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How to Watch MasterChef Online in 2024: Controlling the Kitchen

Mauricio Preuss

Written by Mauricio Preuss (CEO & Co-Founder)

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Budding chefs need inspiration, and there’s nowhere better to get it than MasterChef. The show has been motivating us for decades with its creative dishes and celebration of all things culinary. Finding a way to watch it isn’t straightforward, though, so we’re going to cogitate, ruminate and try to figure out how to watch MasterChef.

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The show features contestants competing to make the tastiest meals they can and complete cooking challenges. A team of expert judges decides the winner at the end.

MasterChef began in the UK, but the format has spread around the world. The original British edition featured the slick sophistication of American gastronome Loyd Grossman, while the U.S. version features turn the air blue chef Gordon Ramsey and other hosts that change from season to season.

Different versions of the show have appeared in over 50 countries, so chances are you’ve seen your local version. If you’re curious to see versions from other countries, it might be worth using one of the best VPNs to give yourself an IP address from somewhere else.

There are also spin-offs, such as Celebrity MasterChef and MasterChef: The Professionals, if you want to see what the stars can do in the kitchen or how the pros do things.

There are many ways to watch MasterChef, from streaming to torrenting. Let’s look at some of your options, beginning with the best, online streaming services.

Watch MasterChef Online

Paid streaming lets you watch a lot of shows. The main services are always changing their libraries, though, and they vary from location to location, too. If you want to watch something available in a different country, you may be able to use a VPN to bypass geographical restrictions.


Amazon Prime Video carries MasterChef. We found seasons 7-10, with earlier seasons listed but marked as unavailable. Individual episodes go for $2.99 and seasons cost $34.99. Read our how to watch Amazon Prime Video guide if you can’t access the service.


You can also find the show on Hulu. Hulu subscriptions start from $5.99 a month, but the service is only available in the U.S. If you want to access it from elsewhere, read our best VPN for Hulu article.

BBC iPlayer has listings for the show, but it’s marked as unavailable. British viewers should keep an eye on it, though, and those outside the UK can try one of our top VPNs for BBC iPlayer if they want to see what else is available on the service. It’s great if you were wondering how to watch Doctor Who, for example.

We couldn’t find MasterChef on Netflix, but take a look to see what’s available in your area.

Shows on streaming services are here one minute and gone the next. To keep up, check out our streaming articles, which have the latest advice on using them.

Watch MasterChef for Free

Many streaming websites show TV programs for free, and you may well find MasterChef on one. Websites such as Couchtuner have all sorts of content, and not all of it’s legal. There are plenty of websites offering similar services, though, so google and see what you can find.

Those websites tend to be full of malware, so if you’re visiting them, you should take precautions. Install one of the best pop-up blockers to stop extra windows from appearing. You should also read up on cybercrime so you’re aware of the dangers.

A VPN can help you here, so read our best VPN for streaming article to find something suitable.

MasterChef on Kodi

If you’re watching on the living room TV, Kodi can help you access all kinds of shows. It gives you a controller-friendly interface and you can set it up to watch streams from various sources. Many of those include the legally questionable ones mentioned above, so be careful and pay attention to online security.


Using the best antivirus software is a good idea, too, as well as looking through our antivirus reviews.

Setting up Kodi can be as challenging as whipping up the perfect souffle, so if you’re new to the software, take a look at our guide to the best Kodi builds. Our Kodi guide is worth reading, too.

MasterChef Torrents

Torrent sites are good places to find old TV episodes, though if you’re not sure whether using them is legal in your area, you should read our is torrenting illegal guide before visiting one.

Websites like The Pirate Bay generally have every program around, but they’re increasingly being blocked by internet service providers. These websites can have issues with malware, too, so if you want to use them safely, read our best VPNs for torrenting guide.

With so many different versions of MasterChef to watch, you’ll need lots of space for them. If you have a lot of video files, read our best cloud storage for video roundup.

Final Thoughts

As we’ve seen, fans hungry for MasterChef don’t need to starve themselves. There are plenty of ways to satisfy your cravings and enough episodes to satiate anybody. There are ways to view the episodes legally, but those trying to take a shortcut should be aware of the potential dangers. Our cybercrime article talks more about those.

Online streaming services give you MasterChef episodes in high quality and accessing the show through them is your best bet. It isn’t expensive, and at $3 an episode, it’s more than worth the hassle that comes with torrents and illegal streaming sites. Those options are there, though, if you’re desperate for cooking and can’t find an official way to watch.

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If you’ve had success finding MasterChef online, please let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading.

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