include cybersecurity, censorship and researching VPN services inside and out to find out how private they are. 

Fergus is a seasoned professional with an abundance of experience behind him. These days, you can find him working as a freelance journalist, writing news features and contributing to a number of sites including How-To Geek and History Guild. At Cloudwards, his writing and research focus on project management software. 

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