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Where to Watch The Godfather_ Streaming the Trilogy

How & Where to Watch The Godfather: Streaming the Movies in 2024

When we think about classic crime dramas, 'The Godfather' is the first to spring to mind. If you're frustrated because you can't find it online, we'll share 'The Godfather' streaming platforms and how to watch the movie from anywhere with a VPN.

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Key Takeaways: Where Is The Godfather Streaming?

  • ‘The Godfather,’ starring Marlon Brando and Al Pacino, is the story of a mafia family in a period of transition and peril. It’s on Amazon Prime Video in India and Spain. 
  • If you don’t live in India, you can connect to a virtual Indian server on a VPN to access Amazon Prime Video India and stream ‘The Godfather.’ Alternatively, try connecting to a Spanish server. 
  • ExpressVPN and Surfshark, both of which have virtual Indian and Spanish servers, are the best VPNs for streaming ‘The Godfather.’ NordVPN is another strong performer, but it doesn’t have Indian servers. 

Not available in your country?

Watch The Godfather now on Netflix

Status checked 2024/06/11:

‘The Godfather’ (1972) is one of the most legendary movies in the history of cinema, so it’s no wonder many are curious about how and where to stream it. In this guide, we’ll give you the lowdown on ‘The Godfather’ streaming platforms and how to access them with a VPN. 

The classic crime epic is distributed across various streaming services, but accessing your go-to streaming platforms when traveling can be tricky due to geoblocking. In addition, some streaming services have different libraries depending on the country, so availability can vary greatly. 

This is where a quality VPN — security and privacy software that changes your IP address — like ExpressVPN comes in. Read on to find out not only where ‘The Godfather’ and its sequels are available to stream, but also how to subscribe to and use a VPN to stream it from anywhere. 

  • 01/09/2024 Facts checked

    We have rewritten this guide to include current information about where to stream ‘The Godfather’ and its two sequels. 

How to Watch The Godfather

As mentioned in the intro, the streaming platform you’ll use to watch ‘The Godfather’ depends on what’s available in the country you’re in. If you’re traveling or outside of a country where it’s available, there’s a simple workaround: Connect to a VPN server in the country where the movie is available. 

For some streaming services, this only works if you can sign up with a payment method linked to a country where the service is available. Fortunately, in this case, you can subscribe to Amazon Prime Video (which has a free trial) and connect to a VPN server in one of two countries to access a library where ‘The Godfather’ is available to stream. 

Further down, you’ll find a tutorial on using a VPN, but meanwhile, let’s take a closer look at which countries are streaming ‘The Godfather’ and its sequels.  

Which Streaming Services Have The Godfather?

‘The Godfather’ trilogy is pretty widespread, so we’ve put together this table to keep the information as concise as possible. If you don’t see your country listed, you can check JustWatch, a website that lets you search where movies are available by country. 

In addition to subscribing to streaming platforms, you can also buy or rent the movies on Amazon Prime Video in several countries, including the U.S.

Film:Streaming AppsNotes
‘The Godfather’ (1972)Amazon Prime Video (India, Spain)
Paramount Plus (U.K., Canada, Australia & more)
Binge (Australia)
Foxtel Now (Australia)
Stan (Australia)
Showtime (U.S.)
The movie is on Paramount Plus in various locations around the world. You can also access Paramount Plus via other streaming platforms, including Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video in some countries.
‘The Godfather Part II’ (1974)Amazon Prime Video (India, Spain)
Paramount Plus (U.K., Canada, Australia & more)
Binge (Australia)
Foxtel Now (Australia)
Stan (Australia)
Showtime (U.S.)
‘The Godfather Part III’ (1990)Paramount Plus (U.K.)
Stan (Australia)
Showtime (U.S.)

Is The Godfather on Netflix?

No, we didn’t find any of ‘The Godfather’ movies in any Netflix libraries. That said, Netflix content changes often due to copyright agreements. Shows and movies are removed and added frequently, and some reappear out of the blue. For this reason, there’s always a possibility that your favorite movies and shows could come back. 

Netflix content — like Amazon Prime Video content — differs by country, and you can change your Netflix library to one in another country with a VPN. For example, if you’re in Canada but want to check out the American Netflix library, connect to a server in the U.S. 

How to Watch The Godfather Free Online With a VPN

Since ‘The Godfather’ and ‘The Godfather Part II’ are on Amazon Prime Video in India and Spain, you can connect to a virtual Indian server to stream them. In this tutorial, we’ll connect to a virtual Indian server as an example.

When we tested the Spanish servers, we had trouble accessing Amazon Prime Video Spain, but you may not have the same experience. Since streaming services are always working to block VPNs and VPNs are always trying to work around those blocks, there may be days when certain locations won’t work.

As mentioned above, the Amazon Prime Video and Netflix libraries are subject to change. Though ‘The Godfather’ isn’t on Netflix right now, it could be in the future. You can use the same method to change your Netflix library or access your favorite geoblocked streaming services (like Showtime) while traveling.

  1. Sign Up for an Amazon Prime Free Trial

    If you’re a new subscriber, you can get a 30-day free trial with Amazon Prime Video. Sign up on the Amazon Prime Video website.

    primevideo freetrial
  2. Subscribe to a VPN

    We recommend subscribing to our top VPN pick, ExpressVPN, but check below for alternatives. Sign up for your preferred VPN service on the provider’s website.

    get expressvpn
  3. Download the VPN

    If you’re on a web browser, use the “download” tab on the website to start the download and installation process. If you’re on a mobile device, download the app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

    download expressvpn
  4. Connect to an Indian Server

    Connect to a virtual Indian server on your VPN’s app. We had success connecting to India via Singapore on ExpressVPN.

    expressvpn indian server
  5. Log In to Amazon Prime Video

    Visit Amazon India while connected to a VPN and log in to your account. Search Prime for ‘The Godfather’ and click play. If you experience any problems, try connecting to another server in India or Spain, where ‘The Godfather’ is also available on Prime (ExpressVPN has servers in both countries).

    apv thegodfather

The Best VPNs to Stream The Godfather

The VPN you choose to stream ‘The Godfather’ should be secure, fast and have a proven track record working with streaming services. We’ve been using the following providers for years and consider them to be among the very best for streaming.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN connected india
ExpressVPN is a solid VPN provider offering virtual
Indian servers via two locations.


  • Virtual India & Spain servers
  • Unblocks streaming services
  • Excellent security features


  • Pricey

In 2022, several VPN providers, including ExpressVPN, pulled their Indian servers due to the country’s new data-logging rules. ExpressVPN allows its users to obtain an Indian IP address via its secure virtual servers, which are based in the U.K. and Singapore. This, coupled with its ironclad security and streaming consistency, makes it the ideal VPN for streaming Amazon Prime Video India.

On the downside, ExpressVPN is undoubtedly one of the most expensive VPN providers. That said, we think it’s well worth the investment if you’re a regular streamer. You can try ExpressVPN risk-free with its 30-day money-back guarantee. Click over to our ExpressVPN review to dive into the nitty-gritty details.

2. NordVPN

NordVPN app spain
NordVPN is a good choice for connecting to Amazon Prime Video Spain. 


  • Spanish servers
  • Excellent speeds
  • Cheap long-term plans


  • No Indian servers

We often tout NordVPN as a great alternative to ExpressVPN thanks to its lightning-fast speeds, long-term affordability and diverse server selection, and this occasion is no exception. You can save the most money by subscribing to a two-year plan, but the wide variety of plans ensures that you can opt for only what you need. You can also request a refund within 30 days if you’re not satisfied.

However, the service does not offer Indian servers. It does have Spanish servers, though, so you can certainly give it a go with Amazon Prime Video Spain. If you need more information, hop over to our NordVPN review.

3. Surfshark

surfshark indian locations
Surfshark is a fast and inexpensive service with Indian servers.


  • Virtual India & Spain servers
  • Great upload & downloads
  • Inexpensive long-term plans 


  • Poor near-distance latency 

Though Surfshark’s monthly plan — like most other VPN providers — is expensive, its 24-month plans come at bargain prices (and with a 30-day money-back guarantee). Surfshark is another provider that opted to continue offering Indian IP addresses via virtual servers, so it’s a solid alternative to ExpressVPN if you’re on a tighter budget.

As for the cons, though Surfshark’s download and upload speeds are excellent, its latency on near-distance servers leaves much to be desired. Our Surfshark review discusses this in more detail. 

Surfshark Starter
  • Unlimited GB bandwidth, Unlimited devices, Secure VPN, Ad blocker, Cookie pop-up blocker. Plans renew: $231.75 for one year, $417.15 for two years
  • Unlimited GB
  • Unlimited
  • Yes
Surfshark One
  • Everything in Starter, plus Antivirus protection, Identity protection, Email Breach and Credit Card Alerts, Online Alias Plans renew: $239.25 for one year, $430.65 for two years.
  • Unlimited GB
  • Unlimited
Surfshark One+
  • Everything in One, plus Data removal Plans renew: $269.25 for one year, $404.65 for two years
  • Unlimited GB
  • Unlimited

The Godfather Cast, Characters & Plot (No Spoilers)

‘The Godfather,’ directed by Francis Ford Coppola, is the tale of a former marine, Michael Corleone, who reluctantly inherits his mafia boss father’s role amid a brewing storm with other mafia empires. The movie garnered a multitude of awards, including three Oscars. The main cast and characters are listed in the table below.

‘Vito Corleone’Marlon Brando
‘Michael Corleone’Al Pacino
‘Sonny Corleone’James Caan
‘Peter Clemenza’Richard Castellano
‘Tom Hagen’Robert Duvall

Final Thoughts

With a VPN, traveling doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your favorite movies. Just be sure to subscribe to a reputable VPN like the ones we’ve recommended, as some aren’t as secure and private as they claim to be. 

Which platform is ‘The Godfather’ streaming on in your country? Has a VPN helped you to watch it on a platform that’s unavailable in your country? Please share your experience in the comments. Thanks for reading. 

FAQ: Stream ‘The Godfather’ Online

  • Yes, it’s on Amazon Prime Video (India and Spain), Paramount Plus (various locations) and Binge, Foxtel Now and Stan in Australia. It also became available on Showtime in the U.S. on Jan. 1, 2024.

  • No, at the time of writing ‘The Godfather’ is not available on Netflix or Hulu, but this may change in the future since streaming service copyright agreements change regularly.

  • ‘The Godfather’ is two hours and 55 minutes long.

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