Satya Nadella Gives Microsoft State of Security Address

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Satya Nadella visited Washington DC this Wednesday to be a keynote speaker at the Microsoft Government Cloud Forum. The company CEO took the stage to deliver the Microsoft State of Security address.

Satya Nadella Microsoft

The main topic of Satya Nadella’s Microsoft State of Security speech was the company’s security strategy, most importantly how to keep Windows, Office 365 and its cloud platform Azure safe for customers.

Nadella’s Microsoft State of Security Address

In addition, Nadella also touched on other aspects of security, including mobile, as well as services Microsoft outsources from other vendors.

A particularly interesting part of Nadella’s Microsoft State of Security talk was when he warned about the wide spectrum of attack techniques that can be used to threaten the cloud and other kinds of IT security.

Data security

These, he said, can be used on any number of devices, which makes them an even greater problem, as companies can no longer keep themselves “fortified” within their own data centers as was the case before. 

A Breach of Trust

Additionally, the Microsoft CEO said with data moving beyond the safe confines of the company’s data center, trust has also become an issue in the digital world on both levels – business and personal. Of course, almost regular security breaches do nothing to ease the people’s mind about security.

It was clear from his Microsoft State of Security address that Nadella is aware not only of this, but of another fact – Microsoft can’t deal with this issue on its own, as he said:

“We know we don’t live in isolation. You have a heterogeneous environment and we need to operate within it.”

With this, he basically called all players – government, industry and consumers – to unite, as one vendor, even Microsoft, can’t hope to find a solution to this problem on its own.

With the cost of security breaches reaching $3 trillion per year, it is a great burden on the world’s economy and, as Satya Nadella pointed out:

“A huge issue for us collectively”

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