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How to Watch Doom Patrol in 2023: Going to DC

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As the misfit, outcast X-Men of the DC universe, Doom Patrol brings together the most unlikely of heroes under extreme circumstances. It’s also one of the first shows to air on the DC Universe streaming platform, alongside Titans and Krypton.

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In this guide on how to watch Doom Patrol, we’re going to show you every way to stream the show online. Though we’ll cover the legitimate ways to stream it, we’ll also talk about ways you can stream or download the show for free.

Watch Doom Patrol Online

As mentioned, Doom Patrol is available exclusively through the DC Universe streaming platform. In addition to the small lineup of shows it has, DC Universe includes exclusive merchandise, modern graphic novels, classic comics and DC animated shows from a bygone era. That said, it’s expensive.


Though some DC fans may be okay paying the $80 annual price tag, the platform is pricey. Plus, it’s only available in the U.S., except for Titans, which is distributed through Netflix outside of the U.S. and China (read our best VPN for Netflix guide).

There are ways to stream DC Universe if you’re not in the U.S., though. Using a virtual private network, you can appear as though you’re anywhere in the world virtually. That’s done by connecting to a remote server before going to the open internet, replacing your IP address and geolocation information with that of the server.

In function, VPNs sound similar to proxies, but as you can read in our VPN vs. proxy vs. Tor guide, that isn’t the case. Proxies can usually be detected by streaming platforms — read our how to beat the Netflix VPN ban guide to see that in action — so a VPN is a safer bet.

That’s because VPNs encrypt your initial connection. Through the use of VPN protocols, the software scrambles the requests you’re sending, effectively masking who you are and what you’re doing online. Unlike proxies, VPNs can’t be traced back to you. Read our VPN security guide for the specifics on that process.

There are a lot of choices when tunneling to the U.S., too. Our best VPN and best VPN for the U.S. guides are a good place to start looking for one, but ExpressVPN wins in both. If you don’t care for shopping, you can go directly to our ExpressVPN review.

Watch Doom Patrol for Free

Even with a VPN, you’ll need to pay the price of admission to stream on DC Universe. Thankfully, though, there are ways to watch Doom Patrol for free. Glancing online, we found streams on Couchtuner and Europix for all episodes available at the time of writing. There are likely other platforms that are no more than a Google search away, too.


Though most of those streaming platforms are available around the world — unless you live in a country with strict censorship — you should still use a VPN when streaming on them. Platforms such as Couchtuner and Europix are begging for cybercrime, so an unsecured connection could lead to snooping or, worse, malware.

Our most secure VPN guide lists the providers that can keep you most protected, but a VPN is only one piece of the puzzle. You should also protect your machine with our best antivirus software. Though snooping is always a concern, a local attack, say, from ransomware, is concerning, too.

Bitdefender Antivirus is our go-to antivirus software, not only for its easy to use interface and abundance of features, but also for its excellent protection results. You can learn more about it in our Bitdefender Antivirus review.

Watch Doom Patrol on Kodi

If you want to watch Doom Patrol on your couch, there’s Kodi. As you can read in our Kodi guide, it’s a front-end interface for media centers that allows you to organize your TV shows, movies, music and more without leaving your couch. Though there’s a DC Universe app for Kodi, we’re going to talk about the other ways to stream Doom Patrol on the platform.

Kodi is a front-end interface, but it can be expanded with add-ons. As the name implies, add-ons allow you to widen the functionality of Kodi, which, in this case, means more streaming. Our best Kodi add-ons guide can walk you through how to install add-ons on Kodi and provides a short list of our go-to recommendations.

Essentially, streaming add-ons scrub websites such as Couchtuner and Europix and compile the streams on your Kodi device. You’ll still be streaming from whatever website it finds, but you’ll do so from your TV instead of your monitor.

Because of that, you’ll still need to be protected. As we talk about in our is Kodi legal guide, there’s some gray area when it comes to streaming with the platform. A VPN is key because it can hide your IP address and requests to watch a particular show.

Our best VPN for Kodi lists some of our favorites, but CyberGhost is a safe pick. It’s one of our best VPNs for streaming, fit with a low price tag and long list of servers dedicated to streaming on over 50 platforms around the web. You can read our CyberGhost review to learn more.

Watch Doom Patrol Torrent

If you don’t want to stream Doom Patrol, you can torrent it. Torrenting is the process of downloading a file through a peer-to-peer connection. Usually, there are multiple computers in the connection that are delivering small chunks of the file to you, which assembles on your machine through a torrent client.


Looking at popular torrent websites, we found multiple files for Doom Patrol, including 720p and 1080p rips. That said, aw with the other ways to watch Doom Patrol for free, you’re going to want a VPN and antivirus before downloading anything.

We explain why in our is torrenting illegal guide, but the short of it is that downloading copyrighted content is generally a no-no. Fret not, though, our best VPN for torrenting guide can get you set on the right path.

Final Thoughts

Doom Patrol is worth a watch, especially with a 95 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Thankfully, the options to watch it are plenty, from streaming it through DC Universe to downloading a torrent to watch it locally. No matter how you watch it, though, make sure to protect yourself with a VPN and antivirus software.

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