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How to Watch Star Trek: Discovery in 2023

Trying to get a ticket onboard the USS Discovery? Whether you’re keen to watch the new season or rewatch the previous season, we can help you find out who the Red Angel is. If you’re trying to learn how to watch Star Trek: Discovery, we have you covered.

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If you’re planning to spend a weekend or two with Captain Christopher Pike and the USS Discovery crew, you’ll need access to a streaming service that has Star Trek as part of its library. If you don’t know how to watch Star Trek: Discovery online, we’ve got some information for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can watch the science-fiction show Star Trek: Discovery via Paramount Plus, Netflix or buying or renting episodes through Amazon Prime Video.
  • You can get past a streaming service’s geoblocks that restrict streaming access by using a VPN.
  • ExpressVPN is the best streaming VPN, but if you’re looking for something cost-effective, NordVPN is a great option for a reliable VPN for streaming.

While you wait for Star Trek: Discovery season four and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, build up your appetite for enterprise adventures. Rewatch (or just watch) the third season (the latest Star Trek: Discovery season). Before you start buttering the popcorn, though, let’s set you up for access to a streaming service where this content is available.

Star Trek: Discovery is available on Paramount Plus or Netflix. The catch is, Paramount Plus is only available in the U.S. because of geoblocks. However, VPN will help you spoof your location to the U.S. or a Netflix library with the show. We will give the best VPN options for watching Star Trek: Discovery and step-by-step instructions on how to get it all set up.

  • You can stream Star Trek: Discovery on a streaming service like Paramount Plus, Netflix or through Paramount Plus via Amazon Prime. You can also stream Star Trek: Discovery episodes on Amazon Prime Video by buying or renting them. However, for streaming Star Trek: Discovery from a geoblocked country, you’ll need to use a VPN.

  • You can stream Star Trek: Discovery for free by using a combination of Netflix’s free trial and a VPN’s 30-day money-back guarantee (or using a free VPN). Streaming Star Trek: Discovery completely for free requires using some less-than-legal options like torrenting, but you should still use a VPN to stay safe.

  • Yes, you can stream Star Trek: Discovery on Amazon Prime Video. There are two ways of streaming Star Trek: Discovery on APV — a subscription for Paramount Plus via APV, or buying or renting the episodes.

  • Watching Star Trek: Discovery on Amazon Prime Video is free if you’ve already subscribed to Paramount Plus via Amazon Prime Video. If you haven’t, you’ll either need to pay for a subscription to Paramount Plus via APV, or rent or buy them. Depending on how much of the series you’ve seen, renting or buying could be cheaper (for instance, you could buy just the new episodes).

How to Watch Star Trek: Discovery With a VPN

A VPN will mask your real IP and assign you one that belongs to a different country, which in this case would be one where Netflix has Star Trek: Discovery in its library. If you’ve never used a VPN, we’ll walk you through setting one up in three easy steps.

  1. Download and Install a VPN

    First, you’ll need to download and install a VPN on your device. Sign up for a VPN service — we recommend ExpressVPN — and download its application for the relevant device to install it.

  2. Connect to a U.S. or U.K. Server

    Once you’ve installed a VPN, you’ll see that the interface has a list of server locations to choose from. For Netflix, look for and connect to a U.K. server to assign a U.K. IP address to your system. For Paramount Plus, choose a U.S. server to use a U.S. IP address.

    getting a uk ip address expressvpn servers
  3. Access Netflix or Paramount Plus

    Once you’re connected to a U.K. server, try to access the streaming service. You’ll automatically get access to the library and be able to stream Star Trek: Discovery. If you have any issues with the streaming service detecting the VPN, try a different server location.

    star trek discovery netflix uk

Where Can I Watch Star Trek: Discovery?

Now that you know how to watch Star Trek: Discovery, let’s talk about where to watch it. You can watch Star Trek: Discovery on Paramount Plus, either through a direct subscription or by subscribing via Amazon Prime Video

You can also buy or rent Star Trek: Discovery seasons or episodes on Amazon Prime Video. The Star Trek series is also available on Netflix internationally, though you may need a VPN if your location’s library doesn’t have Star Trek: Discovery. Netflix offers plenty of Star Trek series and movies to stream, including the original series. 

While Netflix has the popular Star Trek: The Next Generation and Voyager, it doesn’t have a few others like Star Trek: Picard or Prodigy. If you want the full Star Trek universe (starting from the first episode to all the new episodes and the films), Paramount Plus is your best bet for watching the crew work its magic on the USS Discovery. 

However, if you don’t live in an area with Star Trek: Discovery, you’ll need a VPN to spoof your location. With the following suggestions, you’ll be aboard the USS Discovery before you know it.

The 3 Best VPNs for Streaming Star Trek: Discovery

The sheer number of VPNs available can be overwhelming. If you’re looking for a VPN so you can bypass geoblocks, you need one of the best VPNs for streaming. Here are the VPNs you should consider removing streaming barriers between you and the crew aboard the USS Discovery.

  1. ExpressVPN — Blazing-fast connection speeds; it’s the safest and fastest VPN
  2. NordVPN — A secure, pocket-friendly VPN that gets past all geoblocks
  3. CyberGhost — A cheap VPN with dedicated streaming servers

How to Watch Star Trek: Discovery Free

You can use a streaming service’s free trial to watch Star Trek: Discovery for free, combined with a VPN’s 30-day money-back guarantee. Alternatively, you could use a trustworthy free VPN

Windscribe is a great free VPN, but comes with a data cap of 10GB per month (read our Windscribe review). Proton VPN is another good free VPN and offers unlimited data, but the connection speeds can be slow (read our ProtonVPN review).

If you want to watch Star Trek: Discovery with unlimited free access, you’ll need to use some not-so-legal methods like torrenting. You’ll still need a VPN, of course. 

Final Thoughts: Watch Star Trek: Discovery Seasons

Who needs cable TV when you’ve committed to getting your daily entertainment online? When you’re streaming Star Trek: Discovery online, you have a few options, but you’ll need a VPN like ExpressVPN that bypasses geoblocks and delivers a smooth streaming experience.

If you decide to end your Paramount Plus subscription and watch Star Trek: Discovery online on Amazon Prime Video, be sure to read our how to cancel Paramount Plus guide.

Once you’ve read this guide, you’ll know how to watch Star Trek: Discovery online using a VPN no matter where you are. Were you able to find another streaming service where Star Trek: Discovery is available? If yes, did you have to use a VPN to access it? Let us know in the comments below, and as always, thanks for reading!