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Icedrive Lifetime Deal in 2023: Ditching the Subscription Fees

If you plan to stay with Icedrive long-term, it might be time to consider an Icedrive lifetime deal. Icedrive charges a one-time price on plans for lifetime access. After an average of five years, these plans pay for themselves, based on the price of an annual plan over the same period.

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All of the best cloud storage services we recommend have free and paid plans. However, a few offer the option of a lifetime subscription. The concept behind a lifetime plan is straightforward: Pay one price up front and have cloud storage for the rest of your life. One example of this is the Icedrive lifetime deal. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Icedrive’s lifetime plans pay for themselves if you stay with the company for five years.
  • The lowest-priced lifetime plan costs $99 for 150GB. Icedrive’s other lifetime plans are 3TB for $499 or for $999.
  • Icedrive competes well against pCloud’s lifetime plans, offering comparable pricing and storage capacity.

Icedrive offers lifetime access if you’re considering a long-term cloud storage service. Our extensive Icedrive review covers many of its excellent cloud storage features, including zero-knowledge encryption, password protection and client-side encryption. 

  • Icedrive offers affordable prices for both its lifetime and annual renewable plans. The cheapest lifetime plan is $99 for 150GB of storage, while the same 150GB plan costs $19.99 annually. Icedrive’s Pro III lifetime plan offers excellent value with 3TB of storage for a one-time cost of $499.

  • Icedrive is a cloud storage company based out of Wales in the United Kingdom. ID Cloud Services LTD, located in Swansea, U.K., owns Icedrive.

  • Yes! Icedrive gives you access to 10GB of free cloud storage space without requiring additional steps to unlock the total storage amount.

What Is the Icedrive Lifetime Deal?

An Icedrive lifetime deal works by charging you a one-time payment up front. Choosing one of the three Icedrive lifetime plans means you’ll have cloud storage for as long as you maintain your account. Icedrive considers a lifetime access to last 99 years from account creation. For nearly all of us, this equals a lifetime of cloud storage.

Icedrive’s lifetime plans start with Lite Lifetime, which has 150GB of storage for a one-time cost of $99. The Pro III increases the storage capacity to 3TB at $499. Pro X Lifetime, the largest Icedrive lifetime plan, has 10TB for $999. All Icedrive paid plans come with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

icedrive lifetime plans
Icedrive’s lifetime plans keep your data safe for as long as you maintain your account.

Are Icedrive’s Lifetime Plans Worth It?

Icedrive’s Lite plan offers a direct comparison of paying annually or paying a one-time price for a lifetime account. With 150GB storage at a one-time cost of $99, it will take you less than five years on the annual plan before you break even. If you purchase this plan on sale, it will take even less time. 

Icedrive’s other two lifetime plans come with more cloud storage space than the plans that renew on an annual basis. The Pro III plan has 3TB of storage, while the Pro X plan offers Icedrive’s largest storage capacity at 10TB

icedrive cloud features
Icedrive’s enhanced features include zero-knowledge encryption and password protection for shared files.

Over three years on the Pro plan, you’d pay a total of $150 when paying annually, or $179.64 paying each month. Looking at the Pro X 10TB lifetime plan compared to the Pro + 5TB plan, you’ll pay nearly $900 after five years. 

Naturally, it’s tough to have a direct comparison, given the storage size difference between the annual and lifetime plans. However, with the Pro III plan you’re getting triple the storage, and double with the Pro X plan.

Committing to a cloud storage company for many years brings some inherent risk. There’s no predicting the future, as the collapse of Treasure Cloud demonstrates. 

Treasure Cloud offered affordable lifetime plans before going out of business with little warning to its customers. Icedrive has a proven track record, even as one of the newer cloud storage companies, increasing confidence in its longevity. 

Icedrive Lifetime vs pCloud Lifetime

Icedrive’s lifetime plans directly compete with pCloud for your data, as both services offer comparable lifetime plan options. Our pCloud review details why this online cloud storage service is one of the best cloud storage providers. pCloud lifetime plans include zero-knowledge encryption, client-side encryption and password protection for shared files.

Icedrive’s 150GB Lite Lifetime plan has less cloud storage space than pCloud’s Premium 500GB lifetime plan, but costs $100 less. However, there isn’t much difference between both companies’ mid-tier lifetime plans that have similar storage amounts. Icedrive’s Pro III has 3TB of storage and costs $499 while pCloud’s 2TB Premium Plus plan is billed at $399

Both Icedrive and pCloud have 10TB lifetime plans. Icedrive’s Pro X lifetime costs $999, while pCloud charges $1499 for its Custom Lifetime plan. You’ll get a quicker return on your money with Icedrive’s 10TB plan and more storage with its 3TB lifetime plan. However, for $100 more, you’ll get 350GB more cloud storage with pCloud’s Premium lifetime plan. Learn more in Icedrive vs pCloud guide.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing a lifetime plan with Icedrive only makes sense if you plan to keep your data with the company for the long haul. After five years, these plans pay for themselves when compared to paying for the annual plan over the same period. 

There is some inherent risk in committing a large amount of money up front for cloud storage space since no one can predict the future of that company. However, we consider Icedrive to be one of the best cloud storage services.

If you need cloud storage for many years, purchasing a lifetime plan from Icedrive is one of the better cloud storage deals. For more details about other Icedrive’s plans, check out our full Icedrive pricing guide.

Do you have a lifetime cloud storage plan with Icedrive? Would you consider purchasing storage to ensure lifetime access? How important are new and enhanced features such as mobile apps? Let us know in the comments section below. Thanks for taking the time to read our article.

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