WPEngine vs Traffic Planet Hosting
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In the last decade I’ve hosted a lot of websites. And I mean A LOT. From smaller personal blog type websites over large e-commerce projects. Many of which used to be either hand coded or were larger Magento stores. As with subsequent releases of WordPress it became much more powerful than I had imagined when I I used it for the first time several years ago. With the right configuration and plugins it’s certainly ready to be a worthy CMS even for very large sites.

So, I found myself starting my own and client projects more and more with WordPress as the main platform. The website you’re on right now is WordPress based and it’s much more than just a blog. But if you’re reading this comparison I assume you already know that and you want to find out which is the best managed WordPress web hosting service available WPEngine or Traffic Planet Hosting

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WPEngine vs Traffic Planet Hosting

Is there such a thing as the perfect WordPress host? Probably not, but I think both WPEngine and Traffic Planet Hosting come pretty close, now there are a couple of caveats that I want to cover in this comparison and break it down into several categories.

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One thought on “WPEngine vs Traffic Planet Hosting”

  1. I recently switched from wpengine to traffic planet (now wpxhosting) because I wanted to have a faster website at a cheaper price.

    And that’s exactly what I get.
    But there are some major drawbacks.

    The support, while quick to respond, has been a disappointment. I migrated three sites to wpxhosting and had to change the SSL certificates on them.

    That opened a can of worms the website not displaying properly, images not showing, broken links, email DNS not working properly. going back and forth fixing one thing while breaking another.

    There doesn’t seem to be any sort of quality check people go through once they make a change. They focus on quick fixes that break other things in the process.

    I’ve been trying to get this SSL situation fixed for two weeks now, and it finally got fixed.
    Then there was an issue with an uploaded image not displaying, they made a change, now my images are not displaying and lost their metadata.

    Though WPEngine is slower and their support slower, I do feel everything worked together really well. SSL was a breeze to setup in cloudflare and had almost no problems.

    That being said, I’m still sticking with wpxhosting (Traffic Planet) and seeing how things go. I like that my site is around 1second faster than on wpengine and that the support is fast.

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