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Robin Barber

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Robin Barber is a writer and assistant editor for Cloudwards. His writing and research focus on online backup. 

Background & Education

Robin developed an interest in computers at an early age and took the opportunity to gain a computer science qualification while still at school. He completed his A-level qualifications in 2018. His educational background is largely in mathematics, the sciences and design.

After working as an engineering apprentice, Robin decided to try his hand at freelance writing. He began a novel and wrote a number of short stories before joining Cloudwards in March 2020, where he could put his strong knowledge of software to good use. His writing and research are focused on how-to-guides and articles about statistics and online backup.

Having gained plenty of experience with Cloudwards, Robin was promoted to assistant editor in September 2021. In this role, he mostly writes detailed briefings for other writers, researches for SEO, plans the organization and structure of articles, and publishes articles. 

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