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Sandeep Babu

Sandeep Babu


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Sandeep Babu is a writer for Cloudwards. His writing and research focuses mostly on cybersecurity.

Background & Education

Sandeep Babu is a dedicated cybersecurity writer with a strong focus on online privacy and VPN technologies. With over three years of experience in the cybersecurity domain, Sandeep brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to Cloudwards. His writing has been featured in well-known publications like Small Business Trends, Geekflare and Make Use Of. In addition to his writing, Sandeep has also edited articles for Small Business Trends, showcasing his versatility. 

Sandeep’s passion for cybersecurity is evident in his thorough and accessible articles, helping readers navigate the intricacies of online security. Outside of his professional life, Sandeep enjoys reading books and watching movies. 

Sandeep Babu holds a Master’s degree in English literature from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. He has further honed his expertise with the Google Cybersecurity Professional Certificate, which underpins his comprehensive understanding of the field.

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