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Cloud Computing Services That Are Bringing Something New to the Table

Ritika Tiwari
By Ritika Tiwari
— Last Updated: 2018-02-19T13:14:23+00:00

According to a research done by CompTIA, more than 90 percent of businesses are now using cloud technology. Another research paper done by IBM reveals that by the end of 2015, half of the world’s video games will be played on the cloud.

While most of the businesses are moving towards the cloud mainly to cut costs, there are certain companies which are trying to bring something new to the table with the help of cloud technology.

In fact, “The Power of Cloud,” an IBM Institute of Business Value, found in a survey that 16 percent of organizations are using cloud tech to innovate and come up with something new. Cloud technology has undoubtedly become a major part of the IT industry today and more and more companies are embracing it.

Yes, there are concerns about security, lack of support and possible downtime. But these concerns get overshadowed by efficiency and reduced costs. Here are some of the most innovative companies in the market that are giving a new edge to cloud computing services and creating their own niche (you can read our cloud computing statistics piece for more up-to-date information).

1. Cisco CloudCenter

Most of the companies in the industry right now are focused on creating new cloud based applications, CliQR on the other hand, is helping businesses put their applications into the cloud of their choice. The company deploys application on Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) cloud.

Cliqr technologies

Now, every IaaS has its own scripting APIs and user interface, but there is enough similarity to form a common abstraction layer. And that is mainly what CliQR has implemented through its Cloud Smart Orchestrators (CSO).

CSO gives you a single way to deploy an application to public, private or hybrid clouds.

The deployment can either be done from a different cloud or from the business’s own data center. Mostly, companies opt for ‘hybrid clouds’ where they run apps on their data center and use as many clouds as needed.

2. Cloudinary

The last thing developers want to do is search for suitable images for their websites and apps. Yes, the UI of any application is just as important as its functions, but for any developer, picking and editing out the images is far less important when compared to actual coding.

And that is where Cloudinary comes into the picture. A cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, Cloudinary is the one stop image management solution for websites and apps. It covers everything from uploads, storage, editing and optimization.

Cloudinary is able to manage billions of images, helping over 50,000 developers all over the world. In a very small span of time, it has become an essential image based service for both established companies as well as new startups.

Recently, the company launched a new video feature which gives developers a technical way out to handle videos online. With the help of Cloudinary, developers can now focus on their core product instead of worrying about image and video problems.

3. Totango

Bringing new customers into your startup is easy, but retaining them is definitely the difficult part. You have to constantly engage customers, understand how they interact with your application and create specific marketing strategies and products for them.

This where you will need Totango’s help. A leader in user engagement and customer success when it comes to cloud apps, Totango is a startup which helps software companies in understanding their customers. By combining big data analytic with predictive tools and powerful segmentation, Totango is able to guide their vendors in the right direction to create a more active customer base.

The company is able to monitor customer behavior and the usage of applications by combining critical data from CRM, billing and other systems. With the help of this data, Totango then generates insights about applications and the customers using them.

4. NextChapter

Every day, we read news about some or other company filing for bankruptcy. While it may sound as easy as signing a single court document, a lot goes on behind the curtain. This was the main idea behind the startup, NextChapter.

It takes care of every little detail when a company is filing for bankruptcy, whether it’s filing for chapter 11 or moving within the cloud.

The CEO of the company, Janine Sickmeyer, has an extensive background of working as a virtual paralegal. After struggling to handle bankruptcy for several of her clients, she decided to create a web based solution that can handle all the administrative tasks needed to complete the process.

For some, it may sound as a disappointing environment, but its actually more profitable than you think. There are less successful startups and more failing startups in the market, which means more companies file for bankruptcy.  


While most of the businesses are moving towards the cloud mainly to cut costs, there are companies that are trying to bring something new to the table with the help of cloud technology.

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