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VikingVPN Review

VikingVPN is either defunct or a scam. Do yourself a favor and do not pay money to this service. Not only will your login not work on the client, locking you out, customer support will be entirely unresponsive. We'd offer a full VikingVPN review, but there's nothing to review. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

Fergus O'Sullivan
By Fergus O'Sullivan (Writer, Former Chief Editor)
— Last Updated: 2021-02-19T15:36:16+00:00

Before reading any further, please note that under no circumstance whatsoever should you sign up to VikingVPN. This is not a matter of opinion: the login details you’re provided with do not work on the client and customer service will not reply to your emails. With that warning out of the way, we’ll detail our experiences below in a few paragraphs.

Update Jan. 2019: VikingVPN’s site’s still active, but according to reports from readers there’s still nobody home.

Update Sept. 2020: Since we last updated this piece we sent a report to the Kansas Attorney General’s office after a reader inspired us to look up where exactly VikingVPN was located. The AG’s office got back to us saying they were investigating, but we never got any more word back from them. We get the impression that the person or people behind VikingVPN have done a runner, so leaving little to investigate by authorities. By the looks of it at least the site is finally off the air, thankfully.

In our never-ending quest to find the best VPN out there we’ve come across some doozies. Services that have clients so buggy that connecting becomes a matter of luck, services that have such terrible speeds that even connecting to a server a few miles away means your email won’t load, you name it. VikingVPN, however, is in a league of its own.


We went to the site, signed up using our credit card ($15, not cheap) and received an email with login details. We then downloaded the client, installed it and went to the login screen. The details we received didn’t work. Deeply annoying, of course, but feces happens.


We contacted support through the on-site portal, but got no reply, not even a confirmation email. After 48 hours or so we contacted support again, this time via email (the same address the original sign-up email was sent from). At the time of writing, we’re still waiting for a response to that. However, when checking our credit card statement, we saw that we had been charged $15, so at least that still works.

This leads us to conclude that either VikingVPN is defunct with the original founder leaving in May, leaving only the website active in an act of gross negligence by his replacement(s). The other, hopefully unlikely, option is that whomever is behind it now has left the site active on purpose in the hopes of getting the odd sucker to put money in.

Hence this call: please, do yourself a favor and do not sign up to this service. Literally any other service will be a better deal than VikingVPN. If you feel an overwhelming need to waste 15 bucks, you’re better off throwing it into the toilet and flushing. The swirling greenbacks will give you some momentary amusement, which is more than we got from VikingVPN.

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14 thoughts on “VikingVPN”

  1. I respect you opinion but don’t agree with your conclusion. I have been using Viking for 3 years and have only had 1 issue. I emailed customer service, got a reply immediately and was contacted by the owner who helped until the issue was resolved. It’s too bad you didn’t have a good experience with them but I do think calling them a scam is pretty harsh.
    Thanks for the review!

    1. Hi LPB,

      Thanks for commenting. Thing is, VikingVPN by all reports (including yours) used to be a great service, but just isn’t anymore since its main founder left a few months ago, something we state in the review. As it stands now, we paid for the service and never received the login information needed, meaning we’re locked out. Nobody at VikingVPN is answering emails, meaning we can’t reverse the charge or get a login.

      After asking around a bit, we’ve found we’re not the only people who’ve had this experience and several others have had to go to their credit card company to get the charges blocked or reversed because of this. If you’d like to check our work, I recommend you send VikingVPN support an email yourself, about any issue, and see if you get a reply. For us it’s been over three weeks and we’re $15 poorer without anything to show for it.

      As stated in the review, we’re not sure whether its incompetence or malice that has brought about this state of affairs, but we do recommend against anybody signing up to this once decent service.

      Thanks again,
      Fergus O’Sullivan, chief editor

  2. I have had the same issue. I’ve been trying to cancel my account for the past 2 weeks with no response. I’m going to need to contact my CC company to have them void or block any future charges.

  3. I have been a Vikingvpn customer since at or near its inception and have decided to, regrettably, discontinue using it. Many of the servers fail to accept a connection regardless of the device I am using on one day, then start working the next. Some days only one server is working. It really was the best vpn service; it was fast and reliable. No longer. It’s really too bad. I was a loyal customer but must now agree with the reviewer and recommend a different vpn service. Too bad none of the services I have tried in the last few weeks are as fast as Vikingvpn once was, including those touted as fast by this website.

    1. Hi Dave,

      Sorrowfully enough we were never able to test VikingVPN’s speeds, so we’ll take your word for it. When you cancel, make sure to tell your CC company as there’s no way to reach VikingVPN customer service. I myself had to request an entirely new credit card because of Viking’s shenanigans…

  4. From Oct 19 to 21 the primary and secondary name servers for VikingVPN were offline – no new connections could be established so the service was effectively offline. Support has been completely non-responsive to the outage and to my request to close my account; there is also no way to delete your account on the customer page. Sounds like this will have to be resolved with my financial institution and not Viking.

  5. If you have a subscription cancel it immediately. They will charge you but not respond to requests to cancel. Luckily my bank has put a stop payment.

    1. Yeah, I had to go through my bank as well to cancel the payment.

  6. Same experience here. Anybody have an idea of a phone number or business address, or what state they are incorporated in so I can contact the proper attorney general? I was a happy customer for 2 full years, my 12 month subscription renewed 07/2018 without issue, then late 2018 I too noticed the problems. I have sent notices via email (only method they have) asking to cancel re-bill but no response. I got a new CC number issued last month and yet today noticed another 12 month rebill which I am contesting with my bank. How did they get my new #? Bank says CC provider hooked them up with it when the old # didn’t work, without my knowledge or approval. Somebody there is happily collecting money, without providing a service and without permission. Sounds like fraud to me.

    1. Hi, I don’t have any information on the company, sorry. I think it’s absolutely criminal what VikingVPN is doing, especially since people formerly associated with the company, who presumably have contact info of the people running it now, are keeping out of this whole mess. All I can recommend people is that they block the charges, but in your case it seems you got doubly screwed. All I can say is that you try and fight the charge, depending on your state you can roll it back because the CC# transfer isn’t necessarily legal… Good luck, and keep us posted either here or via email fergus[at]

  7. Viking PVN actually works better than any VPN service out there! THE ONLY problem they have is extream lack of suppor THEY NEVER REPLY TO EMAILS AND I NEVER GOT A SINGLE EMAIL AT ALL FROM THEM. After requesting to cancel my account with them when I was low on money and could not afford the 15$ a month they promptly deleted my account with them and I could no longer connect to the vpn but I never received an email telling me anything had happened… 2 months later and I’ve been charged 2 times EVEN THOUGH my services have been canceled. I’ve emailed them about it and no reply. I disputed the charges as well. I might have to get a new debt card just to ditch this sh1t hole company.

  8. The complete and utter azzh0les who now run this truly sh1tty company ignore all my emails instructing them to cancel my account and they just keep on billing; this causes me a big headache and inconvenience. Their warrant canary is tripped too. It was a good (if expensive) service when Derek was at the helm but now they’re all asleep at the wheel — or worse — so avoid this piece of crap like the plague! ZERO STARS motherf*krs

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