The Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals: Save Big on Cloud Storage

Cloud storage can quickly become expensive if you're looking for a lot of storage space. Check out these best Black Friday deals on cloud storage to get the biggest discounts.

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner, bringing huge discounts and attracting hordes of stampeding shoppers. However, if you’re trying to avoid the stampedes (and COVID-19), now’s a great time to do some online shopping. If you’re unsatisfied with your hard drive’s capacity, then these best Black Friday deals on cloud storage might interest you.

Luckily, pCloud and Icedrive — two of the best cloud services — are offering amazing Black Friday deals. pCloud is offering a 75 percent discount on its lifetime plans and Icedrive is introducing a brand new 2TB lifetime plan at half price. You wouldn’t want to miss out on these limited-time offers, so read on to find out more about these Black Friday cloud storage deals.

  • The most free cloud storage you can get (at least from a respectable cloud storage provider) is 15GB. Google Drive and MEGA both have 15GB free plans, although MEGA comes with 50GB for the first month, and you can easily expand that storage for a limited time through simple actions and referrals.

  • There are several storage providers that offer unlimited storage (read our best unlimited storage services article), though most of them are focused on businesses, rather than individuals. Dropbox Business is the best one, though Box is a good Dropbox alternative, too.

  • Absolutely. Most cloud services offer free plans, but free storage generally tops off at 15GB, which might not even be enough to store the photos on your phone. Plus, some services don’t let you access all of their features without paying, so you’re not getting the full experience with just a free plan.

Massive Black Friday Deals: pCloud & Icedrive Cloud Storage

pCloud and Icedrive are both fantastic providers in their own right. Both services offer private client-side encryption (or zero-knowledge encryption), and they both feature a virtual drive that can expand your hard drive or SSD storage with cloud storage. However, there are plenty of differences between the two services and the Black Friday cloud storage deals they offer.

pCloud Black Friday Deals

pCloud is a well-established cloud service focused on keeping your files secure, plus its pricing plans are a steal. For Black Friday, you can grab pCloud’s 500GB and 2TB lifetime plans at a quarter of the usual price, including 30-day file recovery. pCloud has a separate offer for Cyber Monday, so keep reading for more information about it.

Special Offer
  • 500GB Lifetime Plan for $122.50
  • 2TB Lifetime Plan for $245
  • Includes 30 Days File Recovery
  • Deal Ends Nov. 29 at Midnight
Save Big This Black Friday Weekend

pCloud’s Black Friday deal: Ends November 29 at midnight

pCloud Black Friday deals
pCloud is offering its lifetime plans at a 75% discount for Black Friday.

Icedrive Black Friday Deals

Icedrive is a relatively young service, but it’s already turning heads. Its security is airtight and zero-knowledge encryption is an integral part of it. Icedrive’s pricing plans were already among the best cloud storage deals, but now it’s expanding its offer with the brand-new Pro II cloud storage plan, featuring 2TB of cloud storage, and for Black Friday, you can get Pro II at half price.

2TB Lifetime Plan for Half Price
Special Offer
  • Pro II 2TB Lifetime Plan for $229
  • Save 50%
  • Ends Nov. 30 at Midnight
Save Big This Black Friday Weekend
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Icedrive’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal: Ends November 30 at midnight.

Icedrive Black Friday Cyber Monday deal
Icedrive is introducing a new 2TB plan and it’s offering it at half the price for Black Friday.

Compare pCloud & Icedrive Black Friday Discounts

Icedrive’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday offering can be very attractive if you need a plan with private encryption out of the box — and it’s a better price for 2TB of lifetime storage. Plus, although pCloud is an excellent service, client-side encryption is only available as a paid add-on called pCloud Crypto.

However, pCloud is a tried and tested service, while Icedrive is still new, so a lifetime commitment to pCloud might be a safer bet.

Here’s what both services have on offer for Black Friday:

Icedrive Black Friday DealBlack Friday Sale Price:Regular Price:
Pro II 2TB$229 (one-time payment)$447 (one-time payment)

pCloud Black Friday DealsBlack Friday Sale Price:Regular Price:
Premium 500GB$122.5  (one-time payment)$480 (one-time payment)
Premium Plus 2TB$245 (one-time payment)$980 (one-time payment)

CyberMonday Discounts

Although Icedrive is doing one deal for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, pCloud has a different Cyber Monday deal for its lifetime plans. In case you still aren’t convinced, pCloud is including a lifetime subscription to pCloud Crypto with its storage plans to sweeten the pot. Here are pCloud’s Cyber Monday offers:

pCloud Cyber Monday Deals
Premium 500GB + Crypto$175 (one-time payment)$960 (one-time payment)
Premium Plus 2TB + Crypto$350 (one-time payment)$1460 (one-time payment)

pCloud’s Cyber Monday deal lasts from Monday, Nov. 30 until midnight on Dec. 2.

pCloud CyberMonday Deal
Save Big on Lifetime Plans + pCloud Crypto
Special Offer
  • 500GB Lifetime Plan + pCloud Crypto for $175
  • 2TB Lifetime Plan + pCloud Crypto for for $350
  • Starts Monday Nov. 30
  • ”Deal
Cyber Monday Combo Savings
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Final Thoughts: Black Friday Deals

If you’re itching to get a deal on cloud storage, check out Icedrive’s and pCloud’s Black Friday offers. For a limited time, you can grab a lifetime plan with up to 2TB of storage from two of the top cloud storage providers, and you’ll end up saving a ton of cash, too.

What are your thoughts on these deals? Which cloud storage deal are you getting? Let us know in the comments section below. As always, thank you for reading.