Backing up and synchronizing files is an important step to ensuring that nothing ever gets lost. SyncBackPro is a backup program that takes saving files very seriously. It is a step-up from the SyncBackSE, which is a personal edition software.

However, the “professional” version does cost more than the average home use license, costing an average consumer around $55.

Pros and Cons


  • Tutorials 
  • Extra backup options 
  • Powerful
  • Fast speeds
  • Gives speed overview


  • $20 more than “standard” version
  • No full disk imaging option


Probably one of the best parts of SyncBackPro is its easy installation and setup.

Users simply have to run the installer and accept the licensing agreement, entering the serial number when prompted. Consumers can try the software before they purchase by selecting the 30-day free trial program.

SyncBackPro review

Once installed, simply follow the on-screen instructions to set up a profile. Users will have the option to utilize walk through tutorials that will help them navigate a first backup and other options.

Backup and Recovery

SyncBackPro is designed to help users backup and restore files. When utilizing this software, a “source” folder must be in place as well as a “destination” chosen. Once configured, each profile can be set to automatically run if desired.

Creating a new profile is simple. On initial setup, one is created. However, if a user chooses to make additional ones, he must select Profiles from the top menu then select the next option. Enter a name, and select the type to build. Other selections are set at this time, such as frequency and source/destination.

For a user that has never had SyncBack, it might be beneficial to use one of the many tutorials to help get started. There are no clear markings as to where to go and what to do next. There may be some hunting and searching while becoming familiar with the interface, which is where the help videos really shine.

When it came time to do a recovery, the process was a little simpler. Pulling files back down was much easier and we ran into no real issues with the task. 2BrightSparks, the developers of SyncBackPro, seem to have spent a good amount of time developing this feature.

However, we wish they would have spent as much time designing the backup interface to make both procedures smooth and painless.


SyncBackPro is a very powerful backup and synchronization utility. As the professional version of this company’s restoration application, it contains a few addition features that their Standard Edition, or SE, does not. Unlike its standard counterpart, SyncBackPro allows users to backup their files to cloud services.

Supported providers include: Google DriveAmazon Glacier S3OneDriveMicrosoft Azure and Box. Since email is one of the most common things lost on accident, SyncBackupPro now supports backup with both Fast Backup and Microsoft Exchange. This software also saves messages stored on an IMAP4 or POP3 server. Also, SyncBackPro offers media transfer protocol, BZip2 compression, and LZMA compression.

This software also supports SFTP in addition to traditional FTP and FTPS. The number of files included is no longer limited by free RAM. Additionally, this software has an interesting feature known as “performance overview”.

This window keeps the user up-to-date on anything that may be slowing down the computer during the transfer of data. It also provides tips on how to make the system perform faster. It really keeps the consumer aware of how the product is impacting a CPU, something most software titles don’t bother with.

SyncBackPro also allows users to version their files. This feature works with the software keeping an exact replica of the document in two places. Consumers who delete data and then change their mind later can simply go grab the saved “version” out of the versioning folder for recovery.

These features are, of course, in addition to the standard options allowing users to detect changes in file or fold name, giving consumers the option to correct these difference. Also there is the ability to skip or ignore changes and copy in-use files.

Also both version can compress using Zip64 and create self-extracting files.


Support of the software takes place with tutorials, online help files and in downloadable formats. Users can pursue the knowledgebase or the forum to get help from each other. There is also a ticket system for those who need answers from actual technicians.

We did note that their knowledge base, while full of good information, it was a little difficult to navigate. 2BrightSparks has several titles, which is good for them. However, they don’t sort out the information in a way that is easy to find. Once the “digging” was done, though, we found the documents to be useful and very helpful.

We didn’t have any need to use the support system during our test of the software. However, upon doing a review of how useful others found their help, they were left less than satisfied.

According to this reviewer, she had a “difficult time receiving responses in a timely manner.” The information received was seen as cryptic and unhelpful.


When a consumer purchase a SyncBackPro license, it is good for up to five machines. Currently, the price of this title is $54.95.

However, if a company is buying this platform they can receive a discount on the total costs if purchasing more than five licenses, making the deal ideal for corporations.


Overall, we found this to be a useful product. It gets the job done, even if the backup interface isn’t the easiest to navigate. However, the recovery portion, obviously has had some time and effort put into it.

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We do like that users can purchase one license and use it on up to five machines. Making it cost effective for a small business or personal consumer who has multiple devices.

2 thoughts on “SyncBackPro Review: Worth The Cost?”

  1. I’ve used Syncback SE for years. Only just today did I discover whole folders missing. I’ve been ultra careful in my setup and making sure I’m not at risk of deleting a file I want to keep. I don’t know if it’s bugs or just too complex for an 18 year IT consultant to understand, but I will not use or recommend any version of this product.

  2. Comment to WilliamB:
    There are many ways how on 1 drive data can get corrupted including the drive “losing” the file. Usually corrupting FAT. This can also happen to while directories or simply a batch of files.

    SyncBackPro doesn’t detect this and in case of a synchronization instead of versioned backup, you indeed delete all the files also from your “backup” location.

    With this software people need to be very careful and understand a synchronization is not necessarily a backup and a true backup is always versioned to at least 2 different physical locations.

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