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How Much Does a PMP Certification Cost

How Much Does a PMP Certification Cost? Project Management Institute Pricing in 2024

The project management field is competitive, but the PMP certification from the PMI can help you stand out from the crowd. We’re often asked, “How much does a PMP certification cost?” So, we’ve decided to answer this question for you to help put your mind at ease.

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Key Takeaways: PMP Test Costs
  • The PMP certification exam costs between $405 and $575, depending on whether you’re a PMI member or a non-member.
  • You must meet strict educational and work requirements before you can sit for the PMP exam.
  • PMP training courses are available to help you prepare for the exam, but they are not required. However, they are a great way to earn the 35 contact hours needed to sit for the exam. 

Facts & Expert Analysis From the Article:

  1. The PMP certification is globally recognized: Becoming PMP-certified will show employers across the globe that you have the skills needed to lead traditional and Agile project teams, which can make you a hot commodity.
  2. You can increase your income: With the PMP certification in hand, you will be able to significantly increase your earning potential.
  3. You will be eligible for more jobs: Many companies require project managers to hold a certification that proves they have the knowledge to lead teams. Holding the PMP certification will enable you to apply for advanced jobs worldwide.

If you want to show potential employers that you can lead, motivate, collaborate and plan projects from start to finish using the best project management software, but aren’t sure how much the PMP certification will cost you, don’t worry. In this guide, we’ll answer the question “How much does a PMP certification cost?” and teach you everything you need to know. 

Throughout this guide, you’ll learn what the PMP certification is, how much it costs, what requirements you must meet to take the exam and what roles you could move into once you acquire it. We know you’re eager to learn, so without further ado, let’s jump right in.  

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What Is Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification?

The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is a credential that the Project Management Institute (PMI) offers. This certification shows that individuals have the required knowledge and skills to oversee and lead high-level projects across many industries via multiple project management methodologies and frameworks.

Why Take the PMP Exam? 

Obtaining a certification that proves you’re competent in a chosen field has many benefits; the same applies to the PMI-PMP. Below, we’ll quickly cover the benefits you can expect to reap after you successfully pass the PMP certification exam.

Project Management

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  • Global recognition: The PMP certification is considered one of the best credentials that project managers can obtain and is recognized by employers worldwide. To date, 1.4 million project management professionals have put themselves in the crosshairs of companies looking for highly qualified project managers.1
  • Higher earning potential: With the PMP in hand, you can expect employers to pay you more. In fact, according to the PMI, the average salary for those with the PMP certification in the U.S. is 32% higher than those without it and 16% higher globally.1
  • More job opportunities: As you can imagine, the PMP certification will open many doors for those who hold it. Thanks to the global recognition of the PMP project management training, even if you can’t find a local project management role, you can still look for jobs far and wide.
pmp cert
You can greatly enhance your career prospects by obtaining the PMP certification.

How Much Does the PMP Certification Cost? 

The PMI-PMP certification is the one to get if you want to prove your project management chops, but it will cost you. Below, we’ll break down the costs of the exam and PMI membership — which is not required — as well as the cost of training courses, learning materials and more.

pmp costs
Training courses vary in cost, but the PMP exam is quite affordable.

PMP Exam Fee 

On the PMI’s website, you’ll see two prices listed for the PMP exam. The first is the fee for PMI members, and the second is the fee for non-members. The prices for each are as follows: 

  • PMI member price: $405
  • PMI non-member price: $575

PMI Membership 

You do have the option to become a member of the PMI. Membership can decrease the PMP exam cost, grant you access to webinars, help you get real-time guidance, enable you to join the PMI community and give you access to job listings. Below is the price of membership: 

  • PMI membership: $149 annually
pmi membership
Becoming a member of the Project Management Institute
can help lower the cost of exam fees.

Only you can decide if the cost of membership is worth it. If you plan to continue with project management education, the yearly fee could quickly pay for itself. If you want to be part of the PMI project management body and gain access to the above-listed benefits, it might be worth investigating. 

PMP Certification Training Cost

Many project managers self-study and save themselves a good chunk of change. However, if you feel you must take a course before sitting for the exam and need to obtain the 35 contact hours that are required, you have options. Below, we’ll cover some ways to learn and the costs involved.

If you need to take a PMP prep course, you will be pleased
to know you can find online and in-person classes.


You can find live online PMP certification courses offered by PMTraining, which is an authorized PMI training partner. The course will prepare you for the exam and provide access to a practice exam, instructor guidance and class learning materials. 

  • Online PMP training costs: PMTraining prices range from $998 to $1,498. 


If you prefer a classroom setting, you can find in-person training courses. The Project Management Academy offers classroom-based PMP training across the U.S. that will get you exam-ready. Like the online course, this in-person class will give you the required 35 contact hours, provide learning materials and instructor guidance, and grant access to a mock exam.

  • PMP in-person training: The Project Management Academy’s PMP course costs $1,995. 

PMP Exam Reference Books 

While the PMI doesn’t offer any PMP exam reference books, some are available from other learning institutes and authors. PMP Exam Prep (11th Edition) by Rita Mulcahy and Margo Kirwin and PMP Exam Prep Simplified by Andrew Ramdayal are popular choices for PMP exam preparation. 


If you’re going to self-study, you’ll want a copy of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), which is published by the PMI. The PMBOK covers project management fundamentals, advanced concepts, Agile and traditional approaches, project outcomes and more.

pmbok guide
The PMBOK covers everything from Agile and traditional methodologies
to tailoring and adapting approaches and processes.

Practice Tests

Taking practice PMP tests will help prepare you for the real thing. Should you enroll in a PMP training course like the ones listed above, it will come with a practice test. If you self-study, don’t worry; you can still take a practice exam, as the PMI offers practice tests for a fee of $99.

pmp practice
The PMI offers practice exams for those who wish to test
their knowledge before sitting for the real thing.

Credential Renewal 

It’s worth noting that PMP certification does not last a lifetime. Every three years, you will need to renew your certification. In order to renew, you will need to earn 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs) every three years via continuing education courses, and you must pay a renewal fee. The renewal fees are as follows: 

  • PMI members: $60
  • PMI non-members: $150

How Long Does It Take to Get PMP-Certified? 

Before you can sit for the PMP examination, you must show that you have the required educational and workplace experience. Because of these two variables, the time it takes to complete the PMP certification process can vary. Below, we’ll explain what work and education experience you need and outline how long it takes to finish the training courses and the exam.

Education History

There are two acceptable educational backgrounds that meet the PMP requirements. You must have one of the following:

pmp requirements
Before sitting for the PMP exam, you must prove you meet the certification criteria.

Project Management Experience

Depending on your education, you must prove that you meet one of the two requirements below regarding project management experience.

  • Four-year or college degree: You must have 36 months of experience leading projects within the last eight years.
  • High school diploma or secondary diploma: You need 60 months of experience leading projects within the past eight years.

Studying and Training Courses

The amount of time it takes to complete online PMP training courses and in-person courses will depend on the course chosen. The two options listed earlier take between four days and six weeks. Self-studying will be completed at your own pace. Depending on how often you study, you could be ready in as little as a few days or multiple months.

Training courses can help prepare you for the PMP exam.

PMP Exam

The PMP exam doesn’t take long to complete. The exam lasts 230 minutes (just under four hours) and features 180 questions.

Roles & Salaries for PMP-Certified Professionals 

Once you have obtained the PMP certification, you can start thinking about your next career move. There are many more lucrative job opportunities out there for those who have the PMP certification than those who don’t. Below are several positions you’ll be qualified to hold.

pmp salary range
Obtaining the PMP certification from the Project Management Institute can improve your income potential.

Project Manager

With the PMP certification in hand, you’ll be able to show any employer in any industry that you have the skills and knowledge to lead a traditional or Agile project team to success.

  • Average annual project manager salary: Roughly $87,000 in the U.S.3

Product Owner

A product owner plays a vital role in a Scrum team. Product owners are responsible for managing backlogs, motivating and collaborating with a development team, and communicating with clients and stakeholders.

  • Average annual product owner salary: Roughly $108,000 in the U.S.4

Project Director

A project director is a high-level position within an organization. Project directors are tasked with overseeing all projects in a company. Directors must ensure that all projects meet their due dates while communicating with project managers, risk management teams and more.

  • Average annual project director salary: Roughly $96,000 in the U.S.5

Project Management Consultant

With a PMP certification in hand, you could work as a project management consultant. Consultants are hired by companies who need help running their projects. You’ll be responsible for conceptualizing new ideas, advising a company about project management methodologies, finding and fixing inefficiencies, creating project scopes and more.

  • Average annual project management consultant salary: Roughly $134,000 in the U.S.2

Is the PMP Certification Worth It? 

If you want to stand out from the crowd and show your current or potential employer that you have the skills and know-how to lead projects, the PMP certification is the way to do it. You’ll gain recognition, increase your job prospects and enhance your earning potential.

There will be a need for 25 million new project management professionals by 20301. If you want to be leading and directing projects, now’s the time to hit the books and obtain the PMP certification. 

Final Thoughts 

If you’ve been on the fence about the PMP certification because you’re worried about the cost of the PMP exam training or the price of the exam itself, we hope our guide has put your mind at ease. The exam fee and training costs aren’t too outrageous, and honestly, it’s a small price to pay when you consider the benefits of being a PMP-certified professional.

Are you ready to take your project management career to the next level? Do you prefer to take online courses? Are you surprised by the PMP certification exam fee? What role would you like to hold once you acquire the PMP certification? Let us know in the comments, and as always, thanks for reading.

FAQ: Project Management Professional Certification

  • There are two fees. PMI members will pay $405 to sit for the exam, while non-members must fork over $575.

  • The average salary of a PMP-certified individual in the U.S. varies depending on the specific role, but project management positions for those with the certification pay roughly $87,000 per year. [8]

  • Absolutely. The cost of the exam — and any training that you require — is a small price to pay for the increased job opportunities and increased income potential.


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