If the comparatively small amounts of storage offered by Western cloud storage and backup companies is running short, there’s good news, Yunio is now offering 1TB (1000 GB) of free cloud storage to anyone who signs up.

The Chinese rival to Dropbox, Yunio was formerly a Chinese language-only cloud company, that is now branching out into the international market. And it plans to facedown major rivals from the West with one simple weapon: massive storage.

Yunio Has Serious Features

Launched in 2011, Yunio works on every major computer platform (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux) and is also available on Android and iOS. To add a cherry on top of their 1TB cake, the company allows unlimited bandwidth usage, and features unlimited device sync and share functionality.

Yunio is seriously aiming to snap out the carpet from underneath everyone, and do so by offering plentiful, and then heaping some more on top of that. But these days, security and privacy are major issues when it comes to cloud storage. And although Yunio is offering SSL and AES-256 bit encryption technology to its customers, there’s no guarantee that the Chinese government or any other agency isn’t snooping around in people’s baby pics and rejected screenplays.

Yunio is as feature rich as any other cloud storage company, offering team folders, patented sync technology, secure public linking, auto-backup on mobiles and of course, the previously mentioned unlimited devices sync and extremely generous bandwidth caps.

Yunio VS Everyone Else

However, there is a small caveat to the 1TB of data Yunio is so generously providing. It comes at 1GB a day, so it adds on continuously as the user’s storage needs increase until it caps at 1TB.

However, keep in mind that fellow Chinese storage giant, Tencent, offers a whopping 10TB of free storage. With the same “it comes as you store” caveat that Yunio has.

Do you think companies such as Yunio and Tencent have made Western cloud companies look like a bunch of meanies? Is it time people shifted over to companies hailing from the East, for their storage and backup needs? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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10 thoughts on “Yunio Offers 1TB of Free Cloud Storage”

  1. Regarding the mentioned caveat — not sure if it’s accurate. My account came with 1 TB and adds 1 GB a day on top of that.

    1. Cloudwards.net

      I believe the “1000 GB” counter is a limit number. Have you tried actually backing up beyond 1TB of data for free? I use Yunio myself but I have not yet reached the limit. I’m under the impression that it’s 1GB a day until you hit 1TB.

  2. Yeah. Western Cloud services are the worst. 5gb? 10 gb? Here in Korea they all offer at least 30-50gb free. These chinese ones are really taking it up a notch. let’s hope they are good and secure.

  3. Hiya,

    I have just signed up for Yunio and installed the Windows Client. After I logged in I was presented with a Pop Up that congratulated me on logging in and adding 1GB of Storage; my storage limit now says 1001GB…


  4. All that free storage is enticing but in real life, things are not so great.

    I tried to upload a 800MB file, Yunio struggled mightily but just couldn’t deal with it. The most it can upload is about half the file and the connection is lost. Since it cannot resume, it has to start from scratch again! After almost two dozens tries, I gave up.

    The same file uploaded to 4shared without hiccup at the first try.

  5. DON’T DO IT! — YUNIO IS A SCAM!!! They “give” you a terabyte of storage that grows, then with ***no notice*** whatsoever, they changed the service to a “PAID service” costing over $16USD per month with no benefit to longer commitment times. Want to download your data and get it back? They have it held ransom. Pay to get it! Thank goodness I only used it as a backup mirror. I’m taking my money elsewhere as I won’t give a cent to a company that does business this way. Shady, and unscrupulous.

    1. Your scenario applied Microsoft with their OneDrive. First there was what I remember 50 GB and then they changed it to 5 GB and the only possibility is to download your data in one year otherwise you have to pay or the data will be deleted. So OneDrive and other Western cloude storages can be very risky..The Eastern services we will try in next years and see how they are…

  6. But don’t they limit your download and upload speed unless you pay? I am a Chinese. I wonder whether the international version has this problem.

  7. Brazilian user. Portuguese lenguage.
    O que a Yunio oferece parece ser ótimo, mas a liberação de apenas 1GB por dia é muito pouco. Se possível, isso poderia ser aumentado para o dobro ou triplo.

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