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How to Block Ads on Netflix

How to Block Ads on Netflix in 2024

Netflix ads are annoying, but once you know how to block ads on Netflix using a VPN, you can enjoy streaming platforms ad-free, even on an ad-supported plan.

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Key Takeaways: How to Block Netflix Ads

  • If you have an ad-supported Netflix plan, you can block ads by using a VPN and connecting to a country that does not offer the ad-supported plan — you’ll be able to stream Netflix ad-free.
  • The three best VPNs for blocking ads on Netflix are ExpressVPN, NordVPN and Surfshark.
  • Ad blockers also work well from our testing. However, the next best option is to upgrade to a subscription without ads to opt out of Netflix advertising.

Netflix’s popularity stems from how users can enjoy shows without annoying ads popping up whenever they want to watch something. However, in 2022, it added an ad-supported subscription tier in some countries. The subscription costs less, but the lower price doesn’t help those who want to binge-watch shows uninterrupted — unless they learn how to block ads on Netflix.

Using a VPN, especially one of the best VPN services, is the best way to turn off ads. Simply connecting to a VPN server location in a country that does not offer the Netflix ad tier (like Portugal or Poland) will eliminate the ads from the movie or episodes you’re streaming. ExpressVPN is the best VPN option for streaming in countries around the world.

VPNs not only get rid of ads, but you can add extra security and privacy to your connection. Some VPNs, like NordVPN, also have ad blockers built into their feature sets. However, there are times when it makes more sense to use an ad blocking browser extension. Keep reading for our full guide.

Netflix Ads: The History of Basic and Standard With Ads

Around the second half of 2022, the Netflix app was losing subscribers due to content missteps, layoffs and the end of account sharing (we found a password sharing workaround though). Hoping to win them back, Netflix announced it would begin testing ads on a subscription plan with cheaper monthly fees.

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The ad-supported plans aren’t universal, though. Standard with ads subscriptions are available only to subscribers in the U.S., U.K., Spain, Mexico, Korea, Italy, Germany, France, Canada, Brazil, Australia and Japan. 

Netflix also used to offer a Basic ad-free plan that it phased out in mid-2023 in the U.S., U.K. and Canada, instead pushing for the Standard with ads option at a reduced price.

netflix us plans
The Standard with ads plan is affordable, but you won’t be able
to access the entire catalog of movies and TV shows. 

How Long Are the Ads on Netflix Standard With Ads?

According to Netflix’s support page, you can expect to see around four minutes of ads per hour on an ad-supported plan, though the title you’re watching will affect the final number. New movies won’t have mid-roll ads (videos that play halfway through the original content). Typically, ads run for 15-30 seconds.

When an ad break starts, you can see how many ads are left in the break, but you won’t be able to skip them. 

How to Block Netflix Ads With a VPN

Since the ad-supported plans are only available in specific countries, you can get a cheap ad-supported plan and watch it without ads by changing your IP address with a VPN. We’ll use ExpressVPN for our guide, but the general idea works for almost every VPN that’s good for streaming.

This guide assumes you already have a Basic with ads or Standard with ads Netflix subscription.

  1. Register for ExpressVPN

    Visit the ExpressVPN website and purchase a subscription. Register for an account and move to the download page.

    ExpressVPN pricing
  2. Download the PC Client

    Download ExpressVPN for your operating system and install it. When ready, log in with your new credentials.

    download expressvpn
  3. Connect to a Server

    Select a VPN location with no ads and confirm. Any location works except for 12: the U.S., U.K., Spain, Mexico, Korea, Italy, Germany, France, Canada, Brazil, Australia and Japan. Click the big power button, and you can now enjoy Netflix without ads.

    expressvpn poland connect

How to Block Netflix Ads With an Ad Blocker

Some shows and movies are only available in countries with Netflix ads due to licensing restrictions. You can use an ad blocking browser extension or client to bypass the ads in these regions. For mobile Netflix users, you’ll have to rely on mobile ad blockers instead. Our testing shows that AdGuard, a free extension, blocks Netflix ads easily.

  1. Search for AdGuard

    Go to the Chrome Web Store and search for AdGuard. Click “add to Chrome” to install the extension.

    adguard add
  2. Activate the Extension

    After installing the extension, you’ll be directed to a welcome page. Scroll down and configure the AdGuard browser extension.

    adguard settings
  3. Watch Netflix

    You can now watch Netflix ad-free and continue to configure the ad blocker if you want to make any changes.

    stream knives out glass onion on netflix

Other Effective Ways to Block Ads on Netflix

Besides using a VPN with an ad-blocker or a standalone ad blocker, the only way to get rid of ads is to upgrade to a plan that doesn’t have any. You’ll have to pay extra monthly, but these subscriptions guarantee an ad-free experience without downloading additional apps.

Best VPN to Block Netflix Ads

Not every VPN can block Netflix ads while maintaining your online privacy and preventing data collection. The best VPNs unblock streaming services like Netflix but also have the proper security measures and an extensive server network. 

The following VPNs can help you connect to server locations around the world to bypass Netflix ads, and some have built-in ad blockers. 

1. ExpressVPN

expressvpn poland interface
You can’t go wrong with ExpressVPN, thanks to its
powerful features and unblocking capabilities.


  • Multiple ad-free countries
  • Blocks ads, trackers and malware
  • Top-tier security features


  • Expensive plans

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for streaming, and it offers a long list of built-in features for all servers — including a built-in ad blocker. Plus, its large server network can grant access to locations without ads.

In addition, this VPN service unblocks almost every streaming service out there, including Hulu and BBC iPlayer, and it offers fast speeds for effortless streaming.

You can get ExpressVPN on every popular platform and device, with no slowdowns or noticeable stuttering when you watch the content. Our ExpressVPN review has more information, or sign up with ExpressVPN’s 30-day money-back guarantee.

2. NordVPN

nordvpn interface
NordVPN is perfect for Netflix, thanks to its incredible speeds.


  • Fast speeds
  • Affordable plan
  • Low latency


  • Ad blocker on mobile requires VPN connection

NordVPN is known for being affordable and fast (according to our speed tests, it’s the fastest VPN). Thanks to consistently quick download speeds, you can stream shows and movies without lags or buffering as long as your internet connection is fast enough.

The built-in “threat protection” feature helps it eliminate many ads, but the best way to stop ads on Netflix with this VPN is to connect to a country with no ads. You can stream content ad-free without worrying about interruptions. Check out our NordVPN review for more information, or try NordVPN with its 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • *The prices are charged in the first billing cycle only. Renewal prices vary.
  • Unlimited GB
  • 10
  • Yes

3. Surfshark

surfshark philippines connect
Surfshark may be third place on this list, but its security
and privacy solutions are nothing to scoff at. 


  • CleanWeb ad blocker
  • Affordable plans
  • Unlimited connections


  • CleanWeb only on browser extension

Every Surfshark user account supports unlimited simultaneous connections, allowing a whole family to watch Netflix ad-free. Surfshark also has an ad blocker feature called CleanWeb, but the 2.0 version of the browser extension is more powerful. With the newer version, you can select what ad types to block, while CleanWeb 1.0 doesn’t have customization options.

You can save money on extended Surfshark subscriptions due to its affordable prices. Although it’s not as fast as NordVPN, it’s still decently speedy; plus we’ve never found a reason to doubt its security and encryption. We recommend reading our Surfshark review or trying the VPN with its 30-day money-back guarantee.

Surfshark Starter
  • Unlimited GB bandwidth, Unlimited devices, Secure VPN, Ad blocker, Cookie pop-up blocker. Plans renew: $231.75 for one year, $417.15 for two years
  • Unlimited GB
  • Unlimited
  • Yes

Can I Use a Free VPN to Block Netflix Ads?

Yes, there are many quality free VPNs that we can recommend, though most of them are limited in some ways: either with how much data you can use or the country server locations available. Proton VPN is the best free VPN for Netflix, followed by Windscribe and TunnelBear.

The reason Proton VPN has an edge over the other free VPNs is that it offers unlimited data, while the others have data caps that might make it challenging to binge watch shows.

Final Thoughts: Binge Watching Without Ads

Netflix ads aren’t easy to block. Fortunately, you can disable them by connecting to a VPN server. It’s better if your VPN has an ad blocker, but that isn’t strictly necessary. We recommend using a VPN even if you don’t have ad-supported Netflix because trackers and other threats can compromise your security.

The best VPNs for the job are ExpressVPN, NordVPN and Surfshark. These services have their advantages, and we trust them to block ads and preserve your online privacy. If you prefer another way, consider using an ad blocking extension or upgrading to a better Netflix subscription.

If you’re looking for ways to block ads on other streaming services, fret not. We recently published guides on how to block ads on YouTube, block ads on Amazon Prime Video, block ads on Paramount Plus, block ads on Spotify and block ads on Peacock.

What do you think about Netflix ads? Did we miss anything that blocks them effectively? Let us know in the comments section below. Thanks for reading to the end. 

FAQ: Avoiding Netflix Ads With a VPN

  • You can connect to a VPN location without ads, use an ad blocker or upgrade your Netflix plan to one without ads.

  • Netflix will only stay ad-free if you pay for the more expensive plans without ads.

  • The price varies, but Netflix’s Standard with ads plan costs $6.99 a month in the U.S.

  • Even though Netflix Basic with ads (or Standard with ads in the U.S. and U.K.) is cheap, you get lower video quality, and some content isn’t accessible due to licensing issues.

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