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Why Is My Dropbox Not Syncing?: Causes & Solutions in 2022

Robin Barber
By Robin Barber (Associate Editor)
— Last Updated: 2022-02-22T16:04:40+00:00

Cloud storage can be an incredibly powerful tool for moving files around or keeping them safe. However, many users in the past have had problems with Dropbox not syncing between devices. In this article, we’ll be looking into ways you can fix your Dropbox sync issues.

If you need more information on the syncing features available, our Dropbox review details everything you can control. You can also go to to contact its support for assistance, should your problem remain unsolved.


General Fixes

If Dropbox is not correctly syncing, you can solve many issues with a few simple tricks, although that doesn’t stop more specific or complex problems from occurring. These are some common fixes for when syncing Dropbox doesn’t work.

If you are using a feature for the first time, make sure you set it up correctly. Dropbox has a full set of comprehensive guides and advice on incompatible software.

Other programs on your computer — mainly a firewall or antivirus — can block Dropbox. This may prevent certain features, so temporarily deactivating those other programs could solve the problem.

Limitations in space and file name options can also create sync issues. Check that your files are valid and that you have enough storage space on your hard drive and in your Dropbox account to transfer data.

Finally, you should restart Dropbox or your device. This allows the software to refresh itself and stops any background processes that are causing issues.

Dropbox Files Not Syncing on Android

Even among the best cloud storage providers for Android, there are limitations in the Dropbox mobile app. The best solution is to plug your Android device into a computer and manually move files over to bypass problems with file size or download speed.

You can also solve some problems by clearing the cache. This is done by selecting the menu button in the top left and choosing “settings.” You can then scroll down until you see “privacy” with the option underneath to clear the Dropbox cache.


Another cause of issues on Dropbox for Android is app compatibility. If an app doesn’t support Dropbox, it will not sync automatically. You will have to replace the file manually to access it elsewhere.

In order to conserve battery life, Dropbox will limit background activity when your device’s power is low. Syncing will stop when you’re below the set percentage until you charge your phone or allow Dropbox to run on lower battery life.


Camera Uploads Not Syncing

The Dropbox mobile app has easy-to-use tools for syncing your camera roll to your account. However, even if it’s able to sync other files, it may drop out and not sync your photos.

This problem is caused by how Dropbox handles duplicate photos. Even if you have deleted the picture from your account, it will remember that the picture was sent across and not send it again. In this case, you can only fix it by manually adding the pictures to your account. 

Dropbox Not Syncing on Windows

Dropbox automatically syncs files from your computer to your account, as you would expect from any cloud storage for Windows. If this sync isn’t working, and the general fixes haven’t solved the problem, there are three common ways to fix it.

Most problems will appear in “view sync issues,” which you can find in the account dropdown menu by right-clicking the Dropbox icon in the system tray. This will contain access issues and file name conflicts, but not everything.


One major cause of problems in Dropbox is if the UI isn’t working. You should check the task manager to ensure it isn’t frozen, then clear out the cache on your computer by going to the “.dropbox.cache” folder within your Dropbox folder and deleting the files it contains.

You may also find that your Dropbox files won’t be updated automatically. “Selective sync” will prevent certain file types or locations from being uploaded, so you should turn this feature off or change the folders it includes.

Dropbox Not Syncing on Mac

If you need cloud storage for Mac, Dropbox is a very stable option. However, there can still be problems with file locations and names. After running through the general fixes, there are two more things to check.

You should make sure the file you’re syncing is included in the “selective sync” option, or you can turn the feature off entirely and sync every folder on your computer.

If your problem still isn’t solved, look in the “view sync issues” tab in your account dropdown. This tab should include any conflicts that are preventing files from syncing.

Final Thoughts on Fixing Dropbox Sync Issues

You can typically solve sync issues with a few simple fixes, and there are a few tools available for troubleshooting on Android, Windows and macOS. If you’re still having problems, both Dropbox support and the forums are available to assist you.

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As one of the best cloud storage providers, Dropbox rarely runs into issues. However, when it does have problems, there are plenty of tools, advice and support articles to solve the issue — we have a guide on how to use Dropbox if you’re a newbie, and we also have a guide on how to sync folders outside the Dropbox folder.

Have you had problems with Dropbox syncing files? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks for reading.


  • Dropbox will sync files whenever you edit them. The only times this won’t occur is when you are offline or signed out, and then it will update everything that has changed since you were last connected to the internet.
  • How long Dropbox takes to sync depends on your internet connection and the file size. This means it can slow down if the files are large or if your connection is slow. To make the sync faster, ensure that other apps are not using your internet bandwidth or compress the data first.
  • Within the Dropbox UI, there is a menu icon in the top-left corner. Select this, then “file” and “preferences” to open a new window with a tab labeled “sync.” Here, you will find options to select which files will sync to your Dropbox account.
  • There are many reasons why Dropbox may not be working on your computer, but Dropbox support is available to all users, no matter if you’re paying.
  • If your folder isn’t syncing, ensure your computer or mobile device has an internet connection and that you aren’t signed in to more devices than your plan allows. Then you can do full troubleshooting or contact customer support to fix the issue.