Mohseen Lala

Mohseen Lala

Formatting Editor

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Mohseen Lala is a formatter for Cloudwards. He has collaborated with Cloudwards since December 2013 in a variety of roles, including writing, copy editing, formatting and publishing.  

Background & Education

Mohseen graduated from the University of Dar-Ul-Mustafa Tareem in 2007 with a bachelor’s in Islamic studies. He started writing about security and encryption for Cloudwards in 2013. He was soon promoted to copy editor, then assistant editor and is now Cloudwards’ formatting editor. 

Before Cloudwards, he wrote smartphone reviews and Android-related articles. He is experienced in a range of writing styles, including blogging, how-to-guides, product reviews and news reports. 

His interest in technology has led him to work with and write for numerous clients and websites in the tech niche. In addition to technology, Mohseen has expertise in fashion, health, herbal medicine, fitness and martial arts. He is also passionate about gaming.

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