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Bitcasa started as an infinite cloud storage service, back paddled, cut service plans down, increased prices. Lots of customer complaints. Overall, not recommended.

Mauricio Prinzlau
By Mauricio Prinzlau (CEO & Co-Founder)
— Last Updated: 2021-03-01T17:38:30+00:00
Starts from $ 825 per month for 1000 GB
Free plan available Save 18 % (All Plans)

Attention: Important Update!

The content below refers to a defunct version of Bitcasa. Unfortunately, they’ve gone out of business completely, leaving a lot their customers in the rain. We cannot recommend using Bitcasa at this point in time.

Please check our cloud storage comparison chart for alternatives.

Plans & Pricing

50 % – Poor
  • : 5 GB
  • : Includes up to 5 devices. HD sharing and secure file sharing.
  • : 1000 GB
  • : Includes up to 5 devices. HD sharing and secure file sharing.
  • : 10000 GB

Alternatives for Bitcasa

Who is Bitcasa for?

Infinite cloud storage, file synchronisation and backup sounds really too good to be true. That must cost a fortune you think? Think again. If you thought Dropbox was affordable, you’ll make a jump at Bitcasa. For only 0 $/month you’ll get your own infinite drive in the cloud.

If you’re somebody who’s always considered an early adopter in all things technology related then you might want to try out Bitcasa, it’s even very likely that you already have and that you have been a beta tester before just waiting for the final to come out.

  • Photographers who have a terabyte-sized photo collection of RAW files
  • Movie enthusiasts who want to free up disk space
  • Music lovers with a huge iTunes library which they want to access on their mobile devices
  • Users who are done with Dropbox and ready for something new and exciting
  • People addicted to infinite cloud storage offerings

But even if you’re not a geek, you might enjoy Bitcasa as it is really simple to use. Just install the software client and it will appear as a secondary hard drive in your system and you could almost forget that it is actually not a physical one.

It is Bitcasa’s mission to make your hard drive oblivious, but honestly, we’re not there yet. They are making a huge leap forward into the right direction but we think it is still a bit too early to trust technology that much as to give all your data into one single company.

Never go without a secondary backup – that’s what we preach all over, and we can’t stress the importance enough. Use Bitcasa for fun, even for your important files, but DO NOT rely on it. In our tests it worked well, without any major hiccups, this is, however, just one test. Different operating systems and configurations might work in weird ways, causing all sorts of trouble. This should be kept in mind reading this Bitcasa review.

About Bitcasa

Bitcasa was launched back in September 2011 at TechCrunch Disrupt, a leading conference for start-ups and entrepreneurs, and it gained a lot of traction with over one hundred thousands beta subscribers by day one. That is an impressive number, only rivaled by MEGA (Editor Rating: , 50 GB for 0 $/year) which claim to have had 250,000 sign ups just in the first hour of launching the service.

Download the software from their website

Of course, Bitcasa is venture-backed with 7M$ series A funding from Horizons Ventures et al. So they have some money to spend, especially when it comes to data infrastructure. They will have to handle an impressive amount of files as people will make use of their infinite storage offering.

Bitcasa is yet the first provider to offer unlimited storage and file synchronization both in one service at a very low price of only 0 $/month. Also, free users will get a generous 10GB of storage space for their files as well. That tops Dropbox (Editor Rating: , 2 GB for 0 $/year), SkyDrive (Editor Rating: , 5 GB for 0 $/year) and Google Drive (Editor Rating: , 15 GB for 0 $/year) by a couple of gigabyte.

Again it is only MEGA (Editor Rating: , 50 GB for 0 $/year) that offers more: there you’ll get 50 GB for free, however MEGA does not come with a software client, yet.

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12 thoughts on “Bitcasa”

  1. There is no internet service which covers as many features as Bitcasa. The maximum upload speed reaches up to 20 Mbits/s with which it is possible to backup 1 TeraByte in just five days and up to 6 TeraBytes in a month. For price and make a backup infinite, to share files, sync and access streaming audio and video, Bitcasa is the best choice.

  2. I missed out when Bitcasa was onlyl $69/ yr for Unlimited data storage, now they have increased their costs ten fold… $100/ 1 TB.. My question is simple. Any other online cloud storage allow the “appears as the secondary drive” feature? I use surface pro.. and many of us r limited on local HD space. Bitcasa allows so i can access 10 TB or even more files on your windows explorer without having to jump to the online browser portal. What Can I use? I have unlimited OneDrive and Unlimted GoogleDrive (through school) but neither allow this non sync save hd space but still have access the whole library feature! Please email me with any suggestions! Thanks!

  3. I was one of the betatesters paying $69 the first year for unlimited storage. After the first year $99 a year for unlimited storage, ok.
    On Okt. 23 2014 they gave us until Nov. 15 2014 to either retrive our data or pay $999 fold for a new storage plan. I had 3 computers running round the clock retriving data before they would delete my account. I lost some data and know that many people was very frustrated because of slow download speed an having a lot of data that they didn’t have any chance of retriving within the time limit.
    I will never trust these people with one bit of my data again.

  4. Bitcasa no longer offers an unlimited plan. Their top tier plan is capped at 10TB for the same $99 price. If you have an extensive library you wish to backup then you are out of luck with them.

  5. Bitcasa is not a reliable service and I would extremely recommend against using it. After using for a year (and having gone through the forced migration from November 2014), I found many of my files were corrupted and couldn’t be downloaded. The client just doesn’t reliably transmit files and sometimes will crash.

    Further, the program uses over 8GB (yes, over 8,192 MB) of RAM after fully loading. I asked support for help and they tried to tell me I was mirroring too many pictures (5,000 picture files). Their instructions were to uninstall, reinstall, switch accounts to start over, and lastly mirror less data, but this doesn’t address my problem. Mirroring large datasets should not be the problem since other programs are capable of mirroring larger numbers of files well (Google drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, all do better since I use them as well). I lost files (some my own fault for not keeping backups) through their service.

    Between the corrupted files (bad uploading procedures from Bitcasa’s client), poor client performance, and unreliable customer support, I cannot recommend enough to stay away.

  6. Recently I suffered a computer failure, and when I attempted to download files I had been dutifully backing up on Bitcasa for over two years, more than 80% of them were corrupted.

    When I asked Bitcasa customer support if there was any way to recover these files, they assured me that Bitcasa doesn’t always successfully upload files (a problem they are WELL aware of), they don’t intend to do anything about it, and I should point myself in the direction of their TOS if this fact upsets me.

    Avoid Bitcasa completely. This is a scam operation. Positive reviews online are clearly bought (as evidenced by no opportunity for users to post comments)

  7. Do not trust this cloud storage! I used it from beta start for 69$ till they upgraded to their new price plans. That is what happened
    – First it was a very good service – low price, no worry about storage space and very good transfer speeds
    – They told me that the price is 69$ for beta users forever – till they changed the prices
    – At one time they also changed something that bitcasa had to migrate all files – that took one week for my files (I have very much small files) – no access during this time, no refund, nothing
    – After migration they introduced their new “unlimited is now 1TB” plan … so I canceled my account
    – Trying to transfer all my data was not as easy as I thought. The transfer speed was at the end very slow. After some weeks of transfering my ~1TB of files I got plenty of errors that files are not accessable. So I wrote to the support and they told me to use robocopy. This rescued some of my files but about 10GB of files were lost. So I returned to the bitcasa support and asked them – all I got was … nothing!

    There is no way I store any file on their system now or in the future!

  8. I would advice to stay away from Bitcasa for your backup needs. One implied point of “backing up” is that, you will be able to “restore” that backup when in need – sometimes critical need – like system crash. In my case, I lost about 80% of the files, because they were “corrupted” during upload using bitcasa client… as per response received from their customer support.

    I made the mistake of trusting this company for my backup, and I paid the price… I lost a number of pictures and documents.

    You have been warned!!! Stay away from this company for any of your backup needs!

  9. Stay away from Bitcasa. As a beta user, I was promised unlimited storage for $69/year for life. Then they changed the deal because they decided they didn’t like it anymore (now $99/year for 1TB). Then they screwed up the data in my account during a migration and couldn’t figure out what was going on. Then they auto-renewed me again without sending any kind of renewal reminder. Now they refuse to give any kind of refund. They just want to cancel the account and keep my money. These guys are very shady. I will advise anyone to seek a more ethical company to do business with. Do not trust Bitcasa.

  10. Do not trust Bitcasa. Terrible! I too was a beta user when the company first started out. Not only is the company shady as stated above but the transfer speeds are painstakingly slow. It was impossible to download all my files and I ended up giving up and resigning myself to lost files. Fortunately, the most important ones were saved on hard drives as well as on Dropbox and Google Drive but I still lost a lot of RAW files. Never again.

  11. Though they are switching away from personal storage, I would still avoid this company like the plague. I wasn’t too upset or shocked when I was given very little time to download my personal files from my 99$ a year account, I figured it happened. However, I quickly figured out that over 50% of my files are corrupt. Bitcasa is even trying to tell me they were that way originally. Thankfully, they are mostly backups, so of course I checked and the originals are just fine. Either A) they corrupted in the upload process (which I don’t think is true as I have accessed many of them online), or B) they were corrupted on their servers. A or B though, still their issue. Maybe their business platform is different, which I doubt, but even their service when I tried to figure out the issue was horrible. I can’t imagine wwhat would happen if a big corporation went through what I did. Terrible, terrible company. As a previous poster stated, it seems a big scam.

  12. Bitcasa is entirely unscrupulous. In the two years I’ve been with them they forced me to download all my files twice. Now, with no concern for their clients, they deleted all my files yesterday because they changed their mind yet again on what service they would provide, even though many like me paid in advance for service. At the same time they’re emailing me trying to sell me a new service. Dreadful company. I hope someone takes out a lawsuit.

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