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Best Document Management Software

10 Best Document Management Software in 2024: Organize Your Business

If your business has many documents in digital formats, then having document management software (DMS) will come in handy for managing, retrieving and organizing them. Keep reading, as this article will review the best document management software for different industries.

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Key Takeaways: The Best Document Management Software Services
  1. Egnyte — Best document management software overall
  2. Microsoft SharePoint — Best document management software for Microsoft users
  3. Clio — Best document management software for lawyers
  4. ONLYOFFICE DocSpace — Best budget document management software
  5. Alfresco Docs — Best document management software for large enterprises
  6. LedgerDocs — Best document management software for accountants
  7. Folderit — Best document management software for personal use
  8. FileCenter — Best HR document management software
  9. Fluix — Best document management software for small businesses
  10. DocuWare Cloud — Best document management software for workflow automation 

Facts & Expert Analysis From the Article

  • Best DMS Overall: Egnyte is the best document management system on our list.
  • DMS for the Windows Ecosystem: Microsoft SharePoint is the best document management software for Microsoft users. 
  • Key DMS Features: The best document management software should allow file storage, sharing, collaboration and version control.
The Best App For Document Management

We live in a digital world where sharing and hosting documents online has become the norm. However, managing these documents and keeping them organized takes a lot of work, especially when dealing with thousands of files. The best document management software (DMS) allows you to streamline document sorting. That way, you can spend more time on your core business. 

Document management software falls into different categories, such as document management systems, document imaging systems, quality management software and workflow management systems. Keep reading to learn about the best document management software to streamline business processes.

  • 03/11/2024 Facts checked

    Article rewritten with new providers, as well as up-to-date pricing and features.

Cloudwards Editor’s Choice: Egnyte

After we carefully evaluated its features, Egnyte stood out as our editor’s choice for the best document management software. Egnyte is not only a document management system but also an excellent collaboration tool with awesome third-party integration capabilities. You can even try Egnyte for free for 15 days before committing to a paid plan. 

Editor’s Choice

How to Choose the Best Software to Manage Documents 

There are lots of document management systems out there. You can go for simple or enterprise-level solutions, depending on your needs. These are some things to consider when selecting the best document management software.


The subscription fee for document management software will vary from provider to provider. These products are usually designed for business, and they can be free or have a one-time, monthly or annual fee. You can expect to pay from as little as $5 to hundreds of dollars every month for document management software, depending on the provider and features.

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Mobile Support

Some of the best document management software have downloadable Android and iOS apps that you can access while away from your computer. If mobile apps are missing, then the DMS should be optimized for mobile devices. Such a feature can be useful for people who don’t carry their work computers but want to use their mobile devices to access, manage and edit documents. 

Collaboration Features

The essence of document management software is to allow you to easily store, retrieve and access files. A document management system should let its users edit the documents simultaneously. Any changes should also be reflected instantly for all collaborators.

Additionally, the ideal document management software should have file versioning to track all the changes made to the document over time. Granular access control is also important to ensure that the right people have permission to access sensitive documents. 


A typical organization can have as many as three tools (or more) for different purposes. The ideal DMS should seamlessly integrate with the third-party tools you use in your organization. Consider the tools your organization uses before selecting a document management system. For instance, if you use Microsoft 365, a product like Microsoft SharePoint will be a good choice. 

Device Compatibility

The ideal document management system should be compatible with your existing systems. Performing an audit of your organization’s file systems and devices to see what the DMS supports should be your starting point.

Check browser compatibility, operating systems and API support against the DMS’s capabilities. For instance, you should confirm whether you can access the DMS using your organization’s mobile devices and operating systems. Another thing to check is your browser, as some might be outdated or incompatible with the target document management software. 

The 10 Best Document Management Software

Selecting the best document management software can be difficult as they come with varying features, technologies and pricing models. These are some of our top picks based on features, usability and pricing.

1. Egnyte — Best Document Management Software Overall 

Egnyte offers seamless document management and collaboration.


  • Plenty of native apps
  • Third-party integrations 
  • Great collaboration tool


  • Max 1TB storage space
  • A bit expensive

Egnyte is a good choice if you are looking for a platform that offers more than your regular document management system. This platform has a seamless UI that even non-tech-savvy individuals can use to manage documents. We have an in-depth Egnyte review if you want to learn more. 

Egnyte is designed to cater to various needs. You can subscribe to multi-cloud, cloud-only or hybrid plans, and it has desktop co-editing for Word, PowerPoint and Excel files. Using Egnyte’s dashboard, you can also create new documents, set editing permissions and share them. 

Egnyte supports many third-party integrations. For instance, you can connect it with Microsoft Office Online and Google Workspace from the app center. These integrations allow you to edit Microsoft and Google files, and save all the changes into your Egnyte account. You can also incorporate communication tools like Slack and project management tools like Trello. 

  • Top features: Cloud storage, versioning, secure collaboration, third-party integrations
  • Pricing: $20 per user per month (annual billing)
  • Storage capacity: 1TB
  • Collaboration features: Real-time editing and document creation
  • Devices: Available on Web desktop apps (Windows and Mac) and mobile apps
  • Integrations: Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Slack, Trello and more
  • Price per user; Secure collaboration; Privilege management; Ransomware protection
  • 1TB
Enterprise Lite
  • Everything in Business; 3rd-party source support; Content lifecycle management; Threat detection
  • 1TB
  • Everything in Enterprise Lite; Privacy & compliance; Advanced ransomware protection & recovery; Content safeguards
  • 1TB

2. Microsoft SharePoint — Best Document Management Software for Microsoft Users 

Microsoft SharePoint
You can integrate with Microsoft products and other apps seamlessly using SharePoint.


  • Integrates with Microsoft 365
  • Has a well-designed UI
  • Collaboration & custom tools


  • Steep learning curve for beginners
  • Can be expensive

Microsoft SharePoint is a document management software for sharing and managing content, applications and knowledge. This full-featured solution allows users to create document libraries, manage them and collaborate within an organizational setup. 

You can create a Microsoft SharePoint team site to collaborate with different users and teams. The platform lets you use Microsoft tools, like Excel and Word, inside your site and invite others to edit, view and comment on these files. There’s also a “notebook” feature for jotting down important tasks as you collaborate. 

SharePoint is a cloud-based platform, and all your documents will be available on OneDrive. You can grant multiple users access to files with varying permissions. For better insights, check out our in-depth SharePoint review and our OneDrive review

  • Top features: Cloud storage, versioning, collaboration, secure file sharing
  • Pricing: Starts from $5 per user per month (annual billing)
  • Storage capacity: 1TB of space per user on the cheapest plan
  • Collaboration features: Editing, authoring and file sharing in real time
  • Devices: Available on PC and mobile devices
  • Integrations: Microsoft 365 apps and third-party apps
SharePoint (Plan 1)$5 per user per month billed annually1TB per user1. Price per user
2. Secure sharing
3. File co-authoring
4. File versioning
5. Access control
Microsoft 365 Business Standard$12.50 per user per month billed annually1TB per user1. Mobile, web & desktop apps*
2. Business-class email
3. Host webinars
*Outlook, Word, PowerPoint and Excel, also includes everything in SharePoint (Plan 1)

3. Clio — Best Document Management Software for Lawyers

Manage your legal documents swiftly using Clio.


  • Industry-compliant online payments
  • Encrypted backups
  • Unlimited storage


  • Most features locked to expensive plans
  • No free plan

Clio is a legal document management software. This DMS has different solutions for civil litigation, administrative law, elder law, criminal law, estate planning law and so much more. The platform has client intake software that can easily onboard new clients. 

Additionally, Clio offers various time tracking and billing solutions. For instance, you can track the time you spend with your client and the expenses you incur. You can even track the time you use to send and reply to emails. In addition, it has built-in online and in-person payment solutions to help you get paid. 

However, Clio might not offer the best collaboration for legal documents. This service can also be expensive for large firms that need advanced features — check out our guide on cloud storage for lawyers for possible alternatives with document management capabilities. Although it doesn’t have a free plan, you can try Clio with the seven-day free trial.

  • Top features:  Document backups, e-signature, document templates, sorting and filtering
  • Pricing: Starts from $39 per user per month, with monthly and yearly subscriptions
  • Storage capacity: Unlimited 
  • Collaboration features: File sharing with drag-and-drop feature
  • Devices: Available on desktop, web and mobile apps
  • Integrations: Over 250 integrations with Google Drive, Dropbox, Zoom and more
EasyStart$39 per user per month billed annuallyUnlimited1. Price per user
2. Online payments
3. Time tracking
4. E-signatures
Essentials$69 per user per month billed annuallyUnlimited1. Document templates
2. Text messaging
3. Court calendar rules
4. Virtual desktop drive
Advanced$99 per user per month billed annuallyUnlimited1. Unlimited e-signatures
2. Live onboarding training
3. Priority live chat
4. Email & phone support
Complete$129 per user per month billed annuallyUnlimited1. Website builder
2. Lead & revenue reporting
3. Automated client emails
4. Intake workflows
All plans come with previous plan’s features.

4. ONLYOFFICE DocSpace — Best Budget Document Management Software

ONLYOFFICE DocSpace lets you securely edit and collaborate on your files.


  • Real-time collaboration
  • Relatively cheap
  • Has a free plan


  • Limited features & space on free & cheap plans
  • Doesn’t support many integrations

ONLYOFFICE DocSpace is a secure software for editing documents and collaborating. This platform offers on-premises and cloud-based solutions — you can install it on your servers or use it on the cloud. It has a free plan with limited features, or you can choose from paid options like the Business plan (hosted on the cloud) or the Enterprise plan (hosted on-premises). 

DocSpace can get quite expensive if you don’t opt for the self-hosting option but still want a higher-quality plan. This service might not be the best solution if you want to integrate with many third-party applications. However, it is a good choice if you can self-host and are looking for basic DMS features. 

  • Top features: On-premises and cloud hosting, collaboration, document editing, flexible permissions 
  • Pricing: Choose from free, flat-rate or free self-hosted plans, with monthly and yearly subscriptions
  • Storage capacity: 2GB per space on the free plan, 100GB per admin on the Business plan and unlimited space on the Enterprise plan
  • Collaboration features: Real-time collaboration and auto-sync
  • Devices: Accessible through desktop and mobile apps
  • Integrations: DocuSign, Google Drive, Dropbox and more
Startup CloudFree2GB1. Three admins
2. Document storage
3. Document sharing
Business Cloud$15 per admin per month100GB per admin1. Custom domain name
2. Unlimited admins
3. Many integrations
Enterprise$6,550 per server per lifetimeUnlimited1. On-premises storage
2. Unlimited admins

3. Unlimited rooms
4. Many integrations

5. Alfresco — Best Document Management Software for Large Enterprises

You can manage your enterprise documents and files using the Alfresco DMS.


  • Focuses on security 
  • A lot of business tools
  • Various collaboration tools 


  • Plans & pricing information is missing

Alfresco is a cloud native computer option offering document management and collaboration services. The platform has an intelligent analytics feature that extracts necessary metadata for reporting. Alfresco is built on open standards and APIs, and it easily integrates with Google Docs and Microsoft 365. 

You can automate the information lifecycle in your organization through the Alfresco Governance Services. Alfresco customizes plans based on an individual’s needs, and you can contact support to learn about pricing. 

  • Top features: Document workflow features, cloud-based, intelligent analytics
  • Pricing: Custom
  • Storage capacity: Based on the plan you choose
  • Collaboration features: Real-time collaboration and editing
  • Devices: Accessible through personal computers and mobile devices
  • Integrations: Microsoft 365, Google Drive and more 

6. LedgerDocs — Best Document Management Software for Accountants

With LedgerDocs, you can easily manage all your accounting files.


  • Intergrated finance & cloud tools
  • Automatic bank statement fetching
  • Simplifies taxation


  • No free plan

LedgerDocs is a data management solution for accountants and bookkeepers. This cloud-based software provides document storage, collaboration, security and automation in one platform. LedgerDocs allows you to create private documents and share with team members, where you can assign different permission levels, add tags and notifications, and edit docs in real time.

This DMS easily integrates with financial applications like QuickBooks Online, Xero and ScanSnap. You can use the “bank statement fetching” feature to automatically capture credit cards and bank statements. The “TaxDocs” feature collects and organizes client documents for filing. 

  • Top features: Document management, cloud-based, collaboration, automation
  • Pricing: Starts from $14 per company per month with a single pricing plan based on the number of companies you manage
  • Storage capacity: 10GB of storage for each company (up to 10 companies)
  • Collaboration features: Document sharing, commenting and tagging
  • Devices: Available on PC and mobile apps (iOS and Android)
  • Integrations: QuickBooks Online, Xero, ScanSnap and more

7. Folderit — Best Document Management Software for Personal Use

Folderit focuses on simplicity and organization of your personal documents.


  • Phone as a scanner tool
  • Security & accountability audit trail
  • Microsoft 365 & DocuSign integrations


  • No free plan
  • Has limited features 

Folderit is a document management system suitable for personal and home use. This software integrates with Microsoft 365 apps. For instance, you can use an Excel sheet to track expenses and chores at a household or personal level. The platform also allows you to automate document numbering based on schemes that you set. 

The multilingual OCR mobile scanner on Folderit makes scanning and digitizing documents easy. The scanner also categorizes the scanned document for easy referencing and filtering. You can even create custom metadata to define relationships between different files and documents. 

  • Top features: Collaboration, OCR mobile scanner, audit trail, integration
  • Pricing: Monthly billing starting from $27 per month
  • Storage capacity: 150GB on the Mini plan, 500GB on the Medium plan
  • Collaboration features: Real-time editing and sharing
  • Devices: Available on PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone
  • Integrations: Microsoft 365 Office and DocuSign
Mini$27 per month plus taxes150GB1. Price per user
2. Up to 5 users
3. Multiple file versions
4. Collaborators & groups sharing
Medium$82 per month plus taxes500GB1. API
2. Up to 10 users
3. Document numbering
4. Retention automation
TailorCustom starting from $82 per month plus taxesCustom from 500GB1. Granular access management
2. MS Entra ID
3. Priority support
All plans comes with Previous plan’s features

8. FileCenter — Best HR Document Management Software

Edit and manage all your PDF files on FileCenter DMS.


  • One-click scanning & OCR
  • Comes with a PDF editor
  • Integrates third-party apps


  • Limited to Windows devices
  • No free plan

FileCenter is a file management software that offers a central hub for office paperwork. This platform does not offer monthly subscriptions as it takes a one-time fee starting from $97 per user. The software allows you to “overlay” regular Windows directories using e-file cabinets and view existing files without importing them. 

Additionally, FileCenter has optional integration with cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive. You can also link this platform with Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as manage different files. This DMS allows you to convert different file formats to PDF formats. 

  • Top features: Collaboration, one-click scanning and OCR, third-party integrations, PDF editor
  • Pricing: One-time payment starting from $97
  • Storage capacity: Unlimited
  • Collaboration features: PDF editing and smart “e-filing” system
  • Devices: Available on Windows
  • Integrations: Microsoft Office, DropBox, OneDrive and Google Drive
FileCenter DMS Std$97 one-time feeUnlimited1. Filing system
2. One-click scanning
3. PDF editor
FileCenter DMS Pro$197 one-time feeUnlimited1. PDF editing
2. Network administration
3. Document
4. Document routing
FileCenter DMS Pro Plus$297 one-time feeUnlimited1. barcode support
2. Auto document naming
3. Auto image scan cleanup
All plans comes with Previous plan’s features

9. Fluix — Best Document Management Software for Small Businesses

You can manage your small business files using the Fluix document management service.


  • Various productivity tools
  • Permission for sensitive data
  • Easy to set up & use


  • Limited collaboration tools
  • Focused mostly on Apple devices

Fluix is a document management solution that helps users digitize paper documents. This file management software has advanced reporting features that allow you to capture and analyze data from your files for better decision-making.

With Fluix, you can set up permission levels for people within and outside your organization to securely share documents. You can also set up notifications to alert relevant members through communication tools when a document is edited or changed. 

  • Top features: Cloud storage, integrations, centralized access, file control
  • Pricing: Monthly billing starting from $30 per user per month
  • Storage capacity: 5GB on the starter plan
  • Collaboration features: Limited collaboration features
  • Devices: Available on PC, Android and iOS
  • Integrations: Zapier,, Dropbox and more
Fluix Core$30 per user per monthUnlimited1. Price per user
2. Online & offline support
3. 10 users minimum
*Other features are available as add-ons to the Fluix Core plan at an extra cost.

10. DocuWare Cloud — Best Document Management Software for Workflow Automation

DocuWare Cloud
Automate your business processes using the DocuWare Cloud service.


  • Allows live editing
  • Data centers across the world
  • Intelligent Indexing for easy referencing, searching & filtering


  • No free plan
  • No public pricing

DocuWare Cloud is a cloud-based workflow automation and document management system. It ranks among the best HR document management software, as you can use it to onboard new employees, manage contracts and share files. The platform has many customizable templates that you can use for varying business needs. 

DocuWare Cloud has data centers in the U.S., the EU, Japan and Australia to ensure maximum efficiency and low latency. All communication between users and cloud servers happens over HTTPS, and this platform employs Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). 

DocuWare might be confusing for first-time users as it is feature heavy. Also, the platform’s pricing information isn’t made public. However, DocuWare has some of the best features for enterprises to look for in a document management service. 

  • Top features: Cloud-based, workflow automation, high security, collaboration
  • Pricing: Custom
  • Storage capacity: Choose from four plans starting with DocuWare Cloud 4, which offers 20GB of storage (up to four users)
  • Collaboration features: Live editing, electronic signatures and authentication
  • Devices: Accessible through the web interface, iOS and Android
  • Integrations: Oracle, Microsoft Dynamic, Sage, Microsoft SharePoint, SAP, QuickBooks and more

What Is the Best Free Document Management Software? 

Some of the above services have free options, but some features might be locked behind a paywall. It’s worth mentioning one more service: OpenDocMan, an open-source document management system.  

You can enjoy free document management on the OpenDocMan DMS.

This software has a minimalist UI, but it allows users to incorporate their existing rules while managing documents. OpenDocMan lets you categorize documents using custom metadata-like tags for easy searching and filtering. 

OpenDocMan has a useful automation feature, and users can get email notifications whenever a document is created, viewed or edited. You can also set file expiry dates. 

File versioning is another important feature where users can access all revisions made to a particular file. Be sure to check out our article on the best free document management software for more alternatives. 

Final Thoughts 

We hope you can now select the best document management systems based on your needs. You can have cloud storage solutions, on-premises installations or hybrid solutions as DMS software. Egnyte is our best recommendation overall, while Alfresco is a good choice if you are looking for an enterprise solution. 

Which document management system suits your needs? What industry are you in? Which DMS do you think we should have included in our review? Let us know in the comments section. Thanks for reading. 

FAQ: Document Control Software 

  • The best software for document management depends on your needs. However, we found Egnyte to be the best in our review.

  • Yes. It is called Microsoft SharePoint.

  • Folderit has useful features like file sharing, collaboration, audit trail, document scanners and third-party integrations that make it ideal for home use.

  • There are many different document management software for law firms. However, we have included Clio as the best in our round-up.

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