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Grace Micere is a writer for Her focus is on project management and outreach writing.

Background & Education

With over five years of experience, Grace Micere is a seasoned writer with an expertise in the tech, SaaS, and B2B niches. With a rich background in social media marketing, Grace possesses a knack for breaking down complex concepts into simple, digestible content. Her experience spans from working with real estate firms to TV productions in Kenya, showcasing her versatility and adaptability. When not writing, Grace enjoys the beauty of Kenya, embarking on safari adventures and hiking trails. Her passion extends to mentoring teenagers, guiding them in their academic and spiritual journeys.

Grace graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Resource Conservation from Kenyatta University, Kenya. Alongside her formal education, she has amassed an array of certifications including Google Analytics, Google Ads, and various courses from Meta and Meltwater Academy, reinforcing her digital marketing prowess.

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