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How to Watch the Twilight Zone in 2023

Jacob Roach
By Jacob Roach (Writer)
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The Twilight Zone is back and better than ever. The classic sci-fi/horror show has resurfaced with Get Out’s Jordan Peele at the helm. Though Rod Serling’s haunting narration is timeless, Twilight Zone has evolved into a modern show with the camera work and acting it always deserved.

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In this guide on how to watch The Twilight Zone, we’re going to detail every way to submit yourself to the weird and freaky tales it spins. We’ll start by covering the official way to stream it, which is the only way to watch it, before moving on to ways you can get episodes for free. The first episode is streaming on YouTube already, though, so check that out.

Watch The Twilight Zone Online

The Twilight Zone is produced by CBS, so, unsurprisingly, CBS is the one airing it. It’s not on TV, though. In what seems like a clear marketing push, CBS is only showing The Twilight Zone on its CBS All Access streaming platform, which, up to this point, has had a few decent shows but nothing worth the price of admission.


That said, CBS All Access, ironically, doesn’t give everyone access. It’s only available in the U.S., meaning if you live anywhere else, you’re out of luck without a virtual private network. VPNs, which we’ll talk a lot about throughout this guide, can make you appear as though you’re in another location virtually.

In short, VPNs connect you to another server before sending you to the open internet, effectively replacing location information that may have come with your connection. That’s because, through the use of VPN protocols, your connection is encrypted, blocking anyone from the outside world from seeing what you’re doing (read our description of encryption).

After it’s all done, you’ll look like you’re in the U.S. to CBS All Access when, in reality, you could be anywhere in the world. You can read our best VPN for the U.S. for recommendations, but we suggest ExpressVPN in most situations (read our ExpressVPN review).

Watch The Twilight Zone for Free

CBS All Access requires a subscription, and it’s pricey. The standard plan, with ads, is $6, and the plan without ads is $10. Considering how bare the platform feels outside of The Twilight Zone, it might be a better idea to find a stream online for free.

Browsing around, we found that Couchtuner has the first two episodes, which, at the time of writing, are the only two that have been released. That said, a VPN is just as important here. Make no mistake, these streaming websites are participating in copyright infringement, and that could be tied back to you.

We’re not saying that the police are going to bust down your door, but it’s a good idea to hide your traffic from your internet service providers and government snoopers.

Our best VPN for streaming guide explains why you’d want a VPN for this purpose, and gives our top five recommendations, too. Though ExpressVPN is great for streaming, CyberGhost’s dedicated streaming servers make it an excellent choice, too (read our CyberGhost review).

You should check out our best antivirus software guide, as well, because these sketchy streams are prime real estate for malware. Our top pick, Bitdefender, protects you in real time from cybercrime, shielding you from even the nastiest schemes online (read our Bitdefender Antivirus review).

Along the same line are our best pop-up blockers, as well as our article on 99 free tools to protect your privacy, so check those out, too.

Watch The Twilight Zone on Kodi

You can also watch The Twilight Zone on Kodi, or rather, through Kodi. As explained in our comprehensive Kodi guide, it’s a front-end interface for media servers, traditionally used as a way to access movies, music and TV shows from a hard drive on your couch. Kodi can be much more through the use of add-ons, though.

Our best Kodi add-ons guide shows our favorite official and unofficial additions, but for watching The Twilight Zone, you’re going to want to stick to the unofficial section. For streaming, the best choices are Exodus and Covenant (read our how to install Covenant guide). If all that seems overwhelming, read our how to use Kodi guide to make sense of the platform.

Essentially, these add-ons are performing the same task as Couchtuner or any other streaming platform. Instead of hosting streams, though, the add-on simply looks around the internet for them and serves them to you through Kodi.

Once again, there are issues here, many of which are explained in our is Kodi legal guide. You’ll need a VPN, and an antivirus doesn’t hurt, either. Our best VPN for Kodi guide is great place to look, but you can use a top option from our best VPNs, too.

Watch The Twilight Zone Torrent

Lastly, if you want to avoid streaming, you can fall back on torrenting. Taking a quick peek around popular torrenting websites, we found multiple options for the first two episodes, and we can only assume that new episodes will be uploaded as they’re released. Seeing as it’s a streaming-exclusive show, we imagine they’ll be uploaded quickly, too.


Again, a VPN is vital when you’re torrenting. You’re opening a connection between your machine and multiple others, so if it goes directly back to you, you could be in trouble. Check out our best VPN for torrenting guide for recommendations.

There’s also the legal issue, which is way too complex for this guide. You can read our is torrenting illegal piece for the specifics on that.

An antivirus is important here, as well, because there’s no way to be certain of what’s inside each file until it’s on your machine. Bitdefender works great, but for protection, you should read our most secure antivirus software guide. Bitdefender still wins there, but F-Secure isn’t far behind (read our F-Secure Antivirus review).

Final Thoughts

Those are the ways you can watch The Twilight Zone. CBS All Access isn’t a bad platform, but The Twilight Zone is the first exclusive to really sell it. If you’re skeptical like us, you can use one of the alternative methods to see if you like the show first. Just make sure you’re using a VPN and antivirus in the process.

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How are you watching The Twilight Zone? Let us know in the comments below and, as always, thanks for reading.

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