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Tutanota Review

Tutanota claims to be the answer to stopping spammers, phishing emails and outsiders from reading your emails. It offers end-to-end encryption and includes a number of other security features. This Tutanota review will help you determine whether it really is a secure alternative.

Kanza Javed
By Kanza Javed (Writer)
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Tutanota was founded in 2011 in Hanover, Germany, and has since provided a privacy-focused and secure email service to millions of users. It offers end-to-end encryption for all its products, including email, calendars and contacts. Our Tutanota review will go over the email service’s security, privacy and pricing aspects to show why it’s one of the most secure email services

Key Takeaways: Tutanota Secure Email Service

  • Tutanota email service offers end-to-end encryption and excellent privacy for all users, making it a great Proton Mail alternative.
  • It offers features like encrypted email, calendars, contacts, contact forms and full-text search.
  • Tutanota offers a free plan with 1GB of storage and other affordable plans for private and business users.

If you’re looking for a quick summary, Tutanota is one of the top two secure email services, but it comes just short of beating Proton Mail as the best encrypted email service. It makes a great Proton Mail alternative, but as you can see in our Tutanota vs Proton Mail matchup, it falls short in pricing and ease of use.

Tutanota offers its encrypted mailbox for free with 1GB storage. The application has many features, but you need to purchase most of them as add-ons, making the service slightly more expensive. However, the free version is still a great option if you can live with a few limitations. 

  • 01/14/2023 Facts checked

    Rewrote this review after completing a fresh evaluation of the service.

  • Tutanota is a secure email provider; it uses end-to-end encryption and has a no-logs policy.

  • You can trust Tutanota with your data because it doesn’t track or save your personal information.

  • Tutanota is a more secure email service than Gmail.

  • Although Tutanota servers have never been hacked, they have previously experienced extended DDoS attacks.

  • Tutanota doesn’t support IMAP since that would give the provider access to your unencrypted data.

Tutanota Alternatives

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • End-to-end encryption
  • No-logs policy
  • Zero-knowledge contacts & calendar 
  • Encrypted subject line
  • No personal information required for registration
  • Offline mode


  • 48-hour verification process
  • Expensive add-on features


90 % – Excellent

Although most of the features offered are not unique to Tutanota, it has a few features that make it stand out from competing email services. Let’s discuss some of the service’s best and most notable features.

Tutanota mailbox features
Tutanota uses only renewable energy to power all of its servers, which are located around Germany.

Secure Connect

Most business websites have contact forms for customers to submit messages, but not all of them are secure enough to maintain the secrecy of your messages. The “secure connect” feature offers a contact form with end-to-end encryption to ensure that only you and the customer can decrypt the emails.

Tutanota secure connect page
You can create your website’s contact form in a variety of languages to welcome visitors from different countries.

An encrypted contact form provides an anonymous email to the sender along with a password, so they can re-access it for back-and-forth communication. Tutanota has made the feature free for news sites because of how valuable the security and anonymity are to journalists and whistleblowers, though other users have to pay for it.

Encrypted Calendar and Contacts

If someone has access to your calendar or address book, they can easily find out about your upcoming meetings and even get their hands on people’s contact information. Tutanota encrypts all your contacts and calendar events — even the reminders for your calendar meetings are encrypted.

Tutanota calendar
Tutanota’s sharing feature lets users share encrypted calendars and email templates with other paid accounts. 

The calendar is encrypted using a zero-knowledge model, so not even Tutanota itself can decrypt the data in your calendar and address book. 

Custom Domains and Themes

Tutanota allows you to use your company’s custom domain in place of, helping you to maintain your brand identity while using their service. You only need to buy custom email domains from any domain provider and add them to Tutanota to use multiple custom domains on your primary email account.

Tutanota custom domain blog post
Tutanota allows you to set custom text in email notifications for external recipients.

Additionally, advanced Tutanota features enable you to customize your email experience to match the needs of your business with your business’s meta tags, colors and logo. Your employees can also access the customized email through the company website. 

Email Aliases

Email aliases are alternative email addresses that you can use on Tutanota in addition to your primary email address for sending and receiving emails. Suppose you want to sign up for a newsletter or access a website that requires registration. In this case, you can use an email alias to hide your digital footprint and personal information from prying eyes. 

Tutanota email settings
Premium subscribers can have up to five email aliases.

The emails sent to your email aliases are automatically forwarded to your primary Tutanota mailbox. When combined with inbox rules, email aliases are a helpful tool for organizing your emails. For example, you can set one alias to receive newsletters and another to receive personal emails.

Spam Filter

The spam filter automatically transfers any spam emails to the spam folder after checking them against the DNS spam lists. However, because the spam filter is still in the test phase, phishing emails often slip through the cracks.

Tutanota spam email folder
You can add specific email addresses to the allowlist of spam rules to prevent Tutanota from mistaking your genuine emails for spam.

Tutanota is one of the few secure email providers that offer full-text email search. Apart from searching using the sender’s email address or a search query in the subject line, you can also search for a keyword or query in the bodies of emails in your storage. Even better, you can easily search each folder separately to save time.

Tutanota email search
Tutanota cannot determine your location during the full-text search because the search index is encrypted and stored locally on the client.

Offline Mode

Tutanota offers an offline mode. You can still access your already opened emails, all contacts and calendars without an internet connection, saving you from downloading your emails to your devices and using up storage space.

Tutanota offline mode blog post
Only premium accounts have the option to log in to their Tutanota mailboxes even when there is no internet connection.

Unlike local storage, which lacks encryption, your data is protected in Tutanota’s offline mode. However, you cannot access incoming emails or emails older than 31 days in the offline mode.

Tutanota Features Overview

EncryptionRSA, AES, TLS, Perfect Forward Secrecy, DNSSEC, DKIM, MTA-STS, DMARC
End-to-End Encryption
Zero Knowledge
Custom Domain Support
Supported PlatformsAndroid, iOS, Web
Open Source
Free Plan
Email SupportPaid users only
Live Chat Support
Phone Support


70 % – Decent

With Tutanota, you can choose between free or paid subscriptions. It offers reasonably priced plans, but customizing your plan will increase the cost. There are six different plans, including a free account and five paid account options. Three are for private use and the other three for business use. As a Tutanota premium user, you have the option to pay for the plans monthly and yearly.

Tutanota privacy page
You have three options for paying for your Tutanota subscription: bank transfer, PayPal and credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express). 

Free Account Details

The service’s free plan, which provides 1GB of free storage, is its most appealing feature. Even though it might seem small, encrypted emails compress to take up less space, allowing you to store more encrypted emails with just 1GB of storage. However, the free plan does have some limitations.

As no custom domains are available with the free plan, you can only use one email address, which must use the domain. A single calendar is all you get, and a full-text search is not available for emails older than 40 days.

Private Plans

Tutanota offers two other personal plans in addition to the free one. The Premium plan, which comes with 1GB of storage, costs $1 per month annually and supports one custom domain and up to five additional email addresses. You can use as many calendars as you want, but you can’t share an entire calendar. Users can be added and managed for $1 each per month.

Tutanota private plans pricing
Note that Tutanota bills in euros.

The Teams plan, which costs $4 per month annually, is a good option for smaller operations. It can be used as a family plan as well, though you will have to pay $2 per month for each additional user. 

This plan comes with 10GB of storage, up to five additional email accounts and one custom domain. It offers the same features as the Premium plan, but allows sharing of entire calendars.

Business Plans

The monthly fee for the business plans, which are all GDPR compliant, starts at $2 per user per month when paid annually. The Teams and Pro plans each provide 10GB of storage, compared to the Premium plan’s 1GB.

Tutanota business plans pricing
Tutanota does not accept cryptocurrency payments, but you can buy gift cards and apply them to your account balance.

The features of the Teams and Pro plans are the same. However, the Pro plan includes 20 more email addresses, customization features and custom domain login. These additional features on the Business Teams plan will cost $5 per person per month annually, while Business Pro plan will cost you $7 per user per month annually.

Extra Storage and Features

Tutanota pricing calculator
You cannot buy add-ons directly on the free tier; you must first upgrade to one of the premium plans.

Users can buy 10GB of extra storage for $2, 100GB for $10 and 1TB for $50. The add-ons for private plans aren’t too expensive; you can obtain up to 100 email aliases for just $4.

However, the add-on costs of the business plans can rack up quickly. Customization, sharing and professional features like autoresponders have a monthly fee of $1 each per user. The “secure connect” function, which has a hefty $20 monthly fee, is the cherry on top.

Note, also, that Tutanota does not have a full money-back guarantee, so you will only receive a prorated refund if you cancel within 14 days of the subscription’s start date.

Ease of Use

90 % – Excellent

Tutanota offers a swift and easy experience, from signing up to accessing your inbox. Upon creating your account, remember to copy the recovery code you receive. This is the only way to reset your password. If you forget your password, you must first enter your email address and recovery code before creating a new password.

Tutanota compose new email
The service’s mission is to offer all Tutanota users a fully secure yet user-friendly email solution.

Tutanota offers a standard email user interface similar to Gmail and Yahoo Mail. The categories appear on the left, as is the option to create your custom folders. You can create a new encrypted email by clicking the “new email” button in the top-left corner of the screen.

Tutanota contacts section
When you link your mailbox with your domain, you can use a custom theme for the Tutanota interface, such as the black theme.

The calendar and contact list buttons are located in the top-right corner. Even new users will find it simple to navigate between their inbox, contacts and calendar. 

The “settings” menu lets you access the various settings, such as changing your email’s appearance, password and adding templates. Here, you can also change your subscription plan and add more space or add-ons. You may set up features like spam rules and change the color theme of your mailbox.

Tutanots settings
All Tutanota users, including free users, can switch between light and dark themes in the web, mobile and desktop clients.

Tutanota Desktop and Mobile Apps

Tutanota works on Windows, MacOS and Linux on desktop. It also offers mobile apps for iOS and Android. 

Tutanota mobile app
Tutanota’s source code, including for Android and iOS apps, is available under an open-source license. 

Compared to the web client, the mobile apps only differ in their interface to fit the smaller screen of mobile phones. The app is open source and offers an offline mode and push notifications similar to the web client. Except for the weekly view, it includes all of the same features as the website and desktop apps.


95 % – Excellent

Tutanota has built its entire brand identity around security, offering end-to-end encryption of all data. We’ll walk you through Tutanota’s many security measures, so you can decide if it’s secure enough for you. 

Tutanota security page
Tutanota is derived from Latin and means “secure message.”

Encrypted Messages

End-to-end encryption is the main component of a secure email service, as it makes your emails inaccessible to any third parties. Your email can only be read by you and the recipient, thanks to end-to-end encryption provided by Tutanota. 

Tutanota encryption blog post
On its website, Tutanota has a road map listing the features it will develop next.

It offers encryption for all of your data, including text, documents, files, calendars, contact lists, inbox rules and even email subject lines — only a few secure email services encrypt subject lines. 

However, Tutanota does not encrypt the sender’s or recipient’s email address. So, even though a third party can’t eavesdrop on your conversation, they can tell who you are speaking with. Emails sent to other Tutanota users are automatically encrypted. For non-Tutanota users, the service gives the emails a password so that only the password holder can access them. 

Tutanota encrypts all of your data both in transit and at rest. Your email is encrypted in transit by Tutanota using SSL/TLS security protocols and at rest using symmetric (AES-128) and asymmetric (AES-128/RSA-2048). 

Furthermore, Tutanota uses zero-knowledge (or client-side) encryption. This means that only the user has access to their encryption code, and that not even Tutanota itself can access their data.

Two-Factor Authentication

To add an extra layer of protection, Tutanota offers users many ways to use two-factor authentication. With the help of authenticator programs like Google Authenticator, you can create one-time or permanent keys to log in to your mailbox.

Tutanota login settings
In the Tutanota app, you can secure the saved app login with a pin, a pattern or biometrics.

Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) offers the maximum level of security, but it needs an external device to store private keys. You can simply plug the device in and log in without having to enter an OTP. Currently, Tutanota supports two-factor authentication across all desktop clients and web browsers.

Password Security

As with your private key, Tutanota doesn’t have access to your password. It stores your password in an unreadable format that is hashed and salted, making it very difficult for anyone to decrypt it. To protect your data while transmitting your password to Tutanota’s computers, the company uses TLS encryption.

Tutanota create an account.
Non-Tutanota users get a notification email from Tutanota and are directed to the Tutanota login site, where they must enter the email encryption password. 

You must choose a strong password to register for a Tutanota account because your password and private key are the same. Tutanota does not offer the typical password reset option because doing so would allow the provider access to your mailbox, defeating the purpose of client-side encryption. You can reset your password using a permanent recovery code.


85 % – Very Good

Tutanota is a privacy-focused email client, so the company does not monitor your online activities. It won’t log your contact information, location and browsing habits, thanks to Tutanota’s strict no-log privacy policies. 

Tutanota privacy policy
Tutanota is a privacy-friendly service, since it doesn’t track or expose you to profit-driven targeted advertisements. 

Tutanota doesn’t ask for your phone number or email address when you register, so your identity is kept entirely anonymous. The only problem with this is that you must wait 48 hours before accessing your account as a spam-prevention measure.

Tutanota does not track your email activity or record IP addresses, so it cannot know your location. Your IP address is removed from emails you send or receive to protect your privacy. Therefore, the service cannot sell any user data.

It does, however, track a few specific email accounts. Tutanota has the right to track the location and activities of any Tutanota user who has been found guilty of a serious crime by a German judge.

Open Source & GDPR-Compliant

As an open-source email provider, Tutanota makes its source code available online for anybody to inspect. As a result, experts may assess the service’s security claims and analyze the code to see whether any of the code records your IP address or monitors your activity.

Tutanota is also GDPR compliant. The General Data Protection Regulation was adopted in 2018 to safeguard the personal data of EU citizens. It prohibits the collection of personal data without user consent, ensuring a private experience and preventing data breaches. Tutanota fully complies with the GDPR and provides a data-processing agreement to affirm that.

German Privacy Laws

Tutanota is incorporated in Germany, so it complies with its laws. As an EU member, Germany and its businesses are beholden to the GDPR. However, Germany isn’t exactly a bastion of privacy. It’s a Fourteen Eyes country, and it has a vast telecom surveillance apparatus.

Still, Germany (or any other country, for that matter) can’t surveil communication that’s encrypted end to end. Plus, even though German politicians have attempted to impose data retention laws many times, the practice has always been illegal.

However, a German court recently tried to order Tutanota to monitor user email activity, which goes against the email service’s goal of protecting users’ privacy. Tutanota resisted the demand, fought the order and ultimately won the legal battle, and was therefore not required to store encrypted emails of customers.

The Verdict

We will sum up our Tutanota review by saying that because it offers excellent security features, it is a secure email provider you can rely upon with your email messages. Thanks to its zero-knowledge policy, all of your emails are fully end-to-end encrypted, and the service does not track you.

The plans are reasonably priced, but the add-ons can be pricey for businesses. Even so, the service’s business plans are affordable for both small and large organizations.

Do you think that Tutanota is the ideal Proton Mail alternative? Do you think it is the best secure email service? Would you still like IMAP support for Tutanota despite the privacy risk? Let us know in the comments below and, as always, thanks for reading.

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9 thoughts on “Tutanota”

  1. I do not recommend Tutanota at all, at least not an unpaid account. Firstly, I would repeatedly receive spam emails from supposed tutanota admin asking for verification of my account. When I would go to verify, the links very often were broken. I also was often unable to log into my account. Additionally, I would receive emails twice. Secondly, I could not search through my archived emails (which is only an option through premium). All of these inconveniences were worth it, however, as moving away from Gmail and mainstream online services is very important to me. Eventually, however, my email was hacked and as I was going to change my password, I was kicked out of the system and have not been able to log back in since. I have records of the original recovery code and have tried to use it to reset my password, but to no avail. There is no way I could have updated my recover code because I didn’t even know this was an option until this fiasco arose. The Tutanota time has done very little to help me or compensate in any way. They are very difficult to reach and pretty inaccessible. I have switched over to protonmail with which I am very happy. I would recommend avoiding this service.

  2. I also do not recommend Tutanota. Their customer service for a paid account is terrible. I was charged for the white label service after I’d already disabled it, so I emailed them about it on a Thursday. They did not respond until the Monday after. When I inquired why they were taking so long to respond to my email via Twitter, they responded snarkily that it was the weekend. I Tweeted at them again on Tuesday asking for a refund and cancellation, they gave me an even more rude response saying “How would we know which account you are talking about? The only way to claim a refund is to email us directly. Thanks.” I was only refunded for the white label service. Not the account. Link to the Twitter thread:

  3. I’ve been using both Protonmail and Tutanota for about a year, and I feel much better using Tutanota. As for user-friendliness, the ability to search the body text of my emails is a huge plus for Tutanota.

    Also, as an activist who has come under heavy surveillance and occasionally communicates with high-profile lawyers, activist strategists, and so on, knowing Tutanota is as secure as possible feels great.

  4. I’ve been using Tutanota for about a year, after moving from Startmail, a Netherlands based security focused service. While Tuta is obviously not as fully developed as spyware like Gmail, I have been completely satisfied with the pro account so far.

    This thing is speedy. Compared to Startmail as a standard, Tuta is lightning fast. The calendar function is something Startmail didn’t even have; Tuta’s is spartan but works great and, as mentioned, is buttoned up securely.
    I had to use K-9 for Linux on Startmail to see my email on my mobile device. Tuta works native like a dream on my Android phone, displays fast with no weird visual anomalies.

    There are refinements I would like to see sooner rather than later (like mail sub-folders) but all things considered, I am really glad I switched from Startmail and I plan to hang in with Tuta to give them time to develop the platform more fully.

    Just a thought on the support: my experience was very different. 24 hour max to respond, with very personable and helpful guidance. I found nothing lacking in their support offerings.

    All in all, I would recommend a pro account, which is a good value for a great product that really does put you and your personal privacy first in their platform principles.

  5. If you sign up for a free account and don’t use it for 6 months, then the account is cancelled and the e-mail address is blocked for further use FOREVER. There is no option for the original holder of the e-mail address to restore and use the e-mail address even if they have all original access (password and recovery code). The terms are not made clear enough in the original sign up process.

  6. general terms and conditions
    substance 4.5
    Tutao has the right to use services of third parties for the service provision at any time and in any amount.
    Now say again: ”best privacy service”…

  7. I used to be a Tutanota Premium user. However, I ultimately switched to Mailfence. I have encouraged many of my five siblings to make the switch from Google to the free version of Tutanota. Try it for as long as they like, then get a premium account if it suits them. After getting 4 of the 5 siblings to switch, we recently had a problem with Tutanota thinking they were spamming. There are seven of us in the email (counting my mom), so this certainly doesn’t constitute spamming. I have come to the conclusion that Tutanota is having some very bad business practices in trying to get free subscribers to pay for a premium account. The one sibling that has a premium account is the only one that did not get a notice about spamming, or “exceeded the limit” and it would be a day or two before they could resume emailing again. I do not recommend Tutanota for free or paid subscriptions because of this devious way of manipulating people.

  8. Have been using Tutanota and Proton for four years. The former’s arrogance and lack of customer support was just too much. There’s basically no tech help unless you’re paying outrageous yearly fees, and any free support entails joining Farcebook, Twitter, or reddit. Recently went to check my Tutanota mail only to get a full page popup whining and crying that my browser was “outdated or not supported” …it worked fine last week …and it works fine for 99% of other sites I visit; so it’s 99-1 nothing wrong with my browser.

    On the other hand, Proton tech help is excellent, giving the same service to free as to pay accounts; you even get follow up messages a couple of days later asking if the issue was resolved. Proton even offers a free version of their VPN. And they’ve never complained about any browsers.

    So goodbye Tutanota, even your free version is overpriced.

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