The Chinese internet giant Tencent is probably best known in the U.S. For two of their subsidiaries, Riot Games and Epic Games. That may soon change with the news that they plan to offer 10 terabytes of cloud storage completely free to international users. The company hopes to launch the English version of their cloud storage app, Weiyun, sometime next year along with an app similar to Instagram titled Story Camera.

When cloud storage companies in China started offering 1TB of free storage to all of their users Tencent decided to up the ante ten fold. Chinese users now have access to the free 10TB cloud storage system and the rest of the world seems to be more than ready for their slice of the cake. In order to keep costs down Tencent has come up with a clever caveat to obtaining the full 10 TB. It is still completely free, but users won’t be receiving the full amount right off the bat. Instead they will get 1TB for free upon signing up and as the space is filled Tencent will add more to the account at no charge.

Serious Competition

Tencent has not only blown away the competition in China with this offer but also leaves it’s U.S. competitors looking rather weak. Most U.S. Companies offer an amount of free storage upon signing up for their service but that amount comes nowhere near 1TB let alone 10TB. Companies that offer free cloud storage like Dropbox, Sugarsync, and Google will have plenty to worry about when Weiyun launches:

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  • Tencent Weiyun : 10TB Free Sign up for free

Not All at Once

The catch of not getting access to the full free 10TB cloud storage immediately hardly even seems like a catch at all. It’s a rather clever way for Tencent to avoid giving away loads storage space that may never be filled. Chances are most users aren’t going to be transferring so much data in one transfer so it’s virtually irrelevant to the user.

Tencent has already come out publicly to tackle privacy concerns with the service. After all the company is centered in China where the government is infamous for it’s censorship and privacy violations. It’s reasonable that users would be worried about the Chinese government accessing the data they’ve stored in the cloud. The company made sure to nip this worry in the bud by announcing it’s servers would be located outside of China, protecting them from unwanted intrusion.

New Player

While Tencent is an internet giant over in China, they’re virtually unheard of in States despite having several successful subsidiaries. The company has even pushed to be the lead investor in Snapchat and numerous other U.S. Companies. Their free 10TB cloud storage giveaway is going to serve as an excellent vehicle to get their name out on an international level.

With such a great deal there is no doubt that the Tencent cloud storage service, Weiyun, is going to be successful outside of China. The real question is how the companies already established are going to compete with such hefty competition. In the end we can only hope that this push by Tencent into the international market will force already popular companies to be more competitive with their offerings for fear of losing users. If that happens then the end users are the ones who end up coming out on top.

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2 thoughts on “Tencent Offering Free 10TB Cloud Storage”

  1. the famous Chinese xunlei torrent client, is tied with the cloud storage offered by tencent, basically tencent is providing a torrent cloud storage through xunlei, you can stream on demand most torrent files from the net xunlei has built-in video torrent streamer.

    they have done a very good job. the only problem is almost everything in the app is Chinese. none English, but it matters not when the app is simple to understand and use.

    the xunlei client can stream and play all video formats. and containers. you could save file on your device or automatically offload into the tencent cloud. which is even better and very fast torrent connection .

    just some advice, before you can stream on demand you have to sign-up for the 10TB tencent cloud storage. click on the storage icon, and click on the Chinese text on the right side. it will ask you to create user-name and password. make it simple ! after this it will log you into the cloud on every app start-up

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