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Where to Watch Scream Movies Stream All Movies Online

How & Where to Watch the Scream Movies Online in 2023: Stream Scream VI & the Originals

Ghostface has long been a favorite for Halloween fright nights. Whether you’re starting with the first film or want to watch the latest 'Scream VI' movie, this guide shares how and where to watch 'Scream' movies online from anywhere.

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Key Takeaways: Where to Watch Scream Movies

  • The ‘Scream’ movies are available on a few platforms worldwide, but if you want to watch all the movies in one go, your best bet is Paramount+ U.K.
  • If you’re not in a location where the ‘Scream’ movie you want is available, you can use a VPN to get access.
  • We recommend using ExpressVPN, though NordVPN is also a good choice.

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Would Halloween movie night be complete without Ghostface? We think not. Whether you’ve never seen any of the films or you’re a franchise fan, this guide shows you how and where to watch ‘Scream’ movies online. 

With the likes of Drew Barrymore, Jamie Kennedy, Courteney Cox and Neve Campbell playing characters in the films, it’s no wonder they’re a big hit. 

If you want to watch every ‘Scream’ movie on the same streaming service, then you need a Paramount Plus subscription. However, the ‘Scream’ movies aren’t available in all Paramount+ regions, so you’ll be held back by geoblocks if you’re outside of where they’re available. A virtual private network (VPN) is your solution to the blocks and we recommend our top VPN service ExpressVPN.

Where Can I Watch Every Scream Movie?

With six ‘Scream’ movies to get your teeth into, it’s hardly surprising that you might not find the complete bundle on your favorite streaming service. In this section, we’ll go through every ‘Scream’ movie. If you want to watch the entire ‘Scream’series in one place, your best bet is Paramount+ in the U.K.

Scream 1

scream 1
The original ‘Scream’ movie was released in 1996.

In the town of Woodsboro, Sidney Prescott and her friends start receiving strange phone calls. The phone calls are coming from a masked killer. As the victim numbers start to rise, everyone is a suspect in Sidney’s eyes. There are certain rules to surviving the horror, one being to never say “I’ll be right back.”

Scream 2

scream 2
‘Scream 2’ was released in 1997.

After the events in Woodsboro, Sidney relocates to Cincinnati and attends Windsor College along with Randy Meeks. The horror has been made into a movie, Stab, but they soon realize another crazed killer is after her and the death count starts to rise once again. 

Scream 3

scream 3
The third film in the series was released three years later in 2000.

After being completely traumatized, Sidney now lives in seclusion. A third film based on the Woodsboro killings, Stab 3, is in production, but the horror comes to life when cast members and survivors are targeted by another killer. Sidney comes out of hiding to try to link the pieces together.

Scream 4

scream 4
Fans had longer to wait for ‘Scream 4’, with the movie being released in 2011.

It’s been 10 years, and Sidney has been on a journey of healing, writing her own self-help book. She returns to Woodsboro during the last leg of her book tour, only to be met with a new Ghostface. 

Scream 5

scream 5
The fifth film, released in 2022, was titled ‘Scream’ like the original movie.

The fifth film gives a nod to the original 1996 movie, where a teenage girl is home alone and receives a strange phone call from someone who wants to play a game. Ghostface is back. Sidney, Dewey and Gale team up to investigate once again.

Where Is Scream VI Streaming?

scream vi
‘Scream VI’ is the latest installment and was released in March 2023.

The four Woodsboro survivors make a fresh start in New York City, but the horror returns when yet another killer emerges and the body count rises. They’re soon fighting for their lives once more, but how many killers are there this time? You can find out by streaming it on Paramount Plus in the U.K., or any of the streaming services mentioned in the table below (we’ve included the other ‘Scream’ movies too).

CountryScream 1Scream 2Scream 3Scream 4Scream 5Scream VI
🇺🇲 U.S.MaxMaxMaxPeacock Premium
DirecTV Stream
🇬🇧 U.K.Paramount+Paramount+
🇦🇺 AustraliaParamount+
Foxtel Now
Foxtel Now
Foxtel Now
Foxtel Now
🇨🇦 CanadaNetflix
🇫🇷 FranceParamount+
🇫🇮 FinlandSkyShowtimeSkyShowtimeSkyShowtimeFilmBox+C MoreNetflix
🇭🇺 HungarySkyShowtimeSkyShowtimeSkyShowtimeFilmBox+HBO MaxNetflix
🇳🇴 NorwaySkyShowtimeSkyShowtimeSkyShowtimeFilmBox+
Pluto TV
TV 2 PlayNetflix

The movies are also available to purchase or rent on various services such as Google Play, Apple TV and YouTube.

There’s also a ‘Scream’ TV series that premiered in 2015 and has three seasons in total. It aired on MTV and VH1, and used to be available on Netflix U.S. We couldn’t find it on any on-demand streaming services, but you can rent or purchase the series on services like Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Google Play and Vudu.

Is Scream VI on Netflix?

Yes, ‘Scream VI’ is available on Netflix, but not in all countries. We found it on Netflix in Finland, Hungary and Norway. We also found ‘Scream’ (1996) on Netflix in Canada and ‘Scream 4’ and ‘Scream 5’ on Netflix Australia. 

scream 6 netflix finland
‘Scream VI’ is available on Netflix in Finland, Hungary and Norway.

Any of the other ‘Scream’ movies could make their way to the service at some point, and we’ll update this if we find out. If you want to check for yourself, it’s easy to do so with the help of a VPN.

How to Unblock Netflix U.S. & Other Libraries

With a VPN, you can check any Netflix library, so long as the VPN has a server in the country. Simply connect to a server in the country you want to check and log into your Netflix account as usual. 

You should now be looking at that country’s content library and you can use the search function to see if the ‘Scream’ movie you want is there. You can repeat the process to access other countries’ libraries.

How to Watch Scream Movies With a VPN

In this section, we’ll show you how to watch ‘Scream’ with a VPN. This example will show you how to watch ‘Scream VI’ on Netflix Finland, but you can use similar steps to watch any of the ‘Scream’ films on a different service, including the entire franchise on Paramount+ U.K.

  1. Sign Up for ExpressVPN

    Go to ExpressVPN’s website and sign up for a plan. The annual plan is the cheapest overall and there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee for peace of mind.

    expressvpn get started
  2. Install ExpressVPN’s App

    Download and install ExpressVPN’s app on your device. After installation has finished, open the app and log into your account.

  3. Connect to a Finnish Server

    Find and connect to a server in Finland. You can browse ExpressVPN’s entire server list by clicking the three dots by the country name. Click on a server to connect and then click on the “power” button if needed.

    ExpressVPN client finland
  4. Sign In to Netflix

    Go to Netflix’s website and log in to your account or sign up.

    netflix log in
  5. Start Watching ‘Scream’

    Search for ‘Scream,’ press play and have fun watching the horror movie on Netflix.

    stream scream 6 on netflix

The Best Scream Movie Streaming VPNs

It doesn’t matter if you only want to stream the latest ‘Scream’ flick or the entire horror series, you need a reliable VPN under your belt if the film isn’t available in your location. Choose one with fast speeds, servers in the country you need and one that has a good track record for unblocking streaming platforms. Here are our top picks.

1. ExpressVPN

expressvpn finland server
ExpressVPN is the best VPN for streaming and has servers in 94 countries.


  • Fast streaming speeds
  • Servers in 94 countries
  • Unblocks streaming apps


  • Expensive plans

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for streaming, mostly due to its unblocking ability, making it a great choice for accessing the ‘Scream’ movies on lots of different services. Its speeds are fast and it has servers available in 94 countries, giving you the best chance of not only accessing your service of choice, but also streaming without interruptions. Its app is available on lots of device types and is easy to use across the board.

On top of that, ExpressVPN provides strong security to ensure you stay safe while you stream. All that good stuff does amount to a pretty sum, but you can save money by choosing its annual plan. There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee you can use to test it out. Read our ExpressVPN review for more information.

2. NordVPN

nordvpn finland
NordVPN has the fastest average speeds and can access streaming services.


  • Fastest average speeds
  • Accesses streaming apps
  • Affordable two-year plan


  • Mobile UI could be better

NordVPN is another great VPN for streaming online. Its speeds are the fastest on average, it has servers in 60 countries and it can access streaming services easily. NordVPN’s apps include top-notch security and are available on many device types. 

The only gripe we have is with its interactive server map; it’s great on desktop, but using it on a mobile screen requires some top geographical knowledge. The smaller screen means it’s easy to lose where you are. NordVPN offers an affordable two-year plan and has a 30-day money-back guarantee in place. Read our NordVPN review for more details on the service.

Scream Cast, Characters & Plot (No Spoilers)

The ‘Scream’ franchise is a set of six movies in which multiple killers wear the same “Ghostface” mask to hide their identity while terrorizing and murdering high school students. The films have taken a permanent seat as franchise favorites in the slasher-horror genre, providing a good number of jump scares and a clever murder-mystery storyline to get the cogs going.

Given that there are six films, it’s no surprise that there have been multiple writers and directors working on them. Writers include Kevin Williamson, Guy Busick, James Vanderbilt and Ehren Kruger. 

The movies were directed by Wes Craven, Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli Olpin. Roger Jackson is the voice of Ghostface in all of the ‘Scream’ movies. Wes Craven even had a cameo part in ‘Scream’ (1996) as Fred the Janitor. Here are the cast and character lists for each movie.

Scream (1996)
—– CharacterPerformer
‘Sidney Prescott’Neve Campbell
‘Gale Weathers’Courteney Cox
‘Deputy Dewey’David Arquette
‘Billy’Skeet Ulrich
‘Casey Becker’Drew Barrymore
‘Stuart’Matthew Lillard
‘Steve’Kevin Patrick Walls
‘Kenny’W. Earl Brown
‘Tatum’Rose McGowan
‘Randy Meeks’Jamie Kennedy
Scream 2 (1997)
—– CharacterPerformer
‘Sidney Prescott’Neve Campbell
‘Gale Weathers’Courteney Cox
‘Dewey Riley’David Arquette
‘Casey “Cici” Cooper’Sarah Michelle Gellar
‘Mickey Altieri’Timothy Olyphant
‘Maureen’Jada Pinkett Smith
‘Phil’Omar Epps
‘Hallie’Elise Neal
‘Casey’ (Stab actress)Heather Graham
‘Cotton Weary’Liev Schreiber
Scream 3 (2000)
—– CharacterPerformer
‘Dewey Riley’David Arquette
‘Sidney Prescott’Neve Campbell
‘Gale Weathers’Courteney Cox
‘Cotton Weary’Liev Schreiber
‘Mark Kincaid’Patrick Dempsey
‘Tyson Fox’Deon Richmond
‘John Milton’Lance Henriksen
‘Roman Bridger’Scott Foley
‘Maureen Prescott’Lynn McRee
Scream 4 (2011)
—– CharacterPerformer
‘Sidney Prescott’Neve Campbell
‘Gale Weathers’Courteney Cox
‘Dewey Riley’David Arquette
‘Sherrie’Lucy Hale
‘Trudie’Shenae Grimes
‘Rebecca Walters’Alison Brie
‘Kirby Reed’Hayden Panettiere
‘Jill Roberts’Emma Roberts
‘Olivia Morris’Marielle Jaffe
‘Charlie Walker’Rory Culkin
‘Sheriff Judy Hicks’Marley Shelton
‘Deputy Ross Hoss’Adam Brody
‘Deputy Anthony Perkins’Anthony Anderson
Scream 5 (2022)
—– CharacterPerformer
‘Sidney Prescott’Neve Campbell
‘Gale Weathers’Courteney Cox
‘Dewey Riley’David Arquette
‘Sam Carpenter’Melissa Barrera
‘Richie Kirsch’Jack Quaid
‘Amber Freeman’Mikey Madison
‘Tara Carpenter’Jenna Ortega
‘Wes Hicks’Dylan Minnette
‘Mindy Meeks-Martin’Jasmin Savoy Brown
‘Chad Meeks-Martin’Mason Gooding
‘Liv McKenzie’Sonia Ammar
‘Sheriff Judy Hicks’Marley Shelton
‘Billy Loomis’Skeet Ulrich
Scream VI (2023)
—– CharacterPerformer
‘Gale Weathers’Courteney Cox
‘Sam Carpenter’Melissa Barrera
‘Tara Carpenter’Jenna Ortega
‘Mindy Meeks-Martin’Jasmin Savoy Brown
‘Chad Meeks-Martin’Mason Gooding
‘Billy Loomis’Skeet Ulrich
‘Detective Bailey’Dermot Mulroney

Will There Be a Scream VII?

There are rumors that a ‘Scream 7’ is in progress. However, since it’s very early on, we don’t have a release date or any other information just yet. If it does happen, we’re likely to see a late 2024 to 2025 release.

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide has pointed you in the right direction, whether you want to re-watch the entire Ghostface horror story or you’ve been waiting to get hold of the latest installment, ‘Scream VI.’ If you want to watch every ‘Scream’ movie, Paramount+ in the U.K. is where you need to be, but of course, this guide does show you some other options too. 

Remember, if you’re in a country where ‘Scream’ isn’t available, you can use a VPN like ExpressVPN to watch it. Its 30-day money-back guarantee provides a great way to watch the franchise for free.

Which is your favorite ‘Scream’ horror movie? What’s your opinion of the ‘Scream’ TV series? Will you need to use a VPN to watch ‘Scream’? If you do, which VPN is your first choice? Let us know in the comments section and, as always, thank you for reading.

FAQ: Where to Watch Scream

  • Yes, but not all and not in all locations. We found ‘Scream’ (1996) on Netflix in Canada, ‘Scream 4’ and ‘Scream 5’ on Netflix Australia, and ‘Scream 6’ on Netflix in Finland, Hungary and Norway.

  • Yes, the entire ‘Scream’ franchise is available to stream, but where depends on your location. To watch ‘Scream’ on just one service, Paramount+ has all six of the horror movies in the U.K.

  • ‘Scream’ (1996) is available on Max in the U.S., Netflix in Canada and Paramount+ in the U.K., Australia, France and Canada.

  • No, none of the ‘Scream’ movies are available on Disney+.

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