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Icedrive Lifetime Deal

Icedrive Lifetime Deal 2024: Is the Cloud Storage Worth the Pricing? 

Icedrive is an excellent cloud storage service with a strong focus on security and privacy. It’s one of the few reputable cloud storage services to offer a lifetime plan. This plan changed recently, so it’s time to check out the new Icedrive lifetime deal.

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Key Takeaways: Icedrive Lifetime Deal Cost
  • Icedrive has a lifetime plan with 512GB of cloud storage and an option to increase the overall storage capacity.
  • Icedrive offers “stacks” that let you increase your lifetime storage by an additional 128GB or 512GB.
  • A lifetime plan includes access to a private encryption folder in your account.

Facts & Expert Analysis: What to know about Icedrive lifetime cloud storage

  • Previous plans: Icedrive recently released its updated lifetime plans, which we cover in this article. Before, Icedrive’s lifetime plans were arguably better, as they mirrored the annual plans and had more overall storage capacity.
  • Low storage: The main issue with Icedrive’s new lifetime plan is the low amount of storage you get, even when scaling up. Just over 1TB of storage is not a lot when committing to Icedrive for many years.
  • Speed and security: Icedrive has the unique value proposition of being a blazing fast cloud storage, while including exceptional security and privacy. Speed is a typical tradeoff for great protection, but that is not the case with Icedrive.
100GB – 3TB$2.99 / month
(save 40%) (All Plans)

Icedrive recently reintroduced a lifetime plan for those looking for long-term cloud storage. Purchasing a lifetime plan is a solid option for those who don’t want a monthly or annual subscription fee. However, a lifetime plan is not for everyone, so we’ll break down the Icedrive lifetime deal to help you decide.

Icedrive is one of the best cloud storage services around. A subscription comes with many features, like password protection for your shared files. It also has excellent security and privacy that’s focused on the user. We cover more on the service in our Icedrive review; however, read on to learn about Icedrive’s new lifetime plan.

  • 04/11/2024 Facts checked

    Article rewritten to detail Icedrive’s updated lifetime plan.

What Is the Icedrive Cloud Storage Lifetime Deal?

Icedrive offers one lifetime plan with 512GB of cloud storage space that costs $299 This plan differs from Icedrive’s previous lifetime plans, which varied in size and cost, and generally mirrored its regular plan. Now, there’s only one option to consider, although it doesn’t offer all that much storage space. Fortunately, you can expand your storage capacity if needed.

icedrive features
Icedrive’s updated lifetime plan doesn’t have any new and enhanced features, but
you still get client-side encryption and password protection for shared items. 

Icedrive has two options for what it calls “stacks.” The first stack increases your storage by 128GB for a one-time cost of $79. If you still need more space, you can add another 512GB for one payment of $199. That would bring your total combined storage to 1152GB — just over 1TB — and cost you a grand total of $577. Newly purchased plans come with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

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LifetimeStack 100Stack 500
512GB, $299 one-time payment128GB, $79 one-time payment512GB, $199 one-time payment

Price & Cost Reduction: Are There Any Discounts or Coupons?

At the time of this article, there are no known legitimate discounts, introductory offers or price reductions for Icedrive’s lifetime plan. That said, Icedrive frequently offers a Black Friday discount or coupon, so it’s worth checking in around the holidays to see if you can snag a deal.

Icedrive Pricing: Regular vs Lifetime Plans

Icedrive’s lifetime plan varies from its regular-priced plans. There is only one lifetime option, compared to three choices for its subscription-based plans. The maximum cloud storage space you can get with Icedrive is 3TB, available on the Pro III plan. Icedrive’s regular plans are available as monthly or annual subscriptions, with the choice to sign up for two years at a time.

Choosing between a lifetime plan and a recurring subscription comes down to what you need from a cloud storage service. A lifetime plan is great if you don’t like switching service providers or don’t want a subscription. Normal plans are better for people who may not stay with a service for long or those who want to avoid high upfront costs. 

LifetimeLitePro IPro III

512GB, $299 one-time payment Stack 100 – 128GB, $79 one-time payment
Stack 500 – 512GB, $199 one-time payment
100GB, $4.99 per month
One-year plan, $47.88
Two-year plan, $71.76

1TB, $7.99 per month
One-year plan, $71.88
Two-year plan, $119.76

3TB, $14.99 per month
One-year plan, $131.88
Two-year plan, $215.76

Is Icedrive’s Lifetime Plan Worth It?

Determining if Icedrive’s lifetime plan is worth it will depend on how each individual perceives its value. Compared to the 1TB Pro I plan, the lifetime plan will pay for itself in about eight years, assuming you maxed out on the cloud storage capacity. You’ll want to use a lifetime plan for a long time to get the maximum value.

The main issue with Icedrive’s lifetime plan is the low overall storage capacity, especially compared to its regular plans or even some of its competitors. Just over a terabyte of total capacity isn’t a lot of cloud storage space for one year, much less a lifetime. 

Icedrive vs pCloud Lifetime

pCloud’s lifetime plans are an alternative to Icedrive’s current offering. pCloud has many lifetime plan options for individuals or families. You can get 500GB of cloud storage space for $199, 2TB for $399 or 10TB for a one-time cost of $1190 with the Ultra lifetime plan. The lifetime family plans have 2TB of shared storage (up to five people) for $595, or 10TB for $1499

pcloud features
pCloud has many enhanced features such as password protection for shared items and support for mobile apps. However, client-side encryption costs extra with most plans. 

The main drawback of pCloud’s lifetime plans is that they don’t include access to a zero-knowledge encryption folder. For that, you’d need to purchase pCloud Encryption separately. In contrast, every Icedrive plan, including its lifetime option, includes access to the encryption folder.

To learn more about its features and plans, check out our pCloud review.

Icedrive Lifetime Plan on Reddit: What Do Redditors Say?

When looking for user opinions on Icedrive’s lifetime plans and recent changes to their pricing structure, we found that redditors found the new pricing structure to be too steep and confusing. One reddit user on the Icedrive lifetime reddit thread asked:

“Wasn’t it $99 (USD) for 100GB “Lite” before? How’re these prices significantly different?


Meanwhile, Icedrive’s biggest lifetime cloud storage competitor, pCloud, seems to have largely satisfied its user base. When discussing the best options for lifetime cloud storage in 2023, one pCloud user shared their thoughts on the service in glowing terms:

“I originally used other cloud services, but after pCloud being the answer to SO many of people’s desires in what they want in a cloud service on here, I gave them a try. My goodness am I glad I did. I’ve had nothing but a great experience since then.”


Overall, it seems like online feedback to Icedrive’s lifetime pricing structure is a bit of a mixed bag, with competitors like pCloud clearly doing a better job satisfying users.

What Other Providers Offer Lifetime Cloud Storage Plans?

Icedrive and pCloud aren’t the only cloud storage providers that offer lifetime access. Internxt is one such provider that has three plans with one-time payments. You can get storage amounts of 2TB, 5TB or 10TB. Degoo is another alternative if you are looking for a simplified cloud storage option. Its lifetime plan has 5TB for $99. 

512GB $299,
+128GB $79
+512GB $199
500GB $199,
2TB $399,
10TB $1190
2TB $171,
10TB $600
5TB, $99

Final Thoughts

Icedrive is a great cloud storage service that recently reintroduced an updated lifetime plan. It’s an affordable choice that you should consider if you plan to use Icedrive for several years. The overall storage capacity is on the low side, even with the additional storage increases. However, it’s a reasonable option for those who need a lifetime cloud storage plan.

Do you have a lifetime plan? If not, would you consider one? What appeals to you about Icedrive’s lifetime plan? Let us know in the comments section below. Thanks for reading our article. 

FAQ: Icedrive Lifetime Deal Review

  • One of Icedrive’s disadvantages is that it has less storage capacity than some of its competitors. Overall, it’s not the best service for productivity and collaboration. However, it is one of the more affordable lifetime cloud storage deals.

  • Yes. Per Icedrive’s terms of service, your files will remain in an inactive account for 90 days. After that, Icedrive could remove them.

  • Yes, Icedrive has a file transfer limit of 100TB. The amount of bandwidth available depends on your account. For example, a 1TB Pro account has 2TB of bandwidth per month.

  • It can be. pCloud offers lifetime access to more plan options with a large amount of storage. However, zero-knowledge encryption costs extra, even on a paid plan. With Icedrive, access to the zero-knowledge encryption folder comes with a subscription.


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